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12/24/09 01:47 - 27ºF - ID#50649

Days of our LIves

I love the annual Days of Our Lives where the Hortons all get together and hang the christmas ornaments with their names on thme on the tree. It doesn't matter whose baby is stolen, who is possessed by the devil, who is sleeping with the priest, on christmas they get together and hang ornaments and i love it!

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12/20/09 06:07 - 30ºF - ID#50614

Saved by the Bell and Crank Dat

WOw! Some people have way too much time on their hands but I freakin love this!!!! It is really quite well edited! I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I"m sooooo scared.....

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12/15/09 05:58 - 32ºF - ID#50568

I will always clap for fairies!

I was reading this article in a magazine and the last paragraph I just really like and really is how I feel so I thought I would write it here. It was an article about Santa Claus by Alexander McCall Smith:

There is a moment in J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan when the audience is invited to revive the dying fairy Tinkerbell and told, "if you believe in fairies, clap your hands." And every time, the theater breaks into sustained applause. That is not to suggest there are theaters full of seriously deluded people. What it does tell us is that there are times when we need to pretend to believe in things we know not to be true. WE know that the world is a place of suffering and hardship, and we know, too, that justice and kindness and love and such things will not always prevail against these hard realities. Myths help us to get by. The day they all die and we tell our children exactly how things are, the world will be a poorer, less enchanted place. So don't be ashamed to clap your hands at Peter Pan or act as if Santa exists. He stands for kindness and generosity, and those things are alive and will continue to be alive- as long as we believe in them.

As a side note, as I'm sure most of you can imagine, I believed in Santa for so long and long after I was pretty sure it wasn't the real deal and everyone tried to convince me he was fake, I still wanted to believe so bad. I refused to give up. When it comes down to it, I still do believe, even if I put out cookies and noone eats them, I'll just assume Santa was full, not that he doesn't exist! It's just too sad to imagine!
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12/09/09 05:07 - 42ºF - ID#50515

Random Rascists

SO who does these things? These things are case number 1:

1. A customer came in and wanted us to transfer an RX from a different location that he goes to. Becasue he has medicaid his insurance doesn't allow us to transfer between locations so he screams out "DON"T MAKE ME GO BACK TO N***** TOWN". Like at the top of his lungs in a store. What a jerk!

then case number 2, prolly worse

2. I am cashing out a customer and his copays are high and he says to me something along the lines of "these copays are ridiculous we need another HItler to kill the jews and the rich people!" OMG!!! How do you freakin respond to that? I just didn't say anything! I am like wow I should rlaly say something cuz tough the customer is always right, that time I think I would be justified in saying they were not! Can you even believe that? Do you people still really think like that? IT was insanity! I just was like um your toatl is whatever and ignored it completely. BUT WTF WHO DOES THAT?

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12/03/09 07:36 - 42ºF - ID#50453

Stalking in Italy

So according to (e:maureen) stalking has only been against the law since February in Italy. That explains a lot about me, its juts my heritage!
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11/29/09 11:05 - 43ºF - ID#50401

Glitter Glue

Glitter glue is never on sale anywhere! as a heavy glitter user the cost really starts to add up for the good glitter glue. Each bottle does not really hold that much when you really like to make something shimmer!!! i watch all year but never not once is it ever on would think maybe around christmas time with people making cards and stuff it would be cuz everythign else is on sale! I want my glitter glue and i want it cheap!
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11/27/09 04:01 - 39ºF - ID#50390

Call Me Sir?

So me and (e:mk) went to the Eastern Hills mall for some post thanksgiving shopping and while it was busier than normal it wasn't too crazy cuz that mall is never too crazy, except the bonton that was relaly crazy. There was one thing I wanted that was on super sale but i did not wait cuz the lines were redic!!!! That was the only place that was like that, i don't think they had better stuff it just was that thye had far fewer cashiers!

Anywho that is not the point of this story. I went to American Eagle where I am probably becoming a little too old to shop and I haven't bought anything in a while and the like 16 year old guy worker hands me the like coupon thing they were givin gout and says "here you go sir" and when I was leaving he said "have a nice day sir". Now i prolly have been called sir before but something about tihs time seemed so harsh , it definitely felt like he was saying it in a "Have a nice day old man, be careful not to trip on your wlaker on the way out" or "Here you go old geezer maybe you can find a nice gift here for your grand kids" it made me feel really old, like reals old!!! bleh, all in all though i got some good shopping done today. I even went to target at like 930 and they still had the doorbuster sale iten I wanted and there was like noone in line! SCORE!
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11/24/09 12:04 - 47ºF - ID#50371

Adam Lambert..

annoys me..he think she is so cool and controversial and I find him rather annoying. LIke I think if you have a like pop song written for you after winning American Idol about not being an angel and good but being bad then really you are not bad. If you're bad and so dangerous you don't need a pop song to tell the world about it. It is so contrived in my opinion. I know his performance on the AMA's last night was so controversial because of the sexiness of it but really I just watched it and it was like so like not really that bad at all. Oh the whole thing just annoys me. It was so I'm doing this to do this and be controverisal cuz this is actually waht i want to do or am about. bleh. bleh. bleh.
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11/21/09 01:00 - 46ºF - ID#50357

Sitcoms..I love em

So on Wednesday night I decided to stay home and watch the sitcoms on ABC. They were The Middle, Modern Family and COugar Town. Well I actually only saw part of Cougar town and they had two episodes of Modern Famliy. MOdern Family and The Middle were hilarious! I really thought they were funny and entertaining and I really enjoyed watching a sitcom which I feel like I don't end up watching that much. I feel like I see lots of murder, crime , police shows and it was a really nice change of pace to see happy funny times on sitcoms. I think I am gonna watch more sitcoms and less makes me happier. THe little kid on the Middle is sooo hilarious! You should def check it out!
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11/15/09 11:21 - 55ºF - ID#50305

Golden Girls Rediculousity Redux Insanit

This article is hysterically ridiculous...mind you a link on the side was to an article about Steven Baldwin:Christian American Hero

The Golden Girls: How One TV Show Turned A Generation Of American Boys Into Homosexuals

The Golden Girls television program was never much to look at. A foursome of Florida geriatrics getting agitated about pharmacy bills and shoulder pads- who could ever find such a thing interesting? But somehow these perky and absurd women wormed their ways into America's homes for an 8-year run in the 1980s. Maybe it was our desire to see our grandmothers having fun that encouraged us to watch. Maybe we wanted to believe old age wasn't dominated by infections and hip problems, loneliness and crushing depression before death finally stomps us out like the acrid end of a damp cigarette.

The most unexpected segment of this show's fanbase was America's young men. In the 80s, these were boys too delicate for sports, too awkward for girls, too "artistic" for labor-intensive work and too flamboyant for peer acceptance in high school. With no real adults in sight, these poor children became obsessed with the poorly conceived characters on this show. Desperate for a firm hand in their lives, they gravitated to the subversive undercurrent of masculinity in these aged matrons.

Many studies have been done on why the gays love The Golden Girls, but science can't fathom the moral challenges and social upheaval of those historic times. The 1980s was an epoch of President Reagan's manly wisdom and the terrifying threat of Cold War annihilation. America had sobered up from the flashy lights of 1970s disco. We were skipping all night cocaine and sex parties to focus on our careers. Spiritual leaders like Jerry Falwell were telling us that Christianity was in the majority again. On the other side, there was a subculture of homosexuality creeping up on our youths. It gave them an excuse to wear tight jeans and to sneak off to public parks for quick releases with hairy men of different ethnicities.

golden showers of peril


It was only to be expected that our lonely boys exposed to these conflicted times would succumb to the nagging Golden Girls agenda. These were slender, unathletic children who were left out of the fun militarism of the Reagan years. Skyrocketing divorce rates ruined their faith in traditional relationships. Rock groups like Duran Duran and Styx encouraged big hair and overactive libidos. The show lit a match which enflamed their intense physical urges. With the utmost cruelty and immorality, The Golden Girls seized upon this opportunity to cross the hormonal wires of America's lost generation.

The results were disastrous. Our horny, lonely boys sought out intimate comforts with likeminded Golden Girls addicts who didn't mind each other's theatrical voices and touch-feely hand gestures. Together, these clusters of awkward teens and twentysomethings bonded over their favorite episodes and characters, mimicking the voices and gowns of their tv friends. When the rush of cheesecake and gabfests wore thin, these hairless boys needed a harder thrill. They were so desperate for the next big trend they turned to same-sex sexual experimentation. What woman would have them now, anyway? This led to the worse excesses of early homosexual visibility- the most enormous of drag queens, the dirtiest of leather daddies, the most enticing of twinkie boys, androgyny, overeating, public sex and the birth of "camp."

golden showers of peril


If you walk down the street today and bump into a middle-aged homosexual, chances are that the nasty comeback he will shout at you is something he picked up from Dorothy Zbornak of the Golden Girls. Played by noted liberal activist and Archie Bunker-foe Bea Arthur, Dorothy had a hard, masculine voice. She was cold and quick-tempered. She taught our modern butt rompers to disparage everyone in their orbit. She schooled them on insulting people's clothing choices, body odors, organ sizes and educations. Dorothy taught the gays to speak very fast and have the most superior attitude possible. This formula has worked for many of your urban leather daddies and flaming queens, who attack with the swiftness of a ninja. It often happens that by the time I figure out what the insulting gay man has said to me, he is long gone (probably off groping someone's son in a Sears lavatory). For others, and here I'm talking about your waiters and retail salesmen, Dorothy has given them permission to be two-faced. They smile at you through gritted teeth when you tell them to keep their nail polished fingers off the edge of your pasta dish or when you make them promise that they won't peek while you're trying on a swimsuit in the dressing room. Beneath that smile is a sneer. These gays really hate you for your Christianity and your gold card, your mature good looks or the fact you lead a handsome camping group into the hushed mountains of Tennessee. In whatever afterlife world she inhabits, Bea Arthur is surely pleased by your outrageous outrages, you homosexual anarchists of America.

Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan on the show, is one of the sluttiest sluts around. She will do anything to get anyone into her bedroom for hours of offensive copulation irregardless of her aging orifices. Like many contemporary gays, she also demands expensive dinners and presents from her "dates" and takes special pride in catching the rich ones. Blanche's promiscuity is a common model for the personal lives of today's homosexuals. Most gay relationships last a week. It is no coincidence that this is the amount of time between Golden Girl episodes when they first aired on primetime. Blanche's appearances on the show taught today's 30-something homosexuals that you need a new strange man on your arm every seven days or else your viewers/friends will lose interest in your life's plot. Sadly, with the Golden Girls in weeknight syndication, the youngest gays have confused this timetable to mean they need five new boyfriends a week. Their sexual adventures have become both shockingly fast and befuddling to their next-door neighbors and Twitter followers alike.

Rose Nylund, played by x-rated comedienne Betty White, was added to the show as a sort of comic relief to the other more serious characters. She is thoroughly dimwitted. Her clueless acting style makes me cringe at her obvious senility. Senility is not at all funny, but the careless creators of this awfulness used her stupidity for a relentless barrage of immature jokes. Once again, Rose's most salient trait was picked up and celebrated by the gay community. Every buff beefcake I've ever met has been tremendously brainless. They can bump out the beats to any Madonna song on a club railing, but are incapable of telling you the difference between Acapulco and an avocado. They lack the concentration to finish reading your text message, let alone a fantastic website article you may have forwarded to them. Most homosexuals love to gallop around a conversation, yammering out a bunch of big phrases to show you how smart they are. The truth is that if they slowed down for a minute you would see that the Lady Gaga references, truckstop handjob stories and Kevin Jennings defenses don't add up to an intellectual argument. They're just random phrases strung together by psychotropically-medicated, carnally-motivated ridiculous libertines glazed with moisturizer.

For Florida, The Golden Girls completely ruined the reality of Miami's masculine reputation. It was no longer a city of Scarface and Miami Vice. The Cuban machismo and gorgeous Ferraris melted in the face of lengthy canasta games and comfortable paisley chairs. And then the gays came marching in to South Beach. Not even CSI Miami can win the city back for the straights.

golden showers of peril


Today, as this crowd ages we have to wonder what comes next for the Golden Girl generation of American homosexuals. They're turning 40 and 50 now. Their hair is thinning, their waistlines expanding, their cachet in the cultural scene is long past. Most have settled into heavily mortgaged condos or bungalows in gentrified neighborhoods, bitter at their mid-level jobs with zero hope of becoming a CEO to make their fathers proud. Many are too old at this point to be pursuing anonymous street pickups and have settled into caustic relationships that are only monogamous out of mutual laziness. Maybe they find weekend solace in amateur photography or an overly primped shit-zu.

In a dozen years, the next logical step for these people is Florida. Will we see whole sections of this state devoted to horny gay retirees sporting the worst 1980s fashions? High pants and feathered hair and modern architecture? Will they follow in the lusty steps of their forebears, the Golden Girls? When all these gays are in such close proximity to each other, will we see a huge upsurge in illicit homosexual elderly trysts? Will they vote out Florida's married Christian Republican leaders, like Governor Charlie Crist? Will they embrace any and every cutting edge social issue that will be hip in 2020? Personally, I do not look forward to the day when we're having moral debates about robot sex, gay jetpacks or houseplant marriage. And worst of all, will the next generation of television executives see the need for a new Golden Girls show featuring silver daddies, poppa bears, wankers on walkers and 50-year old twinks who sit on your lap and suck Metamucil lollipops? America, I will be turning off my tv for good in 2019 just in case.
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