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03/26/07 10:07 - 52ºF - ID#38621

Did You Know?

Did you know you can cry for so hard for so long that it looks like you got punched in the face, like it turns black and blue and red like the blood vessels popped around it.
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03/25/07 02:20 - 45ºF - ID#38612

At Least A Pack A Day

So yeah its true. I am smoking at least a pack of candy cigarettes every day and I am not ashamed of it. It used to be something I just did when alone or with my friends in my car but the other day I had one on the way to my car after class, and I have them all the time now. I really love them! And i love to smoke them, I just don't eat them willy nilly like eveyrone else. I like to enjoy it for a while. I really do! I don't know, I tink everyone should try it. It is very good and satisfying. Something about pretending to smoke a cigarette and also getting a sugary treat. IT IS GLORIOUS!! I also think this might be a fad that is gonna take off soon, so I just wanted it marked here, on the internet forever, that I've been doing it for years, before it was cool, haha!
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Category: work

03/20/07 11:53 - 22ºF - ID#38537

Worst Day of Work Ever

Today was prolly literally the worst day of work in my 7.5 years at Eckerd! It was horrible. There was a major situation involving supposed lost drugs while at the same time we were super busy and everything came across as making us look horrible even though we weren't horrible! I can't say much about it because I am not sure what is going to come of it all as a lady threatened to call the news, even though I feel like she was prolly in the wrong but who knows! Everything was so out of control, people screaming, people crying, dumb people, annoying people, lots of problems. Tomorow I am demanding a raise I think, well prolly Thursday when my boss works. I don't get piad nearly enough to deal with this crapola.
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03/19/07 10:46 - 37ºF - ID#38525

Crazy Weekend Fun and Lesbian Clowns

So I feel like I have so much to write about from this weekend that I could type for pages and pages but then noone would read it , except (e:mk) who loves my long posts of yester year like the time I wrote about the 3 hour trek home to Canisius or my visit to Fredonia and other random mumblings but las I think I have just rambled about rambling so I'm just gonna take the plunge and right about everything that was fun this weekend!!! You will have to look at other journals to find pictures to back up these claims of fun but fun it was. At least it will be a record for me of this weekend and some entertainment for (e:mk)!

Ok Thursday provided nothing too super cool except I went tot eh Deuce with Michelle who I used to work with and Nitasha who used to be a pharmacist at my store and Bonnie our intern. It was pretty fun and like always me and michelle stayed long after the others had left. Whenever I am with Michele I drink way more than I should without realizing. She is tough to keep up with. I did do some really tasty shots called like Apples, they seriuosly taste just like eating an apple but it is made of like crown and cranberry juice. Bartenders are freakin genius mix makers. So that night was fun in a way only Eckerd coworkers can make it but nothing too exciting to write aobut. Oh Michele's one friend was getting shots bought from her from this kid she was like ewww he was so gross I just want him to leave me alone and then two seconds later she is sitting next to him and having more drinks. OK just reading that doesn't sound too funny but it was.

St. Matty's Day. It started with a lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with (e:mk) which is always tasty goodness in a salad bar kinda way! Then I got called into work which was no good but then the St. Matty's Day Party. It was chill style in some ways but still lots of funs. There were lots of Bloody Ho's to enjoy(Sarah's new drink, not her beat up relatvies) and it was fun to meet (e:ingrid) whose real name is not ingrid and see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while! (e:ingrid) knows my friend (e:amanda) and works with her. This Buffalo place is so very small. I Swear everyone knows everyone else!!

Saturday was (e:jill)'s bday and so we did some shopping during the day at TJ Maxx and Simms. And I went to Party City to get get her balloons and stuff and found so much crap I didn't need. This was seirusly the weekend of buying crap I don't need. I must have spent like 70 dollars in dollar stores, and party city's and miscellaneous places. Like I really do buy lots of crap! lots of it! But if you every need party supplies/table confetti/crayones/chalk etc, I'm the place to go! So then off to (e:jill)'s for an ice cream party!!! It was super good with lots of good toppings and tastiness! Then we were ready to head out for ST. Patty's Day. We decided to start out at a Kenmore Bar. So we headed over to Kronies to start a night. It was better than I thought but not my favorite place by far. We definetely all (actually except me) walked through a pile of vomit outside the door of Kronies. Then we piled in the cars and headed to Frizzy's. It was me, (e:jill) , her b/f jim, (e:mk), (e:jessbob), (e:beast) and later (e:anne) joined us. I found out later that we had just missed (e:chico) which is too bad! That would have been fun to meet up! That's what happens when we get sidetracked by Kenmore Bars though! So this night got a little drink filled and crazy with lots of shots and drinks and bubble hockey. Me and (e:beast) got a little annoying at the end I think and prolly (e:jessbob) hates us for life, or like should if he doesn't. He came all the way back downtown like an hour later to pick us up after he took eveyroen else home and we told him to leave and we'll take a taxi but then deicdd we didn't want to take a taxi and were scared to take a taxi!! It was super awesome of him! He is amazingly nice! (e:beast) wanted lots of poeple to make out with her I guess but I don't think it was much more than usual. One guy refused her which like has never happened and I treid to get him to explain himself but he refused. I really didn't get it. Like poeple make out with (e:beast) , thats just how it is. I think she ended up making out with his friend, so yeah he prolly had a point that she would find someone else. But he was her first choice , why wouldn't he just have her! It was a nice small tab again at the end which is always exciting! I think (e:anne) picked up a few numbers, and (e:mk) took body shots off of (e:jessbob) so all in all a good night. Except the photobooth was closed which was extra sad because I made (e:jill)'s whole card out of pictures we have taken at Frizzy's and toher bars and malls over the years and so we needed to take a picture to add to it but it was broken and so we couldn't. It was so sad! Somoene else had my shirt on which was sad , i mean not surprising cuz it is from American Eagle but I have had it for a few years and never ran into someone else wearing it which surprised me but I loved. It says Stumble Inn just like the bar tha tused to be on Elmwood and like Hinman. I tink I drank a real lot cuz it's been a long time since I didn't hav emy car with me when we went out. I don't know if that is good or bad. So I get home at like 4ish maybe thinking there is no way I can drink again tomrowo for St. patty's Day and then...

I show up at (e:pmt)'s around 1:45 where a group had already assembled, all ready to resist the temptation to drink, and then (e:lilho) is like just take a shot of vodka or something so I did, and so it began. I moved on to beer and drank quite a bit of it I think. We went tot he parade which was super fun. (e:lilho) was the bell of the parade ball. I wish I had photos of it and I tink there are photos somewhere, especially since she gave her camera to some random man for like an hour. I would like to see what he took pics of. She was super classy wihth her bottle of champagne that she got people in the parade to drink out of. She also hugged just about everyone inthe parade and got two beers from parade wlakers and got in one fo the floats and marched with one of the groups. It was hilariously fuN! Except I cut my finger trying to open a bottle of Guineess without a bottle opener. And my finger was just bleeding like crazy through all the tissues I could find. Luckily me and (e:terry) had to run back to the house to get more beer and I picked up a bandaid. Unluckily we missed the bruhaha in the Arby's parking lot where some police and a group of kids got in a fight. We headed back to the pmt's instead of going out which I tink would have been fun. It ws super fun anyway. (e:paul) was the most drunk I have ever seen him in my life. He was just throwing things (such as the glasses at the sink) and then riding (e:lilho) like crazy. And then forcing people to wrestle on the mat at which point I thought I broke my nose buyt I didn't luckily. Me and (e:enknot) kicked some oodles of doodles booty and then I fell asleep. How loserish but I was rlaly tired. Then most of the group decided to head out to the chocolate bar at like 7 but I wasn't really drunk anymor eat that point and I was tired so I didn't go. I'm sure they had tons o fun though. I kinda regretted not going but it was probably for the better instead of starting up drinking heavily again for like the fifth time that weekend. Later (e:terry) called to go back out but I was too tired. I'm not sure if he ever found them again anyway!!! Adn now it is

and I am wondering why I am not going out drinking tonight! I could go for one or two, haha!

well this wasn't nearly as long as my posts of old so I guess it wasn't too bad, maybe somoene made it down here to the bottom!
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03/17/07 07:54 - 30ºF - ID#38501

Grossest Candy/Toy Ever

Eww I was just at TOPS and look what I found (and bought for (e:jill) for her bday cuz she hates runny noses!)

How gross is that? You strap it to your face like a mask and then let the slime run from the nose onto your tongue!! EWWWWWW!! Who thinks of these things! Needless to say though, this was the last one at TOPS so they must be selling!


P.S. We will be at Frizzy's later tonight celebrating (e:jill)'s 24th bday. Stop by if your in the neighboorhood. The more the merrier!
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03/15/07 05:44 - 34ºF - ID#38474

Oh What A Weekend

So as I've mention my life has been lacking in party times the last few weeks but this weekend seems to mor ethan make up for it. I'm going out iwth some people from work tonight one of whom I haven't seen in a while which will be fun! Then tomorrow the St. matty's day party of course which be a rockin! And then Saturday is Jill's bday which the plans aren't really set yet but I'm sure they will be fun and then Sunday the ST. Patty's Day Parade with hopeful drinking starting in the AM!!! This should be a weekend to remember!
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03/13/07 10:23 - 53ºF - ID#38448

When Life Was Easy

I found my report card from kindergarden the other day. It had things like "knows full name" "can tie shoes". I did not pass a few areas that I still have not passed namely holding a pen/pencil correctly (years of being yelled at by my teachers never worked, I still don't hold it right for some reason) Also I guess I was not good at adapting in new situations. Still not good at that either. I wish life was still as simple as just needing to know your full name. I don't even think kindergardeners these days have it that easy. I bet they already have real tests and crap like that.
It was fun to just be a kid. I hope kids now adays still get that!

And now a picture from last year's St. Matty's Day. Hopefully this year is just as fun....
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03/12/07 11:42 - 42ºF - ID#38428

Ladies who Lunch

So I love going out to lunch. I wish I could do it everyday. Anywho, I am going out to lunch with (e:amanda) at the Juicery downtown today cuz I don't have to work until 5. I thought maybe I'd take a walk around downtown after or something because it is nice out and I like to do that. But alas, even though I am on spring break and thus my reduced hours (I am still working like 22 hours cuz everyone else is going on a real vacation) they called me to see if I would go in at 3 because one lady went home upset or something ridiculous like that. I am soooo sick of that place. I think thye may not realize how on the edge of like totally calling it quits there I am. I just want to be a man who lunches without having to run off to work!

I love this picture from Toronto. I love the building in the back. I think it kinda looks like an ad with subpar models/

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03/10/07 06:08 - 35ºF - ID#38414

Shovel your walkway

Last night on the way out of 24 Linwood I slipped on the ice buildup outside their house and fell to the hard cement. Unfortunately it is my brother , otherwise I would sue for all their worth now that my basketball career is over!!!!!!!!!!!

random picture time: One time in highschool, (e:mk) actually asked me "what flavor are the BANANA SHAPED runts"

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03/08/07 11:42 - 16ºF - ID#38404

So Freakin Lucky

OMG so I was doing my physics homework. I wasn't doing the best ever but not the worst ever either. I totally hit a rut and didn't know how to do anymore questions (we get four tries per question, and just submit the answers online so you get no credit for work) Anywho on one question that had three parts I just looked at the question and tried to guess the answer like pretty randomly with a little thought and guesstimatino based ona similar probklem in the book. I GOT TWO PARTS RIGHT!!! BY JUST GUESSING A NUMBER!!! A NUMBER THAT IS LIKE 2.34 and you can only be like 8% off in the last digit. It was the luckiest ever I've been! Too bad I still only got like an 88 on the homeowrk but that isn't too bad. I am content to never be a superstar like (e:terry). At least not in physics

and the random pic of the day: I call it "oh the advertures we've had (at target)

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