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04/29/14 11:14 - ID#58945

Julia, Suzanne, MaryJo, and Charlene Oh MY!

So I am super excited about Designing Women reruns starting to air on LOGO in May. I cannot wait to see it again. It used to be on Lifetime all the time but I haven't seen it in so long ... in tribute to those four amazing southern belles here are a few of my favorite Julia rants....

this one's a little long but the end is worth it!

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04/13/14 09:49 - ID#58901

The Castle

My family did not go on many vacations when I was little and today in the paper they have an article in the paper about The Castle motel/resort that was in Olean. I totally remember going there as a child. I always sort of remembered a vacation in a castle but coudln't remember exactly. It is all knocked down which was kinda sad but that was definitely the place we went.

I remember swimming in the pool and I remember the restaurant was fancy and my dad had frog legs.

It's so weird the things that stick out in your mind.
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04/06/14 10:33 - ID#58867

Back to Walking

OMG! It felt so good to be able to take a nice walk today with MK. I cannot wait for the nice weather to stay and I can go outside and walk and maybe start running again but at least definitely walking. I really enjoy walking around the city way more than walking around nature. Hopefully it will help me shed the pounds I gained over the winter! Here's hoping the weather stays!
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04/03/14 11:25 - ID#58855

Gay Wedding Soap Opera Extravaganza

Well this week has been all about the big gay wedding on Days of Our Lives. Will and Sonny I believe had the first gay wedding on daytime this week. And noone does weddings better than a soap opera and Days of Our Lives does them best. There are two kinds of good soap opera wedding, the tragic wedding doesn't happen weddings and then the overly sentimental really sweet and cry worth weddings. This gay wedding was definitely of the sweet cry worthy variety from the great grandmother's speech to the father's speeches and their vows. Also there moments with all their family telling them how important they are. It was a real tear jerker.

It still had the soap opera fun drama of the dueling groom's moms, the one groom's baby's mama thinking the other groom wants to get back at her boyfriend who she and the mother in law and grandmother in law had tried to kill and thrown in the river as dead a few weeks ago but of course he's back witha vengeance.

They did a lot about gayness and like one character whose mansion the wedding was at who was the one grooms grandfather quit the board of one of the companies and sold all his shares because the shareholders didn't want a gay wedding at their ceo's house. It was all very touching.

One thing was weird is all week they made this whole deal about this box that the best woman was keeping from everyone and at the wedding they announced it was all these photos of family that had lead them to this moment. SOOO I of course got excited tehy were going to do an amaze photo slideshow of old characters and what not but then they never brought it up again.

Speaking of old characters, it is always funny like for weddings or funerals the only people there are the people currently on the show, well sometimes for funerals they bring a lot of the old characters back but that's usually only if the actor or actress died in real life. Anywho, it is so random like you brother and sister dind't come to the wedding and they always make sure to explain it like "oh carrie was so sad she had that emergency gall bladder surgery today and couldn't be here" even though in reality carrie has not been in your life for years.

Overall it has been an amaze wedding week on Days of our LIves. This emotional lovefest was just what the soul had ordered.

Now don't get me wrong I equally like the tragerific weddings like the one last year where the bride had drugged and raped the priest who was also her groom's half brother and video tapped it. The priest's mother/grooms step mother got a hold of the video and not knowing that her priest/son was the other man in the video played it on the big screen over the alter at the wedding. I mean that also made for great television!

ANd I just realized this was really long and noone probably really cares about this but me.

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04/02/14 09:45 - ID#58853

Bam Smash Goes the Matrix

Last Thursday I got in a car accident on the way to work. A fly forward glasses fly off my face kind of accident. My airbags didn't go off though so that is good, well i guess it's good but it sorta made me wonder what would make them go off. BUt air bags are scary so I"m glad they didn't go off. Me and (e:yesthatcasey) were on our way to work early and were stopped on wehrle when a car smahsed into the back of my car and pushed me into the car in front of me and that car into the front of them. We all pulled over on the side street which weirdly enough happened to be the street my cousin lives on.

The lady in the front car also worked at IHA and I had just given a presentation to her department the other day. Casey call the po po while we all exchnaged information and took pictures of each other's cars.

The weird part is the car in front me had like no damage. It was a van but like the front of my car was pushed up and sutff but the back of her car looked like it had no damage. And the car that hit me, the front of their car was smashed but the back of my car was just had like a few scratches. The guy at the collison shop said when they take off the bumper a lot of times they find more damage than it seems.

When I tried to turn on my car it made this isansely loud scary sound. I was gonna call AAA, well actually I had casey call AAA and pretend to be me because I freak out but the police officer said the sound was ok and was just the shaking of things from the accident. Not sure why I trusted him , he wasn't a mechanic but he was a man in a uniform and frankly that seems like they must know about cars if they are in uniform.

So then I go to work and really since we were going in early I was still on time! So I didn't even really get to miss any work!

Luckily both casey and I felt fine. Though the next few days my neck was sore but it seems to be going away.

Anyway now I have a rental and my car has $3000 in damage. I was nervous it was going to be totaled even though it didn't seem super damaged and I wouldn't have enough to buy a new car so I was so glad it was only $3000. The car won't be ready until next week so I have a rental. It is an altima and it is a lot nicer than my car. It has that keyless press button start which freaks me out.

I haven't heard from the insurance yet but I am pretty sure it has to be the girls fault who hit me.

This was my first accident I was ever in that was like scary and smashy and glass flying off the facey but I survived.
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