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01/20/10 06:33 - 23ºF - ID#50866

What Earthquake?

At work customers can donate money to the haiti earthquake relief and when one girl , about my age was asked, she replied "what earthquake?" SHE HAD NOT HEARD ANYTHINGA BOUT IT! THIS WAS YESTERDAY! seriously even if you don't watch the news or read a newspaper it is everywhere! What rock could she be living under?
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01/17/10 12:21 - 36ºF - ID#50837

A Coupla Things

I don't write as often anymore, here are some thing I have been thinking of...

1.For Chirsmtas I got my mom of a gift of I am gonna take her to see movies each month for the year. Well our first one was Avatar in 3d at the IMAX. We bought the tickets ahead of time cuz I heard it had been selling out ((e:libertad) went with us to). Then we got to the theater like a half hour early but still it was already filled and we had to sit like only 3 rows back which was too close. That wasn't horrible though. poor mom got motion sickness and threw up in her popcorn. I felt so bad, I looked over and could tell she was feeling sick and asked if she wanted to leave but she didn't cuz she didn't want to miss it but her eyes were closed for most of the show. I felt so bad... but other than that the movie was really cool. I am not a fan of IMAX really though, it makes me feel a little queasy too!

2. I really hate the cartoon Marmaduke. Like makes me sick to my stomach reading it, it just bores me to death and I hate it. It really like makes me angry that I have to look at it and i have no idea why. It just really bothers me. Nothing in particular about but everytime after I read it, I would feel, why did I just waste my life. You are prolly saying then well just don't read it. But i have like this obsessivecompulsion to read every part of a paper even if i am not interested in it, like every article and comic. But over the last few months I have been able to stop reading Marmaduke. It is really hard to like not read it but I feel so much if i better if i don't. I know tihs osunds crazy but it really is a battle every sunday.

3. Pulled my super nintendo out of the attic and played it at (e:libertads) last night and it was super fun. I forgot how fun it is! I beat super mario 2 in like a few hours where i remember it taking like 10 years the first time. I am definitley more of a just try to get through it kinda guy though that spend time finding all the secret tings.

4. GOLDEN GLOBES TONIGHT! Can't wait! Love life, love globes, love gold, love celebrites, love blt dip, love jill's house to watch award ceremonies, love it all! can't wait!

5. I really really believe i am gonna move out in may or june. But i say that all the time but i really believe it this time.

6. (e:mk) got me this awesome thing for christmas , we exchange our gifts in late january to extend the season, it is a game of twister but instead of the oclors it has the Little Miss and Mr characters that I love! Can't wait to play it!

7. I am sick of places forgetting my bacon. Jims' steakout often forgets to put the bacon on my chicken finger club subs. And at Missisisipi Mudds at the eastern hills yesterday they forgot to but bacon on my bacon cheesebuger but I had already eaten half before I relaized so i coudn't really do anyting about it. Maybe it is the world telling me not to eat so much bacon.

8. I don't know what I would do if Rachelle didn't work with me. She is the only thing that keeps me sane in the chaos that is Rite Aid Pharmacy.

9. Relatedly, I am addited to the Rite Aid game of life where you get stickers and collect on the board to win prizes. I have def changed my buying habits to fit with the products that give you extra pieces such as switching from dr. pepper to coke so i can get an extra piece.

10. I'm very happy lately . all around happy and it feels good!

oh i was only gonna do 10 but i thought of another exciting thing

11. I found the wicker park soundtrack at the FYE that is goi gout of business on Transit. I have bene looking for it for so long and could never find it. (i know i oculd buy it online but I like the thrill of the chase). I had it and it was my favorite cd but I lost it like a year or 2 ago i believe it may have been in my car that got ttotalled by the drunk driver. I have not been able to find it since and was so excited to find it! It is very good though it wasn't as amazing as I thought I rememberd it to be.

ok that's all for now folks

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01/05/10 10:52 - 21ºF - ID#50746

Guarda La Luna

me and (e:libertad) saw Nine the other day and it wasn't the best thing ever but it was entertaining. The beginning was a little slow but then it got good. ANywho, as anyone who knows me knows I buy soundtracks like whoa. So of course I went last wekeend and bought it and now I can't stop listening to it. I think I actually like listening to the soundtrack more than the movie which is not usually the case, except cuz I can sing along and that is fun> wicker park is an example of a horrible movie with an awesome possibly top 5 favorite of my soundtracks (and ps i currently can't find my copy so if you stole it give it back). Anywho , 1 song i didn't love in the movie but love love love on the osundtrack is guarda la luna sung by the one and only Sophia Loren. She looked a little hot mess scary old withc in the final scene but otherwise looked ok considering. Anywho I love this song and her voice in it for some reason.

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01/03/10 12:51 - 14ºF - ID#50732

Maybe I Like Shoveling?

I shoveled today because my dad doesn't let me use the snowblower basically and I watned to have it done for when my parents got back from church. It was actually kinda therapeutic and nice and relaxing. Maybe i actulaly enjoy it? ok prolly not and i will still avoid it at all costs prolly but maybe it is not sooo bad as i always think it will be. It seems i never hate it as much as i tihnk i will and this time it was really quite nice! I felt better and relaxed after, maybe time to go back out for another pick me up booster in this winter weather!

P.S. I should prolly clairfy that I almost never have to do itand that is prolly the only reason I can enjoy iteven a little bit.
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01/01/10 12:29 - 27ºF - ID#50710

My Hero

I hope I am like her in my future she is my hero!i particularly like the jerry lewis like lap dance

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