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05/29/09 04:12 - 62ºF - ID#48786

Garage Sale This WEekend

SO the weekend has finally arrived. Garage Sale this Saturday and Sunday (May 30 and 31 and yes its so big it needs 2 days) at 567 Auburn )between elmwood and norwood. Lots of good stuff to be had or at least come at laugh at the crap i've bought over the years!!!!!!

housewares....we've got it

crafts.....we've got it

clothes in my size....we've got it

ab roller....yup got that it

cd, movies, books, and records......for sure we got that

knicknacks it

stuffed animals.......plenty


desk it

folding cardboard dawson's creek soundtrack promo tabletop decoration.... i know you've been wanting it and we gots it

changing table....uh huh we do

cups, mugs, starbucks gift all those

wedding cake topper.....have it

kids cooking utensils....yup still in packaging

also music stand, dishes and so much more!

lots of stuff never even opened becasue me and my mom just like to buy buy buy and not use use use , we are finally starting to part with stuff come take it home today
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05/26/09 11:54 - 56ºF - ID#48763

Garage Sale

I'll post about it again but don't forget,I am having a garage sale this Saturday and Sudnay (may 30 and 31) at 567 Auburn from 9-3. Come stop by, i have lots of stuff to get rid of!
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05/23/09 07:37 - 71ºF - ID#48731

De Facto Salt and Pepper Collector

Not sure if i used the term de facto right but I have been going through all the totes in my basement of stuff I have for an apartment that i have either bought over the last 10 years or inherited from my grandparents or my mom has bought and put in the totes and I realized I am the proud owner of like 15 different kinds of salt and pepper shakers so now I guess I collect those. I like it...

I also realized I have soooo much stuff, I was trying to write it all down so then I could see what i still need to get ( ireally want to move out in the fall and tihnk I am relaly gonna do it this time) and like 5 pages into my notebook later I realize I have enough stuff for liek 8 apartments. I also relaized some of the stuff I bought over the last 10 years I no longer like so it is going right to the garage sale funny like I bought stuff that just got bought put in a box and now I am selling, never even used. I wasted a lot of moeney over the years, well we all know me, i am sure i got it all cheap and that is why i obught it cuz it was on clearance. ...

this leads me to tell eveyrone I am having a garage sale this coming Saturday and Sunday May 30 and 31 at 567 Auburn ((e:libertad)'s house). So istop on by.. i'll post more aobut it tomorrow
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05/13/09 10:35 - 67ºF - ID#48662

Good Quote About Madonna

I read this in Parade magazine (the part of the sunday paper most peole prolly don't even look at but i love especially the celebrity questions and ask marilyn!) anywho I just feel like it really summed up Madonna well.

The question was (and i know this at first doesn't seem to relate to Madonna but keep reading:)

Q: I hear there's a new Mike Tyson documentary, Why should we care about a prize fighter who threw it all away?

Q: Because it just might make us reconsider him. Tyson's writer and director, James Toback, offers an intriguing object lesson:

"some people have talent and mage it well. Madonna has absolutely squeezed out every drop of her potential. Mike is the total opposite. He never failed to achieve th most he possibly could- and then never fialed to destroy it. Mike wouldn't underatand someoneone like Madonna, who discovers what works and does just that and nothing else!"

there it is folks
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05/08/09 06:13 - 67ºF - ID#48628

Holly Hunter YouTube Comments, Still?

So it always amazes me that people just come across my youtube video about loving Holly Hunter that some of you may remember I made after being emailed by this television show that said they were interviewing holly hunter and wanted fans videos and they saw I loved her cuz i wrote a journal but it was actually about how ridiuclous her new show looked. Anywho, people somehow still view this video on youtbue and feel the need to make crazy comments, i juts got this today

DRDNIBOY has made a comment on I Love Holly Hunter:
Holly Hunter is a hick! And the show is based on hicks. And hicks don't like gays. So get a clue. And stop watching a show that denegrates not only God but glorifies hicks.
You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.
© 2009 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

It never ceases to amaze me that peple bother to watch and comment on this video.
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