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12/31/04 01:38 - ID#28788

Chad Michael Murray

So Matt Diana's boyfriend works at some sports memoribilia store at the Galleria. Some good looking couple has been coming in and spending tons of money lately and he thought wow who are these people with all this money. It turns out it was Chad Michael Murray and his fiance Sonja I believe. He is a past castmember on Dawsons' Creek and now stars on One Tree Hill and so does she. He also was in the Hilary Duff Cindarella movie. How jealous am I that Matt got to cashier for celebritites. WHy don't any pseudo celebrities come into Eckerd. Sure I get the occassional Don Paul or Don Postles but not even in the pharmacy part of the store and they are no WB stars for sure. Maybe some day...maybe
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12/25/04 01:05 - ID#28787


If you saw my last entry about not having a brother and all that, we were having a Christmas disagreement and I was in a bad mood. Sorry.
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12/27/04 11:04 - ID#28786

Oh That Disney

I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now and it is a good book and listen to these tidbits about disney. In the 1950's Wernher von Braun who cohosted and produced Disney television shows about space exploration had earlier been a major in the SS and an early member of the Nazi party. The factory where his rockets were built killed at least 20,000 slave laborers during WWII. And Heinz Haber the chief scientifc consultant to the Walt Disney Compnay perfored research by using concentration camp prisoners to test different risks faced by the German air force.

Von Braun and Haber cohosted "man In Sapce" for Walt Disney. So all the kids at home were learning about space from two mass murders. How very pleasant. Maybe Mickey Mouse was formerly a nazi too. I liked it better when I was in the dark about all this stuff. I just want to believe in the magic!
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12/25/04 01:24 - ID#28785

Merry Christmas!

[size=xxl]MERRY CHRISTMAS[/size]
[size=xxl]FELIZ NAVIDAD[/size]
[size=xxl]BUON NATALE[/size]
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12/24/04 01:45 - ID#28784

All I Wanted Was to See Phantom

So I really want to see the Phantom of the Opera movie but I couldn't go Wednesday night because it was my dinner party and so I couldn't wait to go today after work, that's all I could think about all day and then noone would no Phantom for Mike, now that means prolly not seeing it at least until Sunday

And then my Uncle calls and says my aunt sick and so we may not be going over there tomorrow for Christmas. So yes christmas as I know it may be canceled. Really that part of my family is mainly the only family we have so basically it will just be me, my parents, pual, terry, matt and my granmda I believe. Oh who knows! My aunt is calling in the morning to say how she feels. I hope she feels ok and we have christmas. We've already had to postpone our christmas with parts of my dad's family because of illness and cancled our christmas with my mom's cousin's family because they had to go to Florida to visit their sick uncle. Sickness everywhere, christmas nowhere. I'm just in a bad mood right now i think. grr
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12/21/04 12:33 - ID#28783

Welcome Amanda!

WELCOME TO THE (E:STRIP) AMANDA!! It's about time you signed up after secretly reading all the journals for months!!!
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12/18/04 04:16 - ID#28782

Finally Over

SCHOOL IS FINALLY DONE!! AFTER SOME LAST MINUTE FINISHING DETAILS I HANDED ALL MY FINAL WORK YESTERDAY AT 4! I was hoping for a sense of relief but I still don't believe it is over. Two weeks straight of just hardcore work and studying was too much!!

Today I decorated the tree while listening to the Elf (what a great movie) soundtrack and that was fun and put me in a christmasy mood. Now on to get my shopping done...
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12/10/04 03:08 - ID#28781



I never thought I would reach this moment. It seems like for the last four years it was always this crazy time in the future that I would have to do a thesis but now it is done. And it's not too bad I guess. I probably could have done better but I still think its good. I hope the grading committee agrees!! This is seriously probably the earliest I've ever finsihed any project. I mean it isn't actually due until 5pm tomorrow. I don't know what made me jump on and get it done so early but I'm glad I did. Time for bed now!!!!!!!!
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12/08/04 10:17 - ID#28780

Windstorm Loses

Oh my last night at about midnight part of our fence blew off our second floor balcony. It hit both our cars in the driveway but not really much damage which was good. The bad part was that then me and my mom and dad were out on ladders and on the porch in the super wind trying to disconnect the part of the porch that was still connected so we could take it down. Dangerous and scary!!! And it wasn't like it was midnight and I still had two papers to write or anything and didn't have time for roof antics!

Laguna Beach also ended its season last night which was a pretty good commercial free episode (thanks to Pantene ProV) and I was hoping on a where are they now type thing at the end but instead they announced there will be another season of the show. I have mixed feelings about this. First of all Kristin who I hated will be the center of the new show because she was a junior and so will still be in highschool next year and everyoen else was seniors and went to college. Sure they said they will keep us updated on the seniors that went away but they will really be just small backstory. The people are gonna be even faker than these ones were this season. Like now everyoen at the school knows it is a reality show and the one girl who comes in to shake things up transfers. Hmm you think she transfered there to be on tv? What a coincidence the new girl because one of the main characters. Ugh! Just give me and update on my favorties from this season please!
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12/05/04 04:50 - ID#28779 pmobl

Doodle Doodle

Happy Birthday Beaster, May 22 be your best year ever!!!
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