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04/28/04 08:59 - ID#28644

Oh my!

So this is the week of embarassing moments. The other day I walked into my class which is in a small computer lab, and I was a little early, saw some people from my class (but in the wrong seats) and sat down. And then I realize there was a teacher talking. Another class was going on in there. So I walked back out. How embarassing!

Then Amanda realized I had my jacket on backwards. This was after my presentation in which my computer wouldn't hook up to the screen thing, and then the screen thing wouldn't work with the other computer, and then the sounds wouldn't work so ended up using two computers at once. And then to top it off my nametag thing we were using because we were each playing more than one character, well the name tag had gotten entangled in the wiring so I had to rip it off the yarn and just hold it in front of me. Othersiw a good day/presentation. I think everyone liked it.
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04/26/04 01:15 - ID#28643

Grrrrr and Thanks

All I can say is grrr and hopefully one day I will no longer appear as an obsessive five year old stalker. Some day I"ll be a normal functioning human being. Jeers to circumstances making me look crazy but Cheers to Teres for our late night convo and consoling!!! Thanks for listening to my random babble! Florida is in our future!!
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04/25/04 10:02 - ID#28642

Cold Case Video Montage

Cold Case, a tv drama about this lady who solves crime cases that were like abandoned years ago is so good. Well actuallyI haven't watched the show that much but I always try to catch the last few minutes because they always do like video montageesque stuff over like great songs. I love it! It makes me want to make a video so bad, I am so mad that my plug in my computer is broken so I can't hook up my camcorder to my computer and make fun projects but soon school will be over and I can send my computer in to be fixed. And that will be glorious.
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04/22/04 11:19 - ID#28641

Sadly not my First Olsen Twin Entry

So I was reading this article about the Olsen Twins and learned a few interesting facts:

1. The Olsen twins will admit to hanging out with people who drink, but won't admit drinking themselves

2. They won't declare their virginity or their sexualness. They want everyone to make their own decisions.

3. THey don't swear but will sometimes say Bleep Bleep.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: THEY SAY THEY WON'T DO TWIN MOVIES FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES??? WHAT, then what will happen to ABC Family channel. The Olsen twins should stick to what they know best and that is definetely twin movies like Double Double Toil and Trouble and How the West Was Fun. The only way they are getting out of twin movies is if they switch to twin porn frankly and lets all hope they don't. Right?
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04/20/04 01:31 - ID#28640

Bush Protest

I'd like to think I'm ambitious enough to get up early and go to the Bush protest, but do I really care enough to be there by 8:30 am? I prolly should, but sadly, maybe not. Am I really that lazy and into sleeping? Maybe, we'll see.
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04/17/04 06:44 - ID#28639

Adventurous Night

First off for those of you who know what I'm talking about, the dog is ok it only broke its leg. Maybe more on that later. THe rest of my entry may be long and reminiscent of my 17 page entries of yesteryear but last night was fun. I guess it would be a better story in person.

So last night me and jill and teres were at Sweet Tooth and Teres wanted to go home and she had drove so me and Jill decided it would be a fun adventure to walk home since it was only like 11pm at that point. We live in Kenmore which is a fair distance, we figured maybe an hour or so walk, we weren't really sure as we're not big walkers. Anyway, as we were walking we decided to switch up the plan and stop and get a drink every bar we pass. We didn't really stick to that plan but we did stop in Merlin's to start our night off and got out of paying the cover charge by saying wanted to drink and run. Then after Jill offered to moon the Blockbuster workers and was denied we stopped at my brother's but we weren't sure if we were going to go in. But then I guess we were too loud in the hall and Matt came outside and so we deicded to go in and Matt, Emily (not estrip emily), 2 other people and Holly a little bit were there. We stayed and had a drink and then took a drink for the road. I conscientious of the no drinking on the street law wrapped the bottle in a plastic walgreens bag, yes that may be slightly less classy than drinking out of a brown paper bag.

Then we decided to stop at a house where people were on their porch and they were friendly and it turns out the one girl went to school with one of my suitemates from freshman year. What a small, crazy world. Our search for Bullets (the DJ, not the the gun shooter things)lead us to some people having a party on Bird I believe and they were nice too except I think the one guy was trying to get Jill to sleep with him? maybe? We then met some people on the corner of Forest and Elmwood and the one kid had on a KenEast shirt and we went to kenwest and so we asked if he knew some people but he didn't actually go there it was someone else's sweatshirt. They were from Buff State. He reminded me of someone. But there was a girl from South Africa, like Charlize Theiron and that was cool. I think those people were a little bit annoyed with me b/c I was not feeling so well at that point but they were very friendly and helpful and gave me mints. So we walked with them down the rape corridor that is the outside of Buff State according to people.

And from there on it was kinda ok, nothing too exciting between Buff State and Kenmore Ave. Just a lot of abandonedness and darkness. Fun times, but we made it by like 4am and yet i still woke up at liek 10 to go help in the rose garden!! Insanity1

It was a little bit like the Wizard of Oz but minus the flying monkeys, well there were only two flying monekeys!
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04/16/04 12:42 - ID#28638

Overzealous Worker

I haven't updated in so long. I feel like so behind in reading everyones journal. Anywho, at Structure, excuse me, Express Men the other day the worker guy was insane. I was just looking around and he basically informed me about every sale in the entire store as I went along. Ok, that isn't too out of the ordinary I suppose but then I went to try on a shirt and he was like "oh what pant size are you?" and so I told him and then he kept bringing pants and just throwing them over the thing and being like oh try these on. So I did cuz I can't say no. But after debating buying them and returning them later I decided to just not get them. But the crazy didn't stop there. I decided to buy a shirt and while in line he tried to sell me on a credit card for like ten minutes and then he told me about a sale on underwear that he had forgotten about. It was seriously getting annoying at that point! Does anyone even know if they get commission there because I wouldn't think they would. Who knows!
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04/10/04 05:43 - ID#28637

Worky, Work, Works

Me and Teres were discussing the other day what we want to do in the future. She wants to be a professor, I want to work at Eckred. OK maybe I have slightly higher goals, but will I do them? I want to be a fundraiser for organizations but not so sure exactly how to go about that. Then it hit me! I want to own a little store. I think a card/knick knack shop but I'm not really sure. Maybe a bookstore? I mean I already have two cash registers, (even though Paul put one out on the porch in the rain, it still works), that's all you really need right? ANy ideas on what kind of store would be fun to have, maybe around elmwood? maybe
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04/09/04 02:16 - ID#28636

Dr. Ruth: Killing Machine

According to People Magazine's 30th anniverary issue, our favorite sex doctor Dr. Ruth is a trained sniper who can assemble a gun while blindfolded. Craziness but yet also so cool and endearing.
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04/07/04 04:10 - ID#28635

Non-Celebrity Celebrities

Do you ever feel like someone is like a celebrity like you get excited to see them as if they were the star of your favorite tv show. They're not your friend and os they have that certain distant allure of a celebrity but yet they are just someone you've seen around. Like you know them but you don't and seeing them is like "wow i just saw so and so" but for no good reason it excites you, kinda like a celebrity. Hmm it makes more sense in my head.
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