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09/29/08 11:16 - 55ºF - ID#45853

Get SO Nervous

I don't know what is wrong with me. I am always someone who gets pretty nervous about things , like as a kida I used to always throw up the day before and mornign of any big thing cuz i was so nervous it would go so bad or I would do so terrible. But lately i get so nervous over stupid tihngs which is not my style. I get so worked up sure that things are terribly wrong but really they prolly aren't but i juts can't help it. I alwasy seem on edge like i just get really upset and just feel so nervous about tings that prolly i have no reason to feel i don' tknow. It just is driving me crazy that i feel this way cuz it is not my style to be like this. Like i'll just be like that's it the worst tihng every has happened ok not worst tihng every like deaths and destruction just like I don' tknow and I don't have a really good reason to tink that but i just get so sure of it. Grr. And then sometimes i think i want to be right so that i don't seem so crazy for being so nervous but then really i don't want to be right cuz then that means something is bad.
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09/28/08 11:28 - 58ºF - ID#45832

Griffis Sculpture Park

Today me and (e:libertad) went to Griffis Sculpture Park which is near Eliictoville. It is just this massive park with trails and all along the trails there are these awesome sculptures, and then there are open areas that have like bigger huge ones. It is really hard to follow around kinda cuz seriuslyu there are at least 15 spots where the path splits into three differnt paths and it is hard to try and keep track of all the ones you went down already and which ones you didn't. I am sure we didn't see it all. Towards the end we got all the way back down thi sone hill and then saw a sign for a maze sculpture which i really wanted to see so we had to trek all the way back but it was relaly fun. It was kinda rainy like in a misty way so we were pretty wet and muddy when we were done but it was nice cuz it was still warm and also so there were really almost like noone else there. It was kinda crazy to be in this huge like park sanctuary and be alone. There is a five dollar entrance fee per person which is soooo worth it. I think a lot of the time it is an honor system though cuz when we were leaving there was noone ther eto take money just like a mahcine thing. It has sooo many scultpures, over 200 i guess.

My favorites were this one with all these huge people sclutputes around a lake and one was one the ground with like bushes growing over it and ic oudln't deicde if that was part of the look or it fell down. I also like tihs like castle one you could climb up that was like an optical illusion like you couldn't figure out how to get up even though it was just ladders and steps but it seeme dliek you were goidng down instead of up. It was really cool.

ALl in all i really recommend everyone go there, it was super dupa cool. Afterwards we went to the Elciotville brew pub for dinner whihc was not so good. I had a double peppercorn crusted hamburger with mushrooms, roasted red pepper, and blue cheese. It was HUGE, like insane huge bigger than my head. But itwasn't amazing and the homemade chiops thta came with it were not all that. I was not super impressed with th eplace. AND I WAS SO FREAKIN THIRSTY BUT THER WAS NO WAITNRESS TO BE FOUND> i had finished my first iced tea in like two seconds and she seriuosly never came back after our food was there and the stuff i got was kinda salty so i couldn't not enjoy it without a dirnk. I was tyring to slurp my empty glass as loud as possibel to draw ateentino but noone came until we were done and she brought the check. it really ruined it for me. I was dying of tihrst. I don't tihnk i would go back> Eliictoville though is really cute and I guess they are an awesome palce to be for oktoberfest.

and the bills became 4 and 0. All in all a great day!
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09/26/08 01:56 - 68ºF - ID#45799

gotta get away

Feeling bleh today. just kinda about everything. I can't wait to go to Florida in a few weeks with (e:libertad). I just want to get away for a nice vacation for a while. Hopefully there are no hurricanes.
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09/22/08 12:10 - 51ºF - ID#45754

I lOve TV

I love Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Heidi Klum, Tom Bergeron, Red Carpets, Holly Hunter ( you all know i love her!) , Glenn Close, montages about dead actors, stupid celebrity banter, designer duds, all in all i love the EMMYS!!!! I seriulsy love award shows which iwrite about eveyrtime there is one on and once again i loved this one though i did not watch as much pre show as usual i still saw a good few hours of it!!!
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09/17/08 11:40 - 65ºF - ID#45714

Yummy Yummy Fondue Tummy

So I went out with (e:amanda) who I had not seen in way too long! We went to buttwerwood on main st in williamsivlle and had the chocolate fondue for 2! IT WAS SO FREAKIN BIG AND YUMMY!!! It had banana, carmalized banas, marshmallows, pretzels, strawberrys, pineapples, blueberries, three kinds of cookies hmm maybe something else too. It was soooo tasty and it was sooo good to see (e:amanda) again l. All in all a great night!

Funny story, she was telling me that she put an estrip bumper sticker on her fridge and her mom took it down cuz she thought it was like a stirp club. Funny that her mom thought she would put a strip club bumper sticker on her fridge and funny that estrip does sound liek strip club.

Ok that's all for now chadi
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09/05/08 10:27 - 80ºF - ID#45586

Regis Philbin

Don't know why I haven't really felt like writing lately though I feel like I have so much to write about but this needed to be written about. Watching Regis and Kelly this morning they had Shannon Daugherty from 90210 and the new 90210 on and like it was hilar watching reeg try to be so exicted, like this is an icon coming on our show, and pretending he was so into 90210. Kelly i could believe loved it in her day but def not reeg. he is such a good faker!
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