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01/22/14 09:53 - ID#58601

Happy Birthday Bro!

This lady wanted to sing you a little something. She acts like it is for that girl on stage but really I think she def had you in mind while she was singing.

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01/17/14 07:36 - ID#58581

What is in my brain?

So I have started to play super nintendo again lately and it is crazy how much I remember like where every secret thing and box is. Seriously how does our brain keep all this stuff? It is like instinctual that I remember where to jump and waht to hit and what to do for every secret every step of the way. I was never like crazy play super nintendo all the time either. It just really amazes me that my brain maintained all this stuff like 20 years later!
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01/07/14 10:55 - ID#58549


Snow day from work! AMAZING! I love it! I vow to be productive and not waste the day away though so far I have spent it watching Days of Our lives and morning television though I did finally have Macy's fix my credit card so I can use the website to pay my bill.It was messed up for like a year which is annoying but I have put off contacting them and I did that finally this morning. So really if that is the only thing I get done today I will still rate today PRODUCTIVE!
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01/02/14 10:31 - ID#58529

New Years Ressies

So for New Years this year I am doing a resolution that is not easily judgeable as in I can't easily decide if I am achieving it or not so I like that. It is ambivalentish but good. You see I was thinking in many ways me and (e:paul) are very different and in many ways we are the same but the one thing that makes us very different that I admire in (e:paul) ( I can't even believe I am saying that haha) is this:

Generally in life (e:paul) believes anything is possible. To him nothing seems undoable or impossible. He comes up with something or thinks of something or an idea or an action or anything and just does it or reaches for it.

I on the other hand generally think everything is impossible. I get very easily able to think no that is not possible. Or that will never work out. Or that is just too crazy.

So for 2014 I am resoluting to be a little more like (e:paul) and try to think nothing is impossible... not even unicorn bicycles.
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