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06/27/08 06:22 - 73ºF - ID#44804

The Beach, magazines and snacks!

So me and (e:jill) decided to be summery and go to the beach today. Of course when we left it was completely cloudy and kinda chilly. We of course decided to stop at Tops for some snacks and magazines... 60 dollars,...4 magazines.....2 subs, 2 huge party bags of chiops, cookies, candy, pasta salad, drinks and other miscelaneous food items later we are off to the beach. Seriuosly it was a little redic how much food we bought but you never know how hungry you are gonna be and we are gluttons! WE forgot forks for the pasta salad though and luckily e"jill stole them from a gas station while we asked for directions.

Oh and by the way we had very loose directions to bennett beach which according to my gps didn't exist. WE got super lost sorta from the direction from yahoo and the erie count parks website and noone at th egas station we stopped at had ever heard of Bennett beach even though I'm pretty sure it is one of only a few beaches really in erie county and it was close to where we were asking poeple. Anywho after driving around for a while wihtout really feeling like we were getting anywhere we just used the GPS to go to the nearest beach to where we were at the moment. This beach had the beautiful sounding name of Buffao Municipal Bathing Center . Oh sounds so luscious and tropical. Anywho we follow the directions and lo and behold it takes us to Bennett beach...... what a crazy turn of events.

Anywho we get there eat mass quantities of food and read our magazines and are really rather chilly and just step into the water. We kinda fall asleep on the blankets and then wake up and go in the water and realize "HOLY CRAP I AM COMPLETELY SUNBURNED" This has happened to me once befroe and while I don't believe it is as bad as that time , it is pretty bad. We didn't even bring any sun tan lotion but it was cloudy so it shouldn't have mattered but I always forget that you can burn super extra in cloudy weather cuz you dno't realize. And booy did I?" Great I hope it is not too painful b/c last tmioe when me and (e:Maureen) got really burnt I was this close to killing myself cuz it was so painful!!

All in all bennet beach was prety nice. I had been there befroe with (e:pmt) and (e:chirs) , i am sure there are pictures in one of paul's old journals. I will post the pics I took today later. So even though I am burned i still love the beach and am glad it is summer!
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06/24/08 07:28 - 69ºF - ID#44774

Reprimanded at a Wedding Crash

So on Saturday it was the pharmacist at work Rachel's wedding. The reception was at Kloks in West Seneca which was pretty nice. I had never been there before. The food was really good! Anywho, only four people from work were there, one being Rachelle and then the two pharmacists patty and nancy. You guys might have met Rachelle (don' tconfuse her with the bride Rachel) at a party at the 24. We kinda happen to get a little know how at weddings they close the bar during dinner well we were done with dinner and saw there was another wedding outside next door (rachel's wedding was indoor/outdoor) so we decided to just go there and pretend we were at that wedding to get some drinks while we waited for people to finish dinner. Well we walk over and order and our downfall I think was ordering a Michelob cuz the bartended was like "um that is what they are serving at the other wedding, are you from the other wedding?" and were like no of course not, michelob is our favorite so we always ask for it. So thye made our four drinks but gave us really mean looks and so then we deicded we needed to pretend we belonged so we like sat down and went up to the dance floor BUT LOOKMED AROUND AND REALIZED there were only like 40 guests at this wedding so we definitely stuck out! So then we tried to make a run for it through the parking lot and around back to our wedding. Thinking phew we were so smooth and made it out we go to go back into Rachel's wedding and the manager comes out and starts screaming at us "YOU LIARS, SHE ASKED YOU SPECIFICALLY WHAT WEDDING YOU WERE FROM, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN...blah,blah,blah". Now this would have been only slightly embarassing had rachel's weddin gnot been indoor/outdoor so tons of peopole from her wedding were outside watching as we got reamed out. SO EMBARASSING! Luckily rachel found it funny and not terrible as we imagined. We had to text patty an dhave her come out and save us and now the lady who yelled at us was the bartender at Rachel's wedding so we had to be slick and make sure we got the other bartender or send people to get our drinks.

WE were at a table with some of rachel's dad's cousins who were older and I guess our drunken dancing cuz quite a few commetns, like they were saying "they are gonna regret that on monday" (ha! Our work parties are 10 times less classy than anything we did at the wedding including being yelled at) and stuff like "i hope they sell condoms at rite aid , they are gonna need them". Oh we always keep it classy!

P.S. They had a baloon artist who was like 5 and awesome and made baloon hats. I will post pictures later.
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06/20/08 07:31 - 68ºF - ID#44734

Anyone Want...

...a Canisius College yearbook for the year 2001. For some reason (well the reason is I am an out of control pack rat who just collects anything he comes in contact with) while going through my school papers that I have saved I found the Canisius yearbook from 2001 and was flipping through it and then realized I didn't even go there that year, so why do i a.) have the yearbook and b) have kept it for like 7 years. It prolly involved seeing it somewhere in the school and being like i watn those memories even if they aren't mine. Who knows what good they will be in the future. Well anyway I want to get rid of it but feel weird throwing it out? ANyone want it?
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06/18/08 10:39 - 58ºF - ID#44712

So Today I Said

...If i saw my coworker on the side of the road on fire, and i was walking by with a fire extinguished, I wouldn't put them out....I didn't say it to their face but i wanted to. I am so sick of people being so lazy and like just standing around and eating and having to tell them eveyr freakinn two seconds "TO REMEMBE RYOU ARE WORKING< HOW ABOUT YOU DO SOMETHING AND SNACK AND STAND AROUND WHEN YOU GET HOME" THAT I REALLY COULDN'T HANDLE IT ANYMORE!!!1 ugh new job is necessary, i say that a lot, i need to do something about it
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06/14/08 11:53 - 65ºF - ID#44650

My Crazy Corner

You would be suprised how much goes down on the corner of Tremont and Wilber outside my computer room window. Seriusly there is always either some crazy little kids playing crazy games that involve lots of screming on my front lawn. BUt more than anything else there is a lot of relationshiop drama that always goes down there. I seriously have seen hundreds ok maybe tens of couples break up or get in major fights on this corner. Since we got the central air and the windows aren't open as much it isn't as exciting cuz I don't get to hear the argument , just ee it. Sometimes it is better because I tihnk I can make up better stories. For instance this couple that are fighting outside my window now, I am pretty sure that he cheated on her with a one-legged dwarf centaur and so she is udnerstandably angry because she just found out she was pregnant. So she just ripped the stop sign out of th ground and started beating her own stomach while he screams "stop killing my babY" and she says "listen yo, this baby aint yos no mo". Thats what I see. IN real life they are fighting about something and she did just spit on him twice walk away and came back and spit on him again. It is quite entertaing. It won't be over til the police come or my crazy dad wakes up and chases them down.
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06/12/08 12:01 - 68ºF - ID#44624


Let's all join this bunny in giving Dave a standing ovation for his 28th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU'RE AMAZING! THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME AND FOR BEING YOU!

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06/05/08 11:10 - 72ºF - ID#44553


First off all good job jesse on noting the Aunt Becky had twins in my last journal. NOw on to more pressing news:

I don't tihnk I mentioned this or anyone has, but the ultimate creep master himself Clay "fat/thin/creepy/crazy/would be freaked out if he walked by me" Aiken is becoming a father. How you ask? He for sure wants no part of a vagina , except maybe to wear for himself, well here is the answer my friends. He is artificially inseminating like his 50 year old music producer/best friend named Jayme but who is a girl. How weird? Who does that? Clay Aiken thats who. He was prolly just thinking you know , what can I do that is extra ridiculous and creepy, "oh i got it artificially inseminate my 50 year old employee basically". Don't worry folks he will be integral in raising the child they said, or actually maybe that is cause for worry.

Did you know the Today show is extended by an hour and hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford. I loved Kathie Lee back in the day and frankly I still do, she is so classless and bad and just horrid at intervciewing cuz she just wants to talk so i was of course intrigued. The first time I saw it it was horrible. They just talk to each other and have all these inside jokes and it is really not good but now I can't stop watching whenever I am home at 10 am which is only once a week at most. I keep hoping it will be as good as Good Day Live that used to be on Fox , now that was a good show! Crap crap crap but a good show! With Dorothy and Jillian Barberie and that guy who hated his life cuz he thought he was a real journalist at one point but now was stuck like chatting about Clay AIken with Jillian Barberie, i wish that was still on!>!>!

Oh anyway on the Today show today they had a triva contest and the winner got money and the losers got Kathie Lee Giffords cd. It was amazing!

ok thats all for now. Oh last night at work this lady is a soothsayer , wiccan, propeht or something and she knows things about Obama, but stay tuned that is for another post...
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06/03/08 09:02 - 64ºF - ID#44532

Becky Had Twins

The date is November 13,1991 and my third grade journal that I just found says .."... after dinner I called all the kids on the block but not one of them could play. I watched tv. Becky had twins" does anyone know who becky was?

I love this journal day I went to school, went to my friends house, came home, listened to my brother make noise (whatever that means) and went to bed.

on then the mysterious May 18,1992

On saturday my family worked in my grandmother's garden. When we got home I took a bath. Then we drove to the end of the thru way, there was nothing there. Then we walked through a forest. Then we went home.

What end of what thruway and waht forest? We were not natury by any stretch oft he imagination> There is one time I remember walking through a forest but that was with my aunt and uncle from australia and that is chronicled earlier in the journal> any idea paul?
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