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05/30/07 11:28 - 73ºF - ID#39470

Weird Studies

So me and (e:terry) have our first summer bio class test tomorow. Our teacher goes pretty slow and repetively in class so I'm thinking it won't be that hard but then going over the review sheet I think wowser. There is stuff from chapters we haven't even gotten to yet and like all these speicific periods and dates to remember. I don't know if he will actually ask those on the test anyway. Anywho this was really about how I have weird study habits. Like I am super good at tests. Like just I could take most tests on anything and do ok. I also am good at remembering what I have written down. Like have of my knowledge is from remember like the pictures I was doodling near the notes that the question is on. But this post was really suppoed to be about memory tools, like you know those saying meant to help you remember different things in order. Mine are always so complicated but work good for me but it almost seems like it would be just as easty to remember the names, my latest is

Quite The Concert John, The Purple Pennsylvanians Missed Dancing Slowly Over Cake

This is to remember the different periods in earth history namely:
Quarternary, Tertiary, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, Permian, Pennsylvanian, Missisiippian, Devonian, Silurian, Ordovician and Cambrian...

P.S. I think i am feeling a major life moment/change coming up soon...we'll see

P.P.S SO EXCITED ABOUT THE SQUARE TOMORROW!! ME and (e:amanda) will be there and hopefully lots of other peeps, we are going to be staring out this summer Klassy as always!
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05/28/07 11:17 - 65ºF - ID#39432

Memorial Day Festivities

I love Memorial Day! I love the parades and the cookouts!!! I love everything about it. I was in the parade for years for different things from cub scouts to band. And since then I have been watching it from the sidelines from the A-plus location of the Maloy house which is right on the parade route!!! This year me and (e:mk) were even discusiing having some beers. I never drink at family or friend's family events even though I clearly drink every other day but it still seesm weird like I am a kid. But who knows......there better be big men with big hats in small cars, they were misssing last year and the parade just did not feel the same without them!@
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05/27/07 07:11 - 68ºF - ID#39427

Famiglia Cristiana and Nonna's House

Today I went to my nonna's house that (e:paul) now owns and rents out. They are painting and cleaning it up before the new tenants move in. Anywho, it was the first time I had been there in a long time. I still really miss her a lot and it all came flooding back to me while I was in her house even though a lot of it looks different now.

She had saved like I would say I don't know roughly at least 500 issues of Famiglia Cristiana over the years. Like every issue ever made and now I am bringing them to be recycled. We saved a few what seemed like important issues but it is so weird that like she saved them her whole life every week and now they are all just going in the trash...well recycling bin..and actually the one at St. Paul's which is a fundraiser where they make money from the recycling. So I guess that is good, the Familglia Cristiana is at least helping out a church now....

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05/25/07 06:43 - 74ºF - ID#39411

Paula Abdul...

...she broke her nose when she tripped over dog..rather amusing and..i had nothing else to post and wanted to be back on the top list....
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05/21/07 11:34 - 54ºF - ID#39370

Klassiness Continues

So I take my camera with pics from Nashville and pics from going out the other night to my Eckerd to get developed. I didn't remember them being particularly risque...I go pick them up and the worker is like whoa mike , thos are some pictures...i'll just say one (e:strip)per has her nipple out for all to see, along with other klassy wasn't even a particularly crazy night I don't think..oh my ...when will i stop being embarassing and start being classy...i'm ready for classy instead of klassy.....
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05/20/07 04:17 - 54ºF - ID#39352

If they were Drug Operas instead of Soap

So in my process of trying to get rid of old school papers I started reading over tihngs. This was a presentation we had to do for a Biotechnology and Society honors class at Canisius. My group tried to make it more entertaining by making it a soap opera. I think I prolly forced everyone else into this idea as I loved soap operas and was taking a script writing class at the time. It was funny cuz we still had to make it a education presentation about the drug so i had to throw the science into the script.
By the by, I feel like typing the script here cuz I found it hilarious. Though I generally find tihngs I do hilairous (haha) so I'm sure most people won't read through it but there are lots of good parts...enjoy!

Ok so i started typing it and it is way too long. But bascially it is the story of a little boy with asthma and a shady doctor who kidnaps him to do drug trials. The boys parents tell his little sister (who had promised to always protect him) that he died while she was playing with his friends cuz he choked and she wasn't there to save him. (they thought it would be easier to handle than telling her he was kidnapped) The shady Dr. marries the head of a drug company but then gets divorced. The kid with Asthma, Christolph who is now 18 escapes and goes to a homeless shelter as he has nowhere to go. Vivianca, the shady dr.'s ex-wife, volunteers there 2 hours a week to make up for charging poor dying people millions for life saving drugs. Christolph and Vivanca fall in love but he can't tell her he has Alpha-1 protinease inhibitor deficiency hereditary ashtma because she talks about how she hates people with weakness. Meanwhile, Amanda , Christolph's sister has devoted her life to researching a cure for the disease she think killed her brother. She discovers it and brings th info to Vivianca who refuses to make ti saying they oculdn't make neough money on it since not enough people have it. Amanda convinces her they can sell it really expensively to the poeple cuz they really need it and so Amanda and Vivanca go out to celebrate. Christolph is there and after a brief wonderful reunion, when he finds out his sister is involved in charging millions for a life saving drugs he leaves them both and runs away again. Vivianca learns a lesson and creates a progaram where people can get the drug , Aralast for cheaper if they are poor and eveyrone gets reunited in happiness. Except Dr. Shady who goes to jail and is always "tested" on by his 400 lb. cellmate named Sharky.

The best part of it all though is that it really does have lots of infiomrations worked into it. I tink we got an A. It was really ridiculously cool. I will try and scan it in sometime.
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05/18/07 05:47 - 60ºF - ID#39335

Best Garage Sale Ever and SCORE!

Everyone should really stop by the (e:lilho) garage sale tomorow. I was there today and it was pretty amazing. There is some really cool stuff. 24 LInwood , tomorrow afternoonish I'm guessing she'll put it out. This ho had some good stuff...check it out\

Also I got a B+ for my final physics grade. For seriously not understaniding one thing about physics...that is pretty awesome in my book!
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05/16/07 11:43 - 47ºF - ID#39312

Lilho will kill me

So tonight felt good for two reasons. One the Sabres won and it was fun to watch (that is why (e:lilho) will kill me). I can't help it. I am not the hugest sports fan but there is something exciting about the Sabres and just about anything that makes so many people exctied. I like the idea of everyone being excited about everything and being in a good mood. Secondly, I threw all my physics related materials into the recycling bin tonihgt. It felt so good to just rid myself of them finally!! Ugh I hated physics so much and now it is all done.

It was nice to have two things that made me happy and excited tonight. I have been lacking in the exciting/happy things department lately. I'm just at another one of those kinda blah phases. I don't know, I just kinda wish I knew more what I wanted out of life.
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05/14/07 10:22 - 60ºF - ID#39278

Grey's Anatomy

I am totally drawn in to anything in marathon form. As some of you know last summer I tried to get into Grey's Anatomy and watched Season 1 but then gave up on it. While in Tennessee me and (e:jill) watched a lot of grey's anatomy season 2 cuz jen has it on dvd. Like i fell in love with it. TO an obsession. Last night we watched some more but then Blockbuster was closed before we could rent the next DVD of it. I could watch it for hours. I just need to know what happens next. ANything I watch a lot of episodes in a row about I feel like that though. I can't wait until we see it again. I am torn about watcing it on tv since i haven't seen any of season 3 and should prolly just wait for the dvd and watch it in order. I don't know.

Also last night me and (e:jil) lconvinced ourselves someone was tyri9ng to break in her porch so after a lot of hiding behind the ocuch and under blankets we finally went in the driveway and searched with knives. It is by some act of God that we did not stab a) ourselves b) each other c) an innocent bystanding negihbor but lukcily we idd not!
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05/12/07 06:53 - 56ºF - ID#39254

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to everyone graduating this weekend!!! You all hopefully will find great things in the future!!! Maybe you can use your degrees as well as I have (hahah!) !! You all deserve greatness!! image
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