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09/30/06 11:18 - 53ºF - ID#29045

You Can Dance If You Want To

So last night (e:twisted) came to the b-lo. It was super exciting to meet the mystique that is (e:twisted). Sorry if I was a little drunk. I also saw (e:holly) for the first time in a while and she was giving wonderful little rolling life lessons. And of course the immeasurably awesome (e:hodown) was also in town with promises of gifts for me today! Score! And I saw (e:lilho) for the first time in a long time and we ate off of garbage picked oversized forks!!! And (e:pmt) were cool as always. All in all a very good night...except for the wine on my shirt and jeans from too many fingers in the hole...but thats for another time and place......but now

Now I have to try and find a housewarming gift. They are my brother so I need something good. (e:hodown) poopood what I thought was a good idea so I may go with it anyway. But I am not sure. Off to the world of shopping.

OOoh speaking of shopping yesterday I went tot eh mall at like 10am and it was crazy and empty and I got such personalized service which usually hate cuz it makes me nervous and annoyed but yesterday it was so fun and I had tem serach for things for me and set up dressing rooms. It was really fun. AND I FOUND THE SHIRT OF MY DREAMS! Like it is exactly what I was looking for for fall. LIke a middleweight white pullover hooded thing. But not really white cuz it has like dark undertones kinda. I love it. It was from Express. It was on sale cuz the whole store was !!! Hip hip hooray for amazing shirts. I just might wear it tongiht to the housewarming but I might not cuz i don't want to ruin it and we all know what happens at parties sometimes. IO don't' want it to just be like left in a corner and trampled on.

So off to Tuesday Morning, Bed, Bath Beyond, Target, Lowes, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, TJ Maxx and many many more..,,.. see ya all later
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09/28/06 08:25 - 58ºF - ID#29044

Up Early

I am up and ready for work early which never happens (I am usually late) and thought I would stop by (e:strip) since it feels like I haven't been on here in days. Not much new in my life except I ate at Fuddruckers for the first time and it was really good!!! I really liked it!

I also went to Niagara Hobbies and Crafts for the first time because I needed a train conductor hat. That store is cool in a once every 5 years kinda way but the coolest thing was that THEY GIVE OUT FAYS BAGS!!! Yes they still have Fays bags even though they went out of business about 10 years ago. Why Fays had such an abundance of bags made a head of time beats me but the store still uses Fays bags. Those yellow bags are still seen everywhere and I love it. They are so sturdy and they are just the best bags ever!!! Needless to say now I have four new Fays bags to add to my collection and I am one happy camper.

Also, I am tinking of applying for a job at Roswell as a pharmacy tech. It would be like a 3 dollar an hour raise and better benefits (they couldn't get worse than what I have now) But I don't know> I don't know if i reallly want to work in a hospital pharmacy . It doesn't sound extremely fun and plus I always thought like if I got a new job it should be something more like what I want to do with my life instead of just another pharm tech job. But who knows, money is money and I need it! What do you think estrip?

Ok time for work

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09/23/06 12:08 - 61ºF - ID#29043

The Last Kiss

Me and (e:beast) went to see the Last Kiss tonight. It was ok but I don't really like Zach Braff that much. And the girl he has the affair with is just completely unlikable so that you never even think for a second they should be together.

But it was so gross that all of a sudden at one point the whole theater smelled like skunk. Like you can't duplicate skunk smell in anything else so like literally I feel like there much have been a skunk in the room. Like all of a sudden the whole theater smelled like nasty skunk! Eww! We hsould have asked for our money back!!!

P.S. I guess my birthday is really over now, my dad made me take the balloons and gifts out of the living room today!
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09/18/06 12:07 - 64ºF - ID#29042

My Nonna

So as you all probably know, mine and (e:paul)'s grandma died a little over a year ago and it was incredibly stressful/traumatic for me. Tonight my mom's cousins from Florida whom I had never met were in town and so my whole family minus (e:paul) was at my other cousins house. We were all sitting around talking when we got on the topic of do not resusitate orders. Anywho people started takling about my nonna and then like they started telling the whole story about what happened on my graduation. I started to tear up, it was embarassing and sad. My one cousin could tell and started talking to me about other tihngs which was good. Or at least I think he could tell maybe he just decided to talk about something else.

It was nice to hear everyone reminiscing about how amazing my grandmother was and how she was one of the strongest, best, most loving, caring woman anyone there had known. But it really was a lot to take and now it is all I can think about.

One thing everyone said was how my grandmother always made sure to tell everyone she loved them. She thought it was important to always make sure everyone knows you love them since you never know when it will be too late. My one cousin said everyday when she talked to her my grandma would say something like " i wont' be around forever so just always know I love you and make sure you always share that with everyone". That was my granmda. She always wanted everyone to know she loved them. What great advice. It makes the world such a better place.

I'm starting to cry was the note we found by my grandma on the day of my graduation, i've posted it before but want to post it again.


Always let pepole know when you love them, you never know what will happen.

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09/17/06 02:39 - 72ºF - ID#29041

Happy Birthday e:theecarey

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09/15/06 11:39 - 63ºF - ID#29040

Welcome to the Real World or NOT!

So my dream was always to be on the Real World. In the I want to but never actually will be or try to be kinda way. Just like a lofty goal of something I just assumed I would do one day, like other things like being a star on a teen drama and becoming royalty on my own island. LIke you know achievable but healthy goals. Anywho I was just on the MTV website and it says you have to be 24 or under to be on Real World that means this next one they are casting for is prolly my last chance ever to get on. Maybe I will do it. My life will be so empty once I realize I can never be on the Real World. Does that mean I won't be king of my own ilsand someday?

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09/13/06 11:20 - 64ºF - ID#29039


Ok, I just posted a minute ago so read that cuz it is interesting but then I heard the craziest news! FOR FASHION WEEK IN MILAN THEY ARE BANNING ANY REALLY SKINNY MODELS!!! They are doing it to prevent eating disorders or whatever! Ridiculous. There is a reason some people are models in Milan fashion shows and some are not! bothers me when people try to make it seem like fashion should be antyhing other than what it is...just purely enjoyable to watch fluffiness and i can watch real sized people wear clothes any day I want....
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09/13/06 11:15 - 65ºF - ID#29038

I'm Suri but that is ridiculous

So in the current issue of Vanity Fair (the one with the first pictures of the cruise/holmes baby, which by the way looks soo cute in some pictures and terrifying and glasslike/fake/dead in others and deformed in others, so the verdict is out on the cuteness factor of the baby I think and why is Katie so overly happy all the time , it is so fake or drug induced but we all know Tom doesn't belive in drugs)
Anywho that was a paragraph of a rant that is not the topic of this post. The topic is another article in that issue about A FOUR SEASONS HOTEL IN THE CANOPY OF THE RAINFOREST IN THAILAND. Yes, you heard that right. Thye have these crazy tent/hotel rooms hanging from the top of the trees in thailand that al lhave porches and internet access. It is in a totally remote area. It is like being rugged but luxorious. Frankly it is still too rugged for me but it still seems crazy> Who thinks about these things. I can hear the board meeting now....

Guy #1: Well the four seasons isn't waht is used to be, we need to spruce up our image
Guy #2: You know what I"ve been thinking about? There are not enough hotels in trees.
Guy #3: Yeah, I've always thought that. It's always bothered me.
Guy #1: What about not only in trees? But in a dangerous rainforest in the middle of territory controlled by warlords and no real access to the outside world.
Guy #2: But there will be WiFi internet, right?
Guy #1: Well of course, we do have standards

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09/12/06 10:14 - 58ºF - ID#29037

Betty person

No, no, don't get too excited, I didn't actually see Betty White of Golden Girls/Mary Tyler Moore/short lived Ellen (the second sitcom) fame in person. But I am reading her book by that title. AND IT IS A JEM!!! I love it. I got it from (e:libertad) for my bday and I read a little bit of it before I go to bed. It is just little anecdotes about a million different tings in her life. What she thinks about fan mail, comedy, theater, televison, pets and the such. It is soo Betty White (as if i Know her! which I ink I do)! I dn't love that she loves animals so much but still I love the book and recommend it!!!!

P.S. It is kinda funny though she wrote it like in season 2 of the Golden Girls and talks about how she couldn't stand working if she didn't get along with her costars and how perfect it was how well they all get along and she couldn't imagine it any other way....yet we all know the drama between her and Bea Arthur later on...there's a reason Golden Palace is lacking one oversized manly woman in a drape!
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09/11/06 09:30 - 61ºF - ID#29036

National Slowdown?

At work today we were dead. We only filled 230 prescriptions, where a normal monday sees like at least 400 and usually like around 450. Like noone came into the store. Did anyone else notice that? Was it because of 9/11? Did people not leave their houses today or were they all at Memorials? I don't know, I just thought it was interesting!
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