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08/30/10 02:34 - 84.ºF - ID#52611


If you are out and about tonight we will be at Cathode for big a** drink night tonihgt around 930 to celebrate my bday, stop by and have a mason jar full of liquor!
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08/08/10 12:21 - 79.ºF - ID#52396

Why should I care if it's googleable?

So my last journal entry included info about someone who I cannot stand and I used their first and last name. It turns out it became liek the fifth thing that pops up if you google him and so I decided to take it down cuz really I am not that big a jerk you don't want people to look u up and find out you dropped trou on stage for a tranny. But really why should I care? All i did was write what he did. I didn't make anything up. Anyone there could have seen it. I just hate that people like him who just think they can use anyone, let me tell you that while being completely innappropriate and doing something really aggravating , said something to the efffect of I can do whatever I want to whoever i want, and you can't stop me. I can buy people like you. Like he is so freakin arrogant. And now I am suppoesd to feel bad that is misdeeds are googleable? Well i did take it down cuz I obvioulsy do feel bad but why should people like him get to win? I can only compete on the internet so why shouldn't I use what I can. If he wants to be a jerk everytime purposely just to aggravate and show that he can get away with whatever he wants then why shouldn't I post about it. Well for now I took out his last name, but I don't know I feel that is the right decision. It really is my only defense. Like (e:libertad) wants to talk to him about it and tel lhim that he was innapropriate but really I think he will just be like "haha what a stupid idiot little boyfriend you have letting me bother him like that, he is so pathetic. I am so great and he is so insignificant". really the public trou dropping for trannies is all i got.
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08/07/10 05:27 - 73.ºF - ID#52390

My Car Got Keyed

Holy heck! so it has been a while since i have written. BUt last night I went out with (e:libertad), (e:paul) and (e:terry) and we went to Illusions. A newer dance club here in Buffalo NY. I think that place is fun, probably my favorite dancy place in Buffalo and nice but there was one particular Aubrey there that I cannot stand. HE is so full of himself and such a prick but at least it was kinda hilarious when he got on stage dropped trou and bent over for a tranny who seemed not interested in the least. Aubrey begging for some tranny loving really made him a little less hateable. Anywho that is not really the point of the story but it sorta plays into it. So I realized this morning that my car got keyed on the driver side door kinda badly and someone put gum in my locks. Luckily I can use the power locks. but the keying is pretty bad. It is really bothering me a lot.

First it is like was this someone doing it to me in particular and then who was it? Like I don't really have any enemies or people that hate me, especially ones that would know where I was last night. I am not 100% sure if it happened at Illussions or on west ferry but i'm pretty sure it was in the parking lot at Illusions cuz it also looked like a drink was spilled on my car!

It is super bothering me trying to figure out who would have done it. I guess it could be totally random and prolly is but it seems so vicious like to also put gum in the locks. It seemed personal. Maybe someone thought it was someone elses car? I cannot unrelate it in my mind from the pretentious prick Aubrey who was there who I cannot stand, who thinks he can do whatever he wants. It def was not him cuz he really could care less and wouldn't know my car anyway but in my head I cannot separate the two events and it is just making me angrier!

BUt really who would key a car just randomly? That is so mean and rude. Like it is gonna be expensive to fix prolly and that just sucks. Just randomly for no reason people go around keying cars? that seems so wrong but I think I prefer that to the idea that it is someone out to get me! whO COULD it be? I'm not saying everyone loves me but I think there are very few people out there who would want to harm my car. This is really driving me insane and ruining my whole weekend!

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