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03/27/05 10:14 - ID#28821

The Elusive Club

I'm finally part of that exclusive and elusive club that almost everyone age 12 and up is part of. So what, I'm only 10 years late. Only a few you of you will know which club this is , or maybe everyone will, I'm not sure? Hint numero duo: Master of Disguise. Hmm i never thought I would reference that movie in a story pertaining to my life, but alas it has happened. HAPPY EASTER!
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03/25/05 06:59 - ID#28820


I see so much drama on this site which is good and bad. I definetley do not think this should become like a friends only thing even though I know I would be included in that (you can't leave family out right?) I still think it is better to be open to everyone. The journals I read most are some people that I never would have known about otherwise. I guess that is all that I have to say on that matter right now!!!

I hope I am going to see Melinda and Melinda tonight!!! It seems liek a good movie and Will Ferrell is always entertaining. So many people are coming home and leaving that I feel like I am gonna miss out on some but i hope not. It will be fun to see everyone, albeit at separate times since noone is coming home at the same time.

I saw Mr. MIller (the ex gym teacher who slept with a student) excuse me i mean was suspected with sleeping wiht a student :) last night. Well he wasn't suspected of sleepign with a student last night, i saw him last night. Anywho it was weird becuase i sorta wanted to sya hi but I didn't and am not sure he would remember me though he was an advisor when i was a student council olfficer and he was my gym teacher so prolly he would. But what was weird was I was thinking how much I really liked him and he was probably my favorite gym teacher ever and made gym enjoyable and stuff even for me but then I think eww what a scumbag who was married with a pregnant wife when he slept with a student. It gave me such mixed emotions. Ok that's all for now -mike
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03/21/05 11:27 - ID#28819

Oh Toronto, I love thee

Me and Jill took a day trip to go shopping in Toronto this Saturday and it was so fun. I want to move there. It is so perfect because it is like a big city with lots of stuff but at the same time it is not and it is only like an hour and a half from my house so I wouldn't be to far from my fam!!! I don't know, I think I am going to start looking into how I can go about doing that. Or I won't. But maybe I will. It seriously I just love it. I'll talk about it in bullet points because thats fun sometimes.

  • at the border both ways they only asked two questions and on the way there they didn't even make Jill answer. It was super easy and we were getting there in exceptional time until a traffic jam right as we were getting into the city but still we made it pretty fast.

  • H & M was thoroughly dissapointing because they had a lot of the same stuff they had at the one in Albany in January and it was on like clearance then and now there were no sales or clearance plus I waited for like 20 minutes to get a fitting room. But I did find a belt and sunglasses there (where don't I fidn sunglasses? ) So all was not lost.

  • we went to an anti-war, anti-secret trials, anti-everything rally that we saw part of while we were driving and then could hear. It was neat and someone asked to take our picture and of course we let them because we are attention whores. Quite possibly it was because we didn't fit in since everyone else was hippieesqueish and we were not and I was carryiing my H&M bag, decidedly not anti-corporate. But it was still fun. They had some lady whose husband is in jail with no charges and stuff and she was talking.

  • On the sidewalk someone had written "Bush U Suck " in chalk as if he was going to walk by and see it and be like oh notw I iknow the evil of my ways.

  • we spent a bazillion hours in a bead store...definetely not as bad as it could have been.

  • OMG THE BEST PART: well not really but we foudn this like home store bu tthey also had clothes, it was like the home store extension of the cltohes store Club Monaco. It was fun and not to expense and I bought wine glassees for $2 each and I love them. Slowly but surely I jsut keep buying more stuff for an apartment and so I will just have to get one this summer for all my stuff. The store was called CABAN and i wish they had it here but I guess it is only in Toronto and like Vancoucer or something like that.

  • some people in a store in vited us to a party...ok so it was more of a sale at the store the following week with a Dj and cocktails but tey called it a party and who were we to argue?

Did I mention how bad I want to live there? Super bad

  • Oh and we were in this like store where they had tshirts and vintageish clothes maybe and they had like terrifying screaming like metal music on and then Celine Dion, like it flowed continuously between the two. Those Canadians love their Celine.

  • The Eaton Centre is the most confusing mall ever with like 700 stories but like totally not just all in a row or easily accessible and the food court is so small considering the size of the mall. And the chairs aren 't blued to the floor. I guess they trust pepole in Canada more than their American mall shopping counterparts who uwould steal the chairs if they weren't glued the by me and JIll now have a set of 8 Eaton Centre food court chairs.....j/k

  • MOST RANDOM THING OF THE DAY: we ran into Kevin Scarborough who goes to school there. What are the chances of running into like one of only 2 people we know in Toronto. It was crazy.

  • the man in the parking lot where we parked was so shady he was like um how long do you think you are going to be here. And we said a couple of hours and he as like "um ok $10". In lots where you pay by the hour, don't you usually pay afterwards? Besides the fact that like every sign in the lot had a different price listed on it. Anywho $10 for the whole day was a deal compared to the other places we saw so it was still good. He said something about wokrin git all out when we got back but when we returned there was no one there except one man directing traffi c in the lot who was tring to direct me right into crashing into another van that was pulling out.

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03/14/05 01:04 - ID#28818

The Cameron Family

OMG! I am watching the E!True Hollywood Store abbout Full House. And it is by far not the first time I have seen it yet I just learned a crazy piece of info I swear I never knew!!! Candace Cameron, better known as DJ , is the sister of Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame (and got married in W. Seneca)!! Seriuosly, did everyone else know this? (e:MK) insists I must have known already, maybe I did and I jsut forgot , who knows? All I know is right now it is rockign my world.
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03/13/05 09:23 - ID#28817


Thanks to (e:amanda) and her great listening to my whining skills last night I feel much better. THANKS!
and (e:jessebob) , we definetely need to have an awkward Spot visit with me, you and Yosepha all trying to talk over each other and not listening to athing anyone else says.
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03/13/05 02:42 - ID#28816

Lonely Tonight

For the last few days, for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm not that close with anyone. Like I feel I don't know, just not that close with anyone. Not that I'm not talking to people or fighting with people, I just don't feel that close. Like I feel like if I was not around no one's life would be any different or worse off. I have never felt that before. Like even if it was kinda self-centered I always felt like I really mattered and my friends lives would be much to the worse or at least much different without me but lately I don't feel that way. I feel like I could dissappear and noone would even really notice. Who knows, I'll prbably get over it soon. Maybe it is just my natural reaction to knowing that everyone will be leaving soon and growing up and so I need to part emotionally. I don't know. But recently I just feel so unimportant in everyone's lives and it makes me sad.
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03/11/05 12:24 - ID#28815

Spaghetti Dinner

So I am sorta in charge of this spaghetti dinner fundraiser that sociology club is having on April 17. We're were originally going to use like premade spaghetti sauce and just cook the pasta ourselves but Olive Garden said they may supply the food which is exciting. That would I'm sure make many more people come for a cheap olive garden dinner. Anywho, this whole thing seems like a lot of work but I enjoy it. It reminds me of back in the day when I was in every club and had something going on all the time. It is kinda fun. Its making me wish that maybe I would have gotten involved in other things in college before three months before the end of my senior year. Ehh , too late now. By the way, does anyone have any connections to stores or businesses that you think would like to donate prizes (like giftcards or anything) to the dinner becasue we are also making it a raffle and karoake contest I think. It is all very preliminary planning even though it is planned for April 17, though we have no firm commitment on a location, food, funding, or anything. I hope it goes good, it would be sad if the one thing I did in my college career was a failure. Fundraising is fun! I'm glad to be back in the swing of things.
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03/07/05 01:07 - ID#28814

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Went to see the Lion King for Yosepha's birthday tonight. I thought it was really cool like they way they did all the animals and especially the beginning with all the animals and the elephant (I love elephants!!!). I didn't love any of the songs that they added that weren't in the movie though. And what was the random like gay-dance club number in the middle of Be Prepared. Tre Odd!

This weekend was crazy hectic with many things. Mary Kate is an amazing singer and though like I knew she could sing I never guess I heard or really realized how amazing she really was until her recital. WOW!!! and then fun ensued at Opera Night and then the bar. (Sorry we stole the last of those super scrumptious peanut butter cookies, ok we left you and Julie one, we have a a little compassion you know). Haha, if you ever see (e:MK) ask her what she keeps in her sheep backpack!

At my sociology honors society induction thing this morning my one professor asked me to present a paper I wrote last semester at a thing at Buff State which is exciting. It is about PMT and about three people relationships, it is an ethnography of a three people relationship and how that changes the dynamics and waht society thinks and stuff. I'm excited to do it. I've never had to present a paper in an importnat way before.

My grandma is home from the hospital though my mom and/or dad have to be tghere 24/7 at least for now until they are sure she can live on her own. But still its good that she is home. Ok its time for me to get to my work that i couldn't do all weekend cuz of all the events!!!
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03/02/05 01:31 - ID#28813

Stupid Mel

Ok now I know I have praised Mel my honors seminar professor in the past on here but grr. So I was up until liek al ittle after 5am to finsih this reading journal that was due and then I had to go to work at 8 and then right to school at 230 for his class. Well after i spent about lke 15hours on the stupid journal cuz i am doing not my best in the class right now , he decides he's notgoign to collect it itl next week!! Grrr! At least I guess it is good that it is done becuae otherwise i would just put that plus the new assignment off until next Monday night but still it was aggravating.
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