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02/24/08 02:14 - 29ºF - ID#43449

I Gots Me A New Car

Well actually tomorrow I will have a new car. After an exhaustive search for a used blue toyota matrix I finally decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I went to West Herr Toyota in Orchard Park because I had e-mailed Toyota dealers about prices and stuff and they seemed the nicest there. The lady Colleen LeClerc was really helpful and not pushy. I really like it, like she didn't push me to get like the advanced model or extra things and I think i got a pretty good deal because it was a 2008 and now the 2009's have come out. According to my research I paid a good price for it I think. Anywho, I cannot wait to get it! I said I wanted the rest of the weekend to decide so I have to call her tomorrow morning to confirm I want it ( i put down 50 dollars so noone else could buy it just in case) and then since i work 830am-9pm tomorrow they will deliver it to my work! How awesome is that!@ I am super exicted! Here is a stock picture, not my actual car but it looks like this....


It was more than I originally wanted to spend but hey it is a new car and I will keep it for a long time and I think it is worht it. The payments really aren't that bad after the downpayment of my insurance check from the accident!

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02/09/08 12:02 - 30ºF - ID#43254

18 E-mails

It is quite freakish , almost every time I have checked my e-mail in the last month or so I have had exactly 18 e-mails. I mean not every single time but I would say 87% of the time roughly. That is so strange. Why always 18, so odd? I thought maybe it maxes at 18 but no cuz i have more sometimes. So odd. I am gonna check now...,.holy heck I serioulsy have 18 e-mails. It is so werid. I generally chekc it like once maybe twice a day and , 9out of 10 times i will have 18 e-mails! Super werid!
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02/07/08 10:32 - 26ºF - ID#43238

La Creme De La Creme

So you know I think i forgot this in my last post but you know what the clincher is: I have never called in except once in eight years and the time I am really sick is like 3 weeks after they effectively ended sick days, and is also the one week of the year when I have no vacation days to take because of this weird thing where RiteAid anniversary dates and eckerd ones were different so we were given like a percentage of our vacation days to use before our new anniversary date and then get the rest. Yup mine is next week so I had to use them all by last week to get them in in time , pay check wise! But the rest doesn't kick in til next week so I have vacatio ntime to use! Awesome!

And P.S. does anyone know what it could mean that my belly button is super red circle around the whole tihng and is super red. I noticed yesrtday and while it isn't as red it still is and I can find nothing online about what it could be unless it is

A. I am pregnant
B. I am allergic to the hysterectomy glue they used
C. I am morbidly obese and my belly button has been hidden for years and is decaying
D. Someone complication with the umbilical cord (which Iwould have imagined would have manifested itself before now)

It's weird cuz it isn't itchy, or cut, or bloody or anything like all the other online examples. Just red. Ugh it makes me feel freakishly nervous!
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02/06/08 07:56 - 30ºF - ID#43218

So Sick I even Called In

Monday night i was having lots of stomach issues and barely slept so tuesday at work I felt like crap. I was supposed to leave at 5 but it was crazy busy so I went and had some dry heaves and a little vomit around 5:30 and then stayed til 7. I came home and felt so sick. All night i was up with dry heaves but no real vomit. You kno whow just throwing up makes you feel better , I just wanted to so bad knowing I would feel better. I laid half the night on my bathroom floor. Eventually at like 7ish it all came rushing up. I felt better but still really queasy and shaky. So sick still that I called into work. MIND YOU TIHS IS ONLY THE SECOND TIME IN EIGHT YEARS THAT I HAVE EVER CALLED IN SICK. The first time was for mothers day one time. I felt so bad for calling in cuz i think today was prolly gonna be a bad day cuz it was our first day wihtout the trainers for the new system but seriuosly I have still been having lots of stomahc isuues and haven't really eaten since yesterday at 11. By tomrow hopeuflly I will be ok to go bakc to work> I feel so bad. I know I hsouldn't and I am sure veryone at work understands I am really sick or i wouldn't do it but I still feel bad. Ugh, I hate being sick.

The worst part is I missed all of mardi gras which I love though I did have a little mardi gras in dry heaving on the sie of the road on my walk home from work. That's how the night would have ended anyway right? Ugh!i hate being sick though it is a good diet, I havne't hardly eaten a thing in like 36 hours so that's pretyt awesome!
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02/04/08 08:06 - 38ºF - ID#43181

Big Day Tomorrow

So tomorrow is a huge day, the whole primary, face of our future thing...and FAT TUESDAY! Do you think that will lower voter turnout cuz everyone will be drunk and partying? I will vote in the morning. Not that i have plnas yet for tomorow night but it is mardi gras you gotta go out right? Its like super good times. Except last year my car got ticketed and I didn't know cuz one tings leads to another i was prolly a little drunk and threw the ticket under the seat where I found it like a month later after it was overdue. So hopefully none of that! Do you tyhink drinking will lead to more hilary votes or obama?
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02/01/08 03:21 - 32ºF - ID#43136

Rite Aid is Shit- Buffalo Style

Stupid Rite Aid in Buffalo, NY for like the third time since they took over have had our checks come late. We didn't get them today cuz of some problem. With eckerd they used to send them earlier in the week but we couldn't get them til friday so that made sure we always had them by Friday but RiteAid in Buffalo, NY doesn't do that and now for like the third time in 6 months I have no check today. This is despite working like 10 million hours to help out cuz of this whole stupid ridiculous transition to a shitty company with shitty computers and shitty everything. Let's see lets take away your sick days, lets take away overtime, lets take away vacation time, and lets not send your checks. Oh and lets take away any sense of like we trust you by hvaing to check everythign you do every second. And then lets not send you your check even on time. But you know what , we also want you to report if any unions come around cuz they are bad people and are gonna take away all that we already get (which is nothing!). Rite Aid in Buffalo New York hates unions. Rite Aid in Buffalo New York tries to convince everyone how bad they are and make us watch tihngs and read emails about how unions just take our money and get us nothing in return. Rite Aid in Buffalo New York is the biggest union buster since Sam Walton! I am prolly gonna be fired if they even saw I mentioned unions, they seriously have tons of emails all the time about watch out for unions, report eveyrthing you see to the hotline. It is like i working for freakin WalMart. Oh Eckerd why did you have to leave!

P.S. I know I could sign up for direct deposit but I refuse cuz they want us to and so I don't out of spite which I know just hurts me but still.
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