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07/30/04 01:32 - ID#28726

and the Cheese Stands Alone

I'm starting to feel like the cheese in the farmer in the dell but last night was kinda fun, I was in a weird mood. I don't know it was one of those nights when I just like expected so much and so much fun and so it couldn't live up to its hype in my head. It was still fun but maybe I should have went with Paul and Chris to switch up the scenery a bit but I didn't. It may have been fun. Then I decided to walk to Paul's from the Pink, it was farther than I remembered ....Chamille I'm glad I could help you survive the walk home. It's too bad I left earlier than you or we could have walked together. Boxerboi and Maureen and Yo what let downs for the no show last night....

I don't feel super well today but maybe eighties night at Off the Wall tonight?
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07/29/04 02:12 - ID#28725

Video Madness

Thanks to everyone who let us interview you last night at the Bidwell Park free concert. Sorry that some of them didn't work because Sarah did not have the microphone on. Everyone should check out the videos though to find out some local attitudes about elmwood and what is the best about it and what can be improved. I think the videos should be up in a couple of days.

Pink tomorrow....right? I think everyone is/should be there...
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07/27/04 01:16 - ID#28724

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Wait is this summer or midfall? The weather outside is so not summery or good for my tan which has already almost completely faded from Florida...sad sad tanless mike....where is the sun?
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07/27/04 01:55 - ID#28723


Reading about Atkins in the Artvoice at Spot tonight made me nervous that there were all these carbs out in the world that need to be eaten. So I did my part by coming right home and eating a bowl of pasta and then a stack of crackers (if they're wrapped together, they're a single serving, right?). I may be losing some things lately but my fat belly will not be one of them.

On an even better note I am getting a new car. My uncle got a new car and so he is getting rid of his and said I could have it for like 1200 even though he was gonna sell it for 2500. I am so excited. I am not exatly sure what it looks like/is called/features but anything is better than Sades. Although Sades has I suppose served me well for the last few years. The only thing I need is a beepingi sound when the lights are still on. Although then I'll see a lot less of JIll if I don't have to call her everyday to come jump my car. I'm gonna go try it out tomorow prolly and decide for sure.
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07/25/04 12:57 - ID#28722

Rock Steady

Today I am going to Maureen's mom's friend's sister's 50th birthday party. It is quite a loose connection but Maureen didn't want to go alone. I'm sure it will be fun and at the very least there will be really good food because whenever Mary is involved so is good tasty food. I told my parents how I might move after this year to wherever Maureen goes to graduate school since I have no other plans and could work anywhere and they were totally not for it. They seriously seemed distraught by the idea that I would move away and said they do't want me to move away. It wouldn't be far though but now I feel kinda bad doing it but I will be old and I think it would be fun so I will probably do it if nothing else comes up as me and Maureen both realize a million things could come up to change that plan. I think my parents are sad b/c Paul plans on moving away then too. We'll see, most likely Maureen will meet someone and they will move together. Luckily most people can't just move anywhere and have plans for their life, I have an advantage in that I don't and so I could go anywhere. THis is quite a change from the me who never would leave Buffalo before. But I just think like everyone will be gone, PMT are moving, Jill and Teres are going to Europe after this year, Jen is going to grad school in the south somewhere, Di will still be in Boston and the list of people leaving goes on and on so maybe I should leave too.

On another not I don't like the person I am becoming in some ways (not the person who wants to move, this is unrelated to the first paragraph sort of). I feel in some ways I am becoming small parts of what I hate about other people. Like the things that annoy me most about people I am becoming. Stop me please!
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07/24/04 02:30 - ID#28721

Weekend Home and ND

Saw Napolean Dynamite for the second time. It was still hilarious although the scene they added at the end since the last time I saw it was not as good as was hoped for. Still worth the money though. Everyone should see it.

Staying at the apartment again for the weekend while the boys are camping. Feel free to stop on by. I like visitors.
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07/23/04 12:48 - ID#28720


Last night we went out to the Pink and then Marcella's where I saw my first drag king ever. I don't know but they don't really look like men to me as much as drag queens look like women. What do you all think? There was hardly anyone there so it was like our own personal dance party with Chamille on the pole. Then when I was about to leave I realize my keys were in Teres's purse and she had left already. Now if I had my own apartment that would have been fine but no I live at home still and figured my parents would freak out if I didn't come home and would freak more if I called at 230 am so I naturally freaked out myself. So I called Teres at 230 am and woke up her parents only to find out that she was not home yet. So I thought about walking to her house and waiting for her but instead Paul convinced me it was a better idea to just stay at my brothers. So I was gonna do that and then Teres called about 30 seconds after Chris dropped me off and said that she left the keys in my mailbox. So then I had to call Chris to see if he would come back and pick me up. Thanks Chris for coming back and getting me! Needless to say this all makes me realize all the more that I need to get an apartment. But a fun night except for the huge bug in the bathroom sink. I don't like public bathrooms to begin with and then there was this huge old bug in the sink. EWWWW
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07/22/04 07:22 - ID#28719


It feels like I've been gone from here for so long. I will post pictures and stories from my trip soon but let me just give you the highlights, it rained all the time except the one day we were on a bus for four hours, and at night I drank myself til I passed out on the bathroom floor. More details later but it's good to be back.

If you happen to be an Eckerd employee you've already seen my best sexy drunken hungover picture in the frame in the embarassing.

Estrip gathering at the Pink tonight...right? It is Thursday after all.
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07/15/04 12:33 - ID#28718

She only lays on top of me.....

So we went to see Napolean Dynamite today and it was hilarious. I seriously laughed for the entirety of the movie. I think just about anyone could appreciate the greatness of the movie and especially the casting.

Even more entertaining was the preshow (since we were there an hour early, and thank god for that cuz there was already a line). The like man in his 50's behind us went on for about 40 minutes about his cats and their personalities. At one point saying "the only time she lays on top of me is when she's hungry". I think this may have gave Jill a scary glimpse into her future. This was the same quite large man that said "oh i could get a baby popcorn because I like popcorn but who could eat more than that". I'm not sure if that was a personal attack on our huge bucket of popcorn but I took it as that.

So I'm all packed for Florida, and I probably packed too much for a five day trip (like 20 shirts, 3 pairs of sunglasses, an entire medicine cabinet, etc.) but it all fit in a suitcase and a back pack so I'm ready to go. I also listened to all my favorite songs on my computer that I won't have with me for the next five days. That will be tough but I can't burn them on cd becuase I do not have a cd burner, well one that works at least. So tata all, and I can't wait to catch up with you on Tuesday.

Oh one more thing, me and Jill were like wow we are going on separate trips and will both be away for like five days and won't see each other as she is going to NYC the same time I am in florida. First this may be good to create our we are not a couple image although neither of us will be in the b-lo so that won't really help. But secondly we were like what if we forget we are friends. What if our friendship is completley contingent on being around each other all the time and over the next five days we change so drastically that we forget who each other are. And then like a year down the line we happen to see each other somewhere, probably a coffee shop and are like "wait do I know you from somewhere?" anmd exchange awkward glances as if we had never been 24 hour a day hang out partners. That is until we hear Comb-Over strumming his guitar and singing his songs and then we unite in blissful coffee greatness. SOrry I'm missing his concert tomorrow Jill, I know he is our hero, but I hope you see him at least, and enjoy him for the both of us.......
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07/14/04 01:07 - ID#28717

Spending the Day Getting Ready for Flori

So much to do, so little timke. Need to buy magazines and stuff to protect me from the sun. Need to pack. I think I pack much like a fifty year old lady as I have ever healthcare need you could possibly think of ever needing packed for my five day trip. Thank you Wegmans for having cheap fun saver cameras....woohoo Florida...I can't wait for fun in the sun, especially on this particularly dreary buffalo day.
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