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11/30/03 03:12 - ID#28549

Starlight Express

I added this entry like seconds after the one after it so please read the one after it too. I am always nervous if I update too closely together one entry will get entirely skipped over.

Starlight Express, Please answer me yes , are you there yes or no? Well Starlight Express is my favorie musical from when I was a kid and it is at Shea's right now but noone will go with me. I could go by myself but I don't actually know if I could as I can't handle doing much by myself. I heard they changed it and now instead of coming out into the audience they have a 3D movie part which is not nearly as cool as them skating into the audience. How could people not want to go see singers on roller skates pretending they are trains. Seriously it is amazing. Well I want to go so if any of my firends is reading this and is like Oh i want to go, you know where to reach me. Or strangers, I'll go with a stranger. I suppose I could pay for one of my friends to go since I think it is mostly the money issue that is making them not want to but I cna't really afford it right now. We'll see. I have to see it someway, I have to!!
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11/30/03 03:08 - ID#28548

Thanksgiving Happenings

Wow I haven't updated in a while. I really haven't had any time. Well everyone was home for Thanksgiving Break so that rocked. It was fun seeing Jen and Di and MK espeically since it was the first time Jen and Di came home all semester.

Last night me, Jill, Di and Matt went to coffe & and I had that little piece of heaven that is a Large Mocha Jet Cafe with Whipped Cream. You know what? It seems crazy that they need to ask if you want whipped cream,does that mean some people refuse whipped cream? That seems like a travesty if I've ever heard one. The worker who first introduced me to the Mocha Jet Cafe there asked me about my monkey halloween costume and how it turned out, cuz we had told him when we were trying to decide what to be and jill didn't think my monkey idea was good. Anyway, it was kinda neat that he remembered. I always think people have no clue who I am, well maybe it would be better if they didn't since me and Jill have a tendency to do embarassing things all the time, maybe it would be better if everytime we met someone they forgot everything and we had a clean slate to impress them wiht.

Thanksgiving was fun. It was a few less people for dinner than usual and no random strangers but it was still fun and I think everyone had a good time. I had to work from 11-3 but we didn't eat til like 430 so it was ok except that I missed the parade for the first time in my life and it was really sad because I love the parade. Speaking of work, we have a new pharmacist at Eckerd named Natasha and she is really cool and I hope she stays. We need good pharmacists that are good at their job and fun to work with.

My crazy godchild Nadia loves to be naked all the time and cries sometimes if she can't be naked. It really is bad since she is now 17 years olds, no just kidding, she is only like 2 years and 8 months or something so it is still acceptable to be naked. I wish it was socially acceptable to just be like "i wanna be naked" and run around naked.

So at Thanksgiving dinner, the topic of jill's love for a 15 year old came up and I would like to clear the record that Jill only loved this one 15 year old fromthat show and he is actually prolly 16 and learning how to drive by now and it really isn't freakish.

I want the Elf soundtrack so bad but they didn't have it at Circuit City, media Play or Target today. Craziness. I will have to go look at New World Records cuz I think they had it but then it will probably be a little more expensive but I really want it.

Tonight me, teres, jill and yosepha went ice skating and it was fun and Joel Giambra was there. Well I am pretty sure it was him. Yosepha had no idea how to skate but she made it around one whole time with the help of us, the wall an orange cone and this crazy lady who was keeping tabs on her progress. It only cost $1 to ice skate at Buff State even though the sign says $5, I think it might be cuz Teres is a student there and so they assumed we all were, who knows,even though it doesn't say there is a student discount.
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11/19/03 10:03 - ID#28547

Procrastination Ridiculousness

So I am procrastinating out of control. I had a 10-15 page paper due for my interpersonal class today and I started the research around 10pm last night and had to do the entries for the journal I was supposed to have been keeping all semester. I ended up finsihing it at like 5:45 and my class was at six. But I finsihed none the less, but really I need to start doing things earlier. I have like 3 papers and three presentations and all these tests in the next few weeks and I am just putting everything off as long as possible. I can only do it so much longer before I am in a whole I cannot dig myself out of. What else? Hmm I don't know.

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11/17/03 12:54 - ID#28546

It's over

I'm over my crush. I realize it is only a few hours later than when i originally wrote about my crush but eh that happens with my flimsy crushes. The more i've been thinking about it, the more i was like wow their not so good and actually kinda bad. Ok
Hmm what else, oh i bought the About A Boy soundtrack, it is great I also bought a Pixies cd. They are my recent addiction at the moment. I think it was only cuz I got that bonus check from eckerd, we all got bonus checks for reducing shrink. Too bad I spent it all already and i only got it two days ago. It was like 120 dollars but whatev i bought some good stuff with it. Since i wasn't expecting it , it's not like i lost anything. Oh and the old guy in front of me in line at american eagel got a gift card for spending a certain amount but said he prollywould never come back and so he gave it to me. That was nice of him. I like gift cards. Ok bye for now

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11/12/03 11:55 - ID#28545

Don't Trust Me With Water

In anthropology the other day my teacher decided to make us chai tea because we were talking about Imperialism and spices are the key to imperialism. Anyway so after he was cooking some spices he sent me out to fill the pan 2/3 full with water. Well i get in the hall and have no idea where to get water so I first try the drinking fountain, but of course the water only comes out like a quarter inch and so that wasn't working, plus at this point I have burned myself because the whole pot was hot but I kept touching it. So then I think I could use the sink in the bathroom, it was perfect cuz the pan fit perfectly in the sink. Alas, though my good idea was ruined becasue I filled the pan too much and I could not get it out without water and spices pouring out all over. So i lost half the water and a lot of the spices. I thought about picking them out of the sink and putting them back in but that sounded too gross, who knows what people do in that sink. So I bring the pot back and my teacher looks in it and looks so dissapointed, like wow noone ever has messed up in getting water before. So he sent another kid out with a bucket or something to get more water. Eh, he should have known better than to trust me with a task as large as filling a hot pot with water.

Oh an update on removing your pictures from my journal. Send me a reason why you want me to take them down to. OK thanks
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11/12/03 10:11 - ID#28544

Closing Early

I don' t know if I have mentioned this earlier, but what the heck is going on with coffee shops closing earlier. We can't always go to coffe & but it is at least open later. Spot, why do you desert us in our time of need?

Hmm what else... I am just putting off more and more work. It is really going to catch up with me soon. Hypothetically speaking, what if you found something online that wasn't meant for you to see but it was online and you knew you weren't supposed to see it but it was online, which is public, would you read it? Just wondering. You can email me your opinions on this topic.

I hear it might snow tonight/tomorrow. That is a crazy world we live in. Today it was like 60 degrees and tonight it might snow. Insanity. I had half a sub left from subway today and I meant to bring it to school for my break between classes and I forgot. Grr, it would have been really good. But I did just eat some I believe fried catfish that Terry made and it was actually pretty good. Maybe I should try more different foods.

I'm glad to see more people are updating their journals. It makes a journal reading addict like me happy. I've started to think about what I am going to do this summer wiht Teres and Jill being gone for the entire summer. Hopefully Jen doesn't get a job where she has to get up early every morning and Yo gets over mono and the such. It will be weirdd not seeing Teres and Jill for the entire summer considering I usually see at least one of them everyday.

I've been in the mood for christmas since we went to see Elf. I am so ready to do christmas shopping and listen to christmas music. It is so fun.

Right now my favorite song is something like Monkey Gone to Heaven or something like that. It is addicting for some reason and is constantly in my head. But it is really good and I recommend you people download it (you people being the three people who read this). That reminds me I wish there was a way to know if people were reading this because it really seems pointless to update it if noone is ever reading it. I wish there was a way for people to like comment on it or something or I don't know I just wish I knew if anyone was reading this. If you read it you can email me, it is one of the links on the right. Ok that's all for now. I'll update again later

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11/09/03 10:11 - ID#28543

There's No Way I Am That Out of Shape

So today after being lazy I decided to go running a bit. I haven't went running in like a month and I ran only like to Kenmore Mercy which is maybe 10 or 15 short blocks, not that far at all and I like passed out. I felt dizzy and like I was about to throw up. I seriously did not think I would make it back before I threw up. I have no idea what was wrong, I can't believe it was that I am that out of shape. Maybe I am coming down iwth something becuase I am still coughing even now. After I got back I was still dizzy and sick for like an hour but then I felt better and raked the leaves. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

An update on the Jen story from the previous journal. She wants me to tell you she held her liquor fine last night and she is back to normal. She drank everyone under the table again and basically beat them to a pulp in asshole. And despite it all she didn't throw up. But she did learn some great computer facts from the computer engineer people she was drinking with. hahah. What's more fun than computer talk? Oh wait just about anything.

What else? Well noone has emailed me to take down their pictures so they can't be that upset. Oh I saw Elf last night, the Will Ferrell movie. It was hilarious. Except it freaked me out a little that the girl saw no problem in dating a grown man who thought he was an Elf and dressed appropriately for it every day. Maybe that's the key, maybe I should wear Elf costumes more often. But hey that's the beauty of movies, isn't it? Jill didn't laugh to uproariously to the point that we got shushed by fellow patrons, which was suprising since it was Will Ferrell after all. Maybe these people were just nicer than usual. The place was packed, it was quite nearly a sell out if it wasn't actually one.

Oh my, that reminds me. We were supposed to meet Teres at Spot on Delaware after the movie b/c she had to babysit. Well it was closed and so we had to stand and wait for her for like a hlaf hour in the cold on the corner of Chippewa and Delaware. What is it with the coffee shops all closing earlier now. What is a coffe house addict to do? There were a lot of Marines and dressed up girls with them. There must have been a Marine ball or something like that. So then we went to Pano's and I had grilled cheese and it was really good. It was quite a steal considering it came with french fries and was only $3.49 and that is on the more expensive nighttime menu none the less. One of Jill's many many suitors was there but she rejected his advances once again.

At Elf there were like 12 previews and one was for the next Lord of the Rings movie. Now I am not a huge fan as much as much of the rest of the population is and I actually didn't really like the first one but I really liked the second one and the third one looks really good so I can't wait to see it. Ok that's all for now. I'll post again later.
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11/08/03 02:08 - ID#28542

Jenny Jenny Bo Benny Banana Fana Fo Feny

I talked to Jen today and as usual she had some funny stories and updates. So she is obsessed with hockey, well she loves it...a lot. She has a friend Gordon who had like never seen a hockey game and knows nothing about it but he said he would go with her. Well on the way there in the car he admits he like went online and studied hockey rules and words and stuff so that he could understand what was going on a little bit and talk about it. Isn't that funny but great?

So later Jen and Gordon and his roomate Brent went back to their apartment and started drinking for like 5 hours but Gordon is like a two drink man, how sad that I could probably drink him under the table. Anyway, Jen drank more than either of them and continued long after they stopped. That's the Jen we know and love, the one who has no problem drinking alone and showing any man up with her drinking prowess. But ah she got sick and has been throwing up all morning. What is wrong with my friends and throwing up lately? Why does everyone have to steal my thunder? Sick stomachs and throwing up is my claim to fame. Just kidding, you guys can have it. OK that's all for now.
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11/07/03 01:28 - ID#28541


I've heard some people don't want the pictures of them that I have put up online. If you want me to take down a picture just e-mail me at and tell me and I'll consider it (ok i'll most likely do it as soon as I get your email) You can also just e-mail for any reason or question or comment.
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11/06/03 11:49 - ID#28540


Marykate was home last night and we went to Coffee &. It was fun, we talked her love life, sang songs, did dances, didn't get served forever at pano's. It was fun. Woohoo for one night visits.

It's not about what you should do...but what you want to do. Nicole sent me that quote and it is good. Yet it's just not exactly me. It's hard for me to be like I just gotta do what I want to do and not think about everything else. Lately though, that isn't really the problem, the problem is even more I don't even know what I want to do. Eh, we'll see. Ok not much else to say now.
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