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Category: art

03/25/12 02:00 - ID#56282

my baby

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Location: Kenmore, NY
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03/11/12 08:26 - ID#56208

2 on your side

Nothing says we're on your side more than a spiked metal fence. I think it actually clearly says you're on the other side

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Location: Kenmore, NY
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03/03/12 05:47 - ID#56164

Wilson Farms

I love Wilson Farms. Say what you will it is just a great store. It is a slightly classy corner store really and I just love it. I loved the one by my parents house and I love the one on the corner of my street now. I just feel like they have the stuff you need in a relatively clean and not smelly or overly hotdogs on a roller environment. BUT NOW 7-11 Has bought out my beloved WIlson Farms and has started to change them over. The one near Summer has already been coverted and it is already subpar to the wilson farms. It has that distinct miscelaneous meat on rollers smell already and it already looks cheaper and dirtier. It's like they import the dirtiness? It's like the lowered all the shelves , and made them look older and barer. I hope tehy forget about my 2 favorite wilson farms and just never convert them......

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Location: Kenmore, NY
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