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08/30/04 01:17 - ID#28744

Summer Lovin...Had Me a Blast

So my summer is over. In less than 24 hours I will be 21 and have started my final year of college. That is quite insanely scary to me...a boy who never wants to grow up. This summer involved a lot of changes, many new friends but at the same time grew apart from some of the old. The old crew slightly crumbled but new people were there to fill in the gaps. I'm glad I've met so many new amazing people to add to the amazing friends I already had. This summer I think was the "last summer" as me and my friends know it as next year we will be college graduates going off to do our own thing be that continuting school, workiung and traveling across Europe, stripping in Mexico, or just staying at home. No matter what it will be different but I'm glad for all the summers and fun we've had.

This last week of summer was a lot of fun. Starting off with my party and continuing with copious partying every day. Saw old friends, met new friends. Saw old crushes, met new crushes. Passed out myself one night and chauffered crazy people on ecstasy the next (well they actually weren't so crazy). So much more too and then in the end, the week and the summer ended much as it and jill at Spot followed by large amounts of laughter and snack foods in her living if nothing had changed in the middle.
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08/28/04 12:36 - ID#28743

Joyous Celebrations

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08/27/04 03:41 - ID#28742

More Sequins Please

Went to Roxy's with some epeeps tonight for my first ever burlesque show. I am going to have to agree with Robin though that more sequins and sparkle and glamour would have been nice but still an entertaining show was put on. Well I now have three days off of work til I start school on Monday which is exciting and so I hope to see you all out this weekend. May the drinks be a plenty and the partying be hardy. And then my 21st birthday on Tuesday!! This is too much good times to handle....
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08/25/04 01:10 - ID#28741

Mean Girls

Me and Teres went to see Mean Girls at the cheap show tonight. You can't go wrong with a movie, popcorn and pop for $4.50. The movie was muy entertaining considering it was aimed at young girls which I guess I have very similiar tatses with. The only problem I saw was that I think the message of the movie was something about like it is bad to talk about people behind their back and point out people's flaws. It is funny considering how lately me and my friends have realized how much we tear apart strangers and people we only barely know. (our own insecurities? no, of course not) So if it is bad to do these things then what has my life thus far been worth? Is a life without backtalk and snide comments worth living? I can't imagine it is. lol?

The soundtrack was also really good and I couldn't wait to come home and come online to search it out, but alas no soundtrack for the movie exists? Por que ? I've never heard of such a crazy thing as a movie with no soundtrack especially a teenesque moive. The music was so good, some Missy Elliot, african songs, and some good song at the end I don't know a dancefloor and god and a dj and music. It was good and I want it now!
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08/21/04 05:05 - ID#28740

Great Birthday Party!!!

I'm glad so many people came out last night for the party. It was awesome. Too bad I passed out so early and missed so much of it. So much for thinkiing I was pacing myself. I still had lots of fun though and I hope everyone else did too!!!! Chamille thanks for being there while I was not feeling my best and sorry if I threw up on anyone's bike, I don't hitnk I did but just in case. Jill thanks for your car being so comfortable to fall asleep on top of. Thanks Teres/Jill/Paul/eMatthew and everyoen else who planned this awesome birthday. It was great. Thanks for making the list Jill since I probably did not see half the people. Ok back to cleaning up since this hosue looks liek a bomb filled with candy and cake and alcohol blew up in here. I am thinking it may never be clean again. Maybe they should just pack up and move. lol. Ok I'll post pictures later if I have any but check out people's journals like Paul's for pictures.
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08/20/04 07:26 - ID#28739


Mine and Terry's party is tonight at 567 Lafayette around 10ish as you all know from the party info banner!! EVERYONE SHOULD COME AND BRING ALL THEIR FRIENDS. I ONLY TURN 21 ONCE (well actually not for liek a week still but we're pretending) and I WANT LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE THERE!!!! I WANT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT BUT I'M SO NERVOUS!!!! I WANT STRANGERS AND FRIENDS ALIKE SO EVERYONE BE THERE OR BE SQUARE (i love that threat)!!
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08/19/04 01:24 - ID#28738

We used to wonder...

This is not an attack on anyone. It's just my acknowledgement, that times, they are a-changing. It's not a bad thing I guess, its just growing up. We used to wonder what happened? Where did everyone go? Our once close knit group had dissolved. Noone wanted to go out anymore and they padded themselves with as many perifery people as possible if they did. We used to wonder what could be wrong with us? How could people choose just about anything over being with us? Are we really that boring/ that unfun/that unfriendly? They needed to leave every chance they got to see their new love, their new friends. Didn't they ever just want to hang out with us, the old gang? But now you've joined them. So that makes me wonder, what's wrong with me?

People used to say, I don't want to hang out with just you guys. You're too close, too much together, too much inside jokes, too much the same. I couldn't understand it, if you were our friends why couldn't we all hang out? I thought it was just the lack of others going out that caused them to feel that way, and if they went out more it would change, maybe it is a what came first, chicken or egg, type issue. I don't know. Did they hang out less cuz of that, or did them hanging out less cause that. So maybe now I am backing away, I don't want to be the thrid wheel. Although I said you've joined them, maybe in other ways I've joined them too.

Who knows, maybe I"m just in a crazy, I'm sick of working and am listening to Third Eye Blind which can in some ways be terribly depressing mood. But Friday is my party and it will be fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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08/18/04 07:54 - ID#28737

Matthew's Memories

It all started because I found out a girl I work with went to her senior with Matt, and so I asked him to see some pictures. Then he whips out these amazing scrap books from his highschool years. If you love other people's memories and memoribilia as much as I do, you have to ask Matt to see his. The second one is so proffesional looking. I love reading letters and notes people wrote that I don't know. I don't know why, it is just the idea of like someone writing it at sometime, id on't know but I like it. This is probably why I also have numerous pictures of teres's family that I wouldn't let her throw out. One day I will have a mansion and one room can be devoted to each of my friend's stuff. Thanks for your memories Matt.
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08/16/04 12:47 - ID#28736

Day of Relaxation

Yesterday was soo the day I really needed of just relaxing and everything. I woke up at like 11 after a good amount of sleep, sat around watched tv and read the paper. Followed by tanning out on the porch and falling asleep on the chair and then getting myuself to get up and go into my room where I fell asleep again. Then watched some of the Soprano's DVD. My night was capped off with chinese food and a thermal spa visit at Maureens which was muy relaxing. Such a relaxing day...except the pain of all the cuts and marks I have all over my upper body right now.
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08/12/04 11:44 - ID#28735

The Rights to Chillaxin

According to some kids away message that I went to college with he has the word CHILLAXIN and he says copyrighted by some of his friends in 2004. Well I don't know about the rest of you but I know that Paul and Jessica (hodown) used that term way back in the day, possibly mid-90's and I have heard it many times since. I'm not even sure Paul and Jessica coined it but for sure they had it before these people. And if Paull and Jessica did coin it, wow congratulations, it has reached Connecticut.
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