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08/31/07 02:16 - 74ºF - ID#40859

nothing starts a day out right...

after a night of winning (ok $8 but that is still winning) at the casino and then on a lotto ticket this morning, and then finding a wonderful suprise from (e:libertad,40851)'s journal then.........

I had a major self in front of mirror dance party after I showered today. I love those times when you just get the urge to dance your heart out cuz a good song comes on which in this case was something by Blu Cantrell followed by danicng to my eclectic mix of music on my itunes including selections from moulin rouge, starlight express, a little bright eyes, a little ataris, a little p. diddy and a little bit of lots of stuff oh and singing my heart out to the graduation song from SBTB (which i know so perfectly that i went downstaris in the basement to get pants and when i cam back up my singing was still matching the exact spot in the music, that always impresses me) anywho, what a way tio start a bday!!hopefully more dancing all day long
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08/30/07 08:20 - 69ºF - ID#40840

Prayiing Mantis: Good Luck?

So i got to school a little early to see if my stuff from two days ago had a.) really printed and b.) was still there. They are having major printing issues in the UB library right now. Anywho I luckily found my stuff from Tuesday and printed out some more stuff which I will try and get in a few days cuz it was a 3 hour delay at this point. So i went outside to do my favorite thing in the world which is USA today crossword puzzles and people watching. So i am innocently enough spying on people and doing my puzzle (and getting stumped like heck on this puzzle for some reason ,usa todya usually isn't super hard) and then I look down and what is crawling up by leg! A HUGE FREAKIN' PRAYING MANTIS!!! Now i bet you all envision me screaming and jumping and freaking out, but you would be INCORRECT!!! Ok i jumped around and freaked out and ran for my life, but I did not scream, and that my friends is quite an accmplishment as I am terrified of bugs of all degress , espeically foot long praying mantises.

But i do vaguely remember it is supposed to be good luck to see a praying mantis (which why was it like in a complete concrete playground like the area I was in at UB). So hopefully that is true and i get me some luck, that would be a good ting to come from such a traumatic experience.

P.S. You know what I was thiking, if i dind't have my glasses I rplly never would have realized and just thought it was like a mark on my pants or something, how many bugs were crawling all over/around me before i had glasses?

P.P.S. I will be 24 in like 3 hours and 40 minutes!
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08/29/07 06:20 - 86ºF - ID#40811

Beginning of the Birthday Extravaganza

So today is the unofficial/official beginning of my birthday celebration. At work they got my a tasty carvel cake and then when I got home my mom made my favorite dinner (chicken parm) as my birthday dinner becasue on Friday we are going out to dinner for my birhtday so today was a minor favorite food kinda birthday dinner.

I also got my first birthday mail from my great aunt though this week has been lacking in bday mail. I feel like stores and stuff used to send stuff for my bday, I tihnk they do it on e-mail now which is not even half as enjobalbe. I love getting mail and my birthday week was always fulfilling in that regard but we'll see, there are still a few more days.

Then comes tomrorwo lunch with (e:amanda) which has been way to long since we have went to lunch, then school and then maybe some post-square activities (stupid school right smack dab in the middle of thursday at the square time).

Then FRIDAY celebrations and dinner with my fam and then Frizzy's with eveyrone. and then the party on Saturday. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!

P.S. Thanks (e:ladycroft) for the early birthday wishes!
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08/28/07 12:01 - 68ºF - ID#40772

Happy Birthday Mr. Mickelson!


Happy Birthday Terry!!! I hope it is filled with beer and chemistry. (those are your two favorite things right?) Thanks (e:jim) for reminding me about the drawing feature. I had forgotten about it. Don't forget everyone , this saturday, big celebration for me and (e:terry) birthday!
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08/27/07 12:44 - 65ºF - ID#40751

Buffalo Casino is sad

so I am not for a casino in Buffalo though I am seiruosly addicted to slot machines lately (at the Niagara Falls one), particularly the Emerald Hot Hot Penny, Penny machine. Anywho, we went to see what the Buffalo casino is like, they have a temporary one up. IT IS THE SADDEST THING EVER! It is like a 10 by 10 foot room with like 40 slot machines and a tiny snack bar. And eveyrone is smoking and it reaks. And eveyrone is waiting in line for machines. Now you can like or dislike casinos but this one is just sad. At least at other casinos it is like a big place and there are bands and bars and restuarants and lot of lights and sounds and colors. No here it seems like just sad sad people, waiting in like to bet away what little money they have. Seriosly sadness people, seiruosly!

P.S. Don't forget mine and (e:terry) 's bday party on Saturday!

P.P.S. There will be plenty of jello shots hopefully!
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08/25/07 11:30 - 81ºF - ID#40723

Party Book

So the other day at the Eastern Hills Mall with (e:mk) I bought a book about throwing parties cuz it was 50% off the clearance price. You see I always buy books about throwing parties/dinner parties/planning events. LIke I prolly have 50 but I never throw parties. But seriously this book is good, it has like such random things like throwing a hangover party and what kinda of breakfeast/decorations are required the morning after a one night stand. Anywho it gave me lots of good idaes for a dinner party which I need to throw soon, i just need a house. I need to get an apartment so I can throw a fabulous party every day!
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08/23/07 11:57 - 77ºF - ID#40701

If you could sleep...

Two funny things I heard on Jay Leno some random comedians tonight:

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a shopaholic who likes liquor stores"

this is not anything about me, haha, well maybe a little, but I just thought it was funny

and a friends asked me "if you had the chance to sleep with any celebrity dead or alive who would it be" and I said "hmm I guess it would have to be Britney Spears and um I guess i'd choose dead" that one I think you have to hear to make it funnier, I'm not sure I quoted it right
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08/21/07 07:01 - 68ºF - ID#40664

My Glasses

So if you wanna see pictures of me in my glasses , check out (e:libertad) or (e:paul) 's journal. They are really starting to grow on me. I especially like how thye look in pictures more than in real life!!
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08/20/07 12:09 - 63ºF - ID#40632

Michelle Pfeiffer part 2

I just learned a ne fact about Michelle Pfeiffer. Did you know she turned down the lead role in Basic Instinct, Silence of the Lambs and Thelma and Louise. I wonder if we would even know the name Sharon Stone today if Michelle would have said yes to that role instead of no!
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08/18/07 08:08 - 66ºF - ID#40610

Bedazzical is mine

I described Michelle Pfeiffer (in an amazing journal
that you should check out) as bedazzical. I just coined the term on wictionary too. Use it all you want but remember where you learned it. It describes someone so fabulous it is as if they are covered in magical jewels. i.e. Michelle Pfeiffer
here is the link
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