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03/31/04 07:16 - ID#28630

A Play Alone?

Do you guys think it would be fun to go to a play/musical alone? Has anyone done it? I know people do it. I could never go to a movie alone cuz you need to talk during a movie (yes I am probably that person behind you that you hate who is talking) but during a play you don't really talk so maybe I'll go it alone. I want to see Les Mis really bad because people say it is good. But noone wants to go/can afford it so I'm thinking of attending alone. We'll see....
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03/30/04 12:15 - ID#28629

Too much to do?

Too many things are this week. First, there is this play at the Kavinokky that my parents think I have to go to with JIll because the one actress is in essence is Jill. And now you must ask, what is this character that is Jill? The character is a dominatrix named Poopay. Yes my parents came home telling me OMG this dominatrix named Poopay in the play we saw was just like Jill. I believe there was a reference to a dog in their somewhere also but I can't remember. So that is only up til Sunday.

Les Mis is also here but I am not 100% sure I have anyone to go with because it is a little expense and everyoen has a lot of work and oter things this week and that is also only up til Sunday but i really really really want to go because I have never seen it and really want to!!!

Then on Wednesday there is the BOb Dylan impersonation contest at Nietsche's and MK's dad is a a judge so we have to go to that.

And then there is the possiblity of maybe I will go to the Bishop Allen concert on Thursday. And of course I have to fit in a few visits to coffee shops in between, so when am I supposed to do my work?
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03/29/04 10:48 - ID#28628

Thank God for Theresa and Ice Cream

Well today was so nice and me Jill decided we wanted some ice cream. We planned to go to Elmwood walk around and then go to Sweet Tooth for ice cream. Simple enough, right? But then we get to Sweet Tooth and it is closed...panic starts to set it...we calm down and realize Uncle Joe's Pizza has ice we hustle our bodies back down elmwood and arrive at Uncle Joe's to find out they only have ice cream in the summer. NOW WE FREAK OUT!!! ICE CREAM IS ALL WE WANT, AND WE ARE READY TO DO ANYTHING TO GET IT!!! NOONE KNOWS WHERE TO GET ICE CREAM THOUGH......AND THEN WE SEE OUR SAVIOR AKA TERESA(sp?). She thankfully knew that Fowler's sells ice cream and so we went there and the heavenlyness of eating ice cream outside was as great as I had imagined. All in all what could have been a disasterous sadness was a great day!~
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03/28/04 09:14 - ID#28627



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03/27/04 02:40 - ID#28626

Dawn of the Dead

Last night when I got home from work I swear I locked the door before I went upstairs to change. Then I heard what seemed like my parent's voices but they were gone for the night...when I came back downstairs the door was the sane calm person I am I screamed and assumed Murderes were somewhere in my house and proceded to do the pretend I'm closing the door and leaving thing so they will come out...but alas they were too smart for that. So I just left knowing the murderers were now locked in my house. Of course then me and Jill decide to.....

go see Dawn of the Dead last nignt. It was really good...except I like happy endings better....I guess maybe it was happy, I guess we don't really know. Plus I'm a big fat scaredy cat and was pretty convinced that when I left the movie theatre the whole world would be zombies. But alas it wasn't, and the killers I thought were hiding in my basement impersonating my parent's voices were gone by the time I got home. Phew...all in all a good night.

SOOO maybe I can't handle living on my own. Maybe I would spend the whole day hiding under my bed....but is that a bad thing?
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03/26/04 10:12 - ID#28625

Top 10 Lists and Dr. Fiasco

This new last ten people that updated thing is so great and so much pressure. I feel the need to make sure I check the site enough that noone ever gets off the list before I have seen that they updated and checked their journal. But alas, even with my many visits each day it is not enough and nothing is more dissapointing yet exciting then seeing 10 new names from the last time I checked. Then I have to eternally wonder whose new entries I missed....

I need a new doctor, any suggestions. I picked this doctor on recomendation but can't stand him and so I just put off seeing him when I am sick/need a physical. But I finally had to go in today and it reminded me why I hate him so much...

My Dr. is a looney tooney. I have this eye infection thing well more of a skin infection near my eye and I have had it once before and he just like gave me a prescription for some stuff that got rid of it. But today he's like oh that is near your eye (it is in the same spot as last time) you are going to have to see a skin speicalist. And i was like um last time you gave me a cream and it went away. And he was like oh I did, ok I'll do that but I want you to see a dermatologist anyway. He also wants me to have my acne checked again even though he said its actually not a problem anymore and it doesn't bother me as Proactiv is working good. He is a crazy test-crazy, specialist-crazy doctor. I have probably had more tests that he says are just "part of the routine" than most people that are in the hospital get. I've had EKG's and every blood test he could mark off on the sheet...twice...and that was just at my first physical.

He won't see me again for a physical until I see the skin doctor. What a crazy mofo! So any suggestions on a good doctor would be appreciated.
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03/24/04 05:26 - ID#28624

Conformity of Sesame Chicken

I wish all the Chinese restaurants could get together and have a meeting and decide on what each product was going to be like. I generally only eat Chinese food from Ling Ling or China Panda but today since I was over here on Elmwood I tried Great Wall. The Sesame Chicken is quite diffrenet from what I am used to. I mean it probably is tasty to many people and their fried rice was good but the chicken was huge fatty chunks or breaded. I actually am not sure if it was breading or fat but still it was not the crispy candy like sesame chicken I am used to.
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03/23/04 07:45 - ID#28623

Could I Actually Graduate?

I finally set up a meeting with Dr. Irwin so I can find out if I can be a commuincations/sociology dual major. Could this strange bout of action mean that I may actually find out about graduating on time? Could this mean I am on my way to actually have a major. I hope so......
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03/20/04 08:53 - ID#28622

That Blu My Mind

Last night we went to Blu for the first time. For some reason that place has always been some place we really wanted to go but never did. It seemed like anyone who we had ever met hung out there. So last night we decided to go . It was ok, there were some break dancers, but otherwise very few people were there which was sad. I guess it couldn't really have lived up to the expectations in my head. Next time I think I'll try Saki (sp?) although the bar tender made it seem not too pleasant or worth it but the bottles looked so fun!!!! Regretted going out a little this morning while at work where everything made me feel like throwing up. Thank god for old ladies that tell me I'm a nice boy and so helpful. They brighten my slightly hung over mornings. Sorry for the title stupidity but I couldn't think of anything else.
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03/19/04 11:40 - ID#28621

Mafia Mama

I was talking to my mom about the Sopranos the other day and she was telling me how she wouldn't want to watch it because it stereotypes Mafia people as violent and swearing. And I was like "you mean Italians, becuase I am pretty sure that the mafia is violent and probably they swear a lot" And she was like no I mean the mafia. She espoused how there are a lot of not so bad people in the mafia and they aren't all violent and mean. Hmmm... not many people would try to argue about the goodness of the mafia...not many....except those involved....i still think my parents are just waiting until my 21st birthday to tell me the truth about our "family" connections.

What else would explain the time my dad drove through a park just to hit a man with his car and then proceed to get out and beat the man up. At the time I just thought it was good clean fun, but now I'm not so sure.
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