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08/31/11 08:19 - ID#55064

We're Having A Party Y'all

So this Saturday ( 9/3) me and (e:libertad) are having a birthday party to celebrate me and everything that is fabulous (once again me) at 9ish (who ever really knows when people will show up) at our new apartment. I don't want to post the address on here so just message one of us or (e:paul) if you wanna come and don't know where it is. Be there, I promise a good time and table confetti!
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08/25/11 11:17 - ID#55027

This is it

So continuing on my current theme, this is it, my last night in my bed in my room, everything is packed, its all ready to go. 7 more hours as an inhabitant of this house! insanity
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08/24/11 10:58 - ID#55018

Bye Bye Can't Hardly Wait

While taking down the Can't Hardly Wait poster in my room, one of the final things I took down I started t oball a little bit. I couldn't stop crying for a little while. Ridicuolous I know but thats how I roll.I took a video of me taking it down.

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08/24/11 10:57 - ID#55017

Raisin Dancers

I got this for my dad like when I was in elementary school or something at like the father's day sale, why there was ever a California Raisins figurines music playing sandwich I do not know, and why I thought to get it for my dad is more puzzling. But it is something I have always loved. He used to have it in his office at work and I remember going to his office and pressing the button and hearing the music. it is now in the office in the basement and everytime I go down there I listen to it. It is like the most random thing ever but I love it.

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08/24/11 08:26 - ID#55016 pmobl

my clothes

all my clothes minus coats . hanging shirts. shoes and 4 days with of regular clothes. I always felt like I had more clothes than I guess I actually do. with all the clothes out of my room its feeling more real

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08/23/11 11:27 - ID#55010

Final Three

I can't believe this is my final three days at my parents house before I move on Friday. Pretty much everything is packed, today I packed like all the stuff on the walls and stuff that I was keeping out til the end like some pictures and my funeral prayer cards and my color changing chameleons and such. The only things left out now are Fuzzy Wuzzy my bear and the graduation card my nonna was writing to me when she had her stroke. Those I will just pick up and care with me. I need those out and with me until the end. I really can't imagine what life is like outside of this house. It seems unreal . I know its ridiculous becuase I am almost 28 but I can't imagine what my life will be like not here how it's always been.

Also, my 10 year high school reunion this weekend and my birthday in a week from Wednesday. So much stuff going on. Its weird, I really thought I would be more excited about my 10 year reunion. Like I am glad I"m going but I wouldn't say i'm super excited. I always thought I would be way more excited. maybe it is because I have the whole moving thing on my mind . I also think it is kinda b/c of facebook. I basically know what anyone I wanted to know about has been doing and even many people I didn't really care about. I feel like the reunion would be to see what people are up to and what they are like 10 years later but I already know that about a lot of them. I'm sure it will still be fun. I'm sure it will still be me , jill,mk , jesse and maureen sitting at our own table , living in our own world as always. That itself would still be fun to me!
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08/19/11 12:16 - ID#54976 pmobl

my rag

this ripped piece of dish towel was my favorite toy as a child

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08/19/11 11:50 - ID#54974 pmobl

my favorite jeans

these were my favorite jeans. they were the best fit ever. morrisey boot cut circa 2000. they didn't come all worn and holy I earned all those rips. but alas it is tim e to say goodbye. ill miss you

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08/16/11 01:27 - ID#54956

Just Hit Me

So every Monday I work two jobs and get home at 9, so does my mom. Full day Mondays for both of us has been going on for a while and when we get home after work me and her always eat and watch tv together, (usually castle during the tv season and whatever is on in the summer). My dad watches tv with us too and we all catch up on how our day was and just things in general. Even though I live at home that is really one of the few times during the week we are all together at the same time. It may sound dorkyish but I really love that time with my parents just relaxing and eating and watching tv after a long Monday. It just hit me last night that there is only 1 left before I move out , and then it hit me that I am really moving out. Its weird until that moment last night it almost felt more like I was going on vacation as compared to moving out. Even though I have packed mostly everything I own, it still didn't seem real and then all of a sudden it did. I am super thrilled moving out with (e:libertad) and to have my own place but it just struck me about how much I am going to miss about living here. Its been a pretty great 27 years I think, and I am definitely going to miss it!
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08/14/11 01:08 - ID#54939 pmobl

garage sale rain out

this is what happens when u have a downpour during a garage sale. everything has to be smushed from the yard to the garage. whatever is left in 2 hours is going to amvets so come get it super cheap while it lasts

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