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03/14/13 09:19 - ID#57377

Paul's Tail Twin

Looks like you aren't the only one into tails now...


or is that you?
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03/10/13 10:32 - ID#57366


As I've probably written about before I love taking walks from my apartment to around downtown and back. I have no done any over the winter and so the last two days which were so nice I took like a 10 mile walk or soeach day. It felt so good to be outside and be walking but now my legs are so tired. I am definitely out of shape. Anywho that is not event he main part of the story.

There is a plaque downtown about a greek settlers candy store, its by the Bison's stadium. Anywho it got me thinking. You never hear about Greek immigrants in the story of Buffalo's histroy. Like I know there are greek people here, and greek restaurants and greek churches but you never hear about the Greek settlers. Was there a Greek part of town like the west side was italian and kaisertown was Gernman and what not. Anybody know?
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03/07/13 09:42 - ID#57343

Pounding My Meat

I really love pounding meat. Tonight I made lemon pepper chicken but first I pound the chicken breasts thin and then season them and cook them. I guess its mostly just chicken that I pound. But seriously pounded chicken is just so much better. I feel like it tastes better, it cooks faster and is juts much mor delicious. Plus pounding that meat really gets the stress from a long day of work out. I just have to make sure it's not too late so I don't wake up the baby downstairs.
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