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11/18/12 11:39 - ID#56908

Things I want to write about

There are so many things I want to write about and I don't want to forget what they are: the constitution, going to church, Japanese tourists on my walks, and night before Thanksgiving
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11/02/12 04:51 - ID#56868

My Costume almost totally morphed sorta from what I first thought...from my original idea to drag queen to slut in feathers and back to a modified version of my original idea sorta. I definitely should hit up the gym before next Halloween since I always decide less is more for Halloween haha. Well actually this is pretty covered up costume as compared to usual. Dave said I couldn't juts wear underwear for the bottom...Can't wait to see you all there!
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11/01/12 11:12 - ID#56867

Halloween Time

The Jello jiggler shots are in the fridge, my costume is a pile of glittery fabric on the floor still waiting to be put together...that's right it's almost halloween Party Time! I think it is one of my favorite parties of the year! Always lots of people and lots of costumes and lots of fun! Hopefully my costume comes out better thant he troll last year,even I can admit that was a low point in my homemade costume repertoire...haha. Hope to see you all and see some new faces there tomorrow

um yeah...definitely a low point...I must redeem myself!
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