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10/30/10 08:11 - 55.ºF - ID#53038


So i finally put together a costume and it is very sparkly if not exactly clear what it is . It may not stay on together too well since it is another costume mainly held together with duct tape!!! Hope everyone is at the party tonight cuz this is halloween....

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10/29/10 06:15 - 45.ºF - ID#53031

Halloween Costume

The party is tomorrow and I still have no idea what to be, i was going through a box of old costumes and these things i feel could all be useful but not sure how yet....

1. chicken head (like i put it on my had and look like a chicken)
2. a cymbal playing monkeys hat
3. a cape
4. a brown robe
5. cheerleading arm band
6. sparkly red material
7. a stuffed parrot
8. a unicorn's tail and hooves
9. a red vest
10. rabbit ears
11. peter pans hat
12. a strand of sequins
and 13. rabbit ears

i may use all or none of the above , we'll all se tomorow night
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10/23/10 09:02 - 53.ºF - ID#53007

Youtube thought I would like this...

And they were right on... i love it...

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10/12/10 11:50 - 41.ºF - ID#52941

Pictures of Me? Pictures of You? Pictures of Who?

So as many of you know I have a like memory keeping problem. LIke not that I forget thing but that I cannot get rid of anything because it all has memories to me. In particular pictures. I have always had a hard time throwing out pictures, even like before digital when there were bad ones that didn't come out and were basiclaly all just black, I still kept them.

ANywho , the problem really comes to a head when it comes to other people's pictures. I don't think pictures should be thrown out and so I have collected other people's (ok my friends, not just complete strangers mostly) photos over the years that they no longer wanted. Also senior year of highschool I made a video slideshow for my friends and so at the time got many copies of all their photos. This leads to me having a massive amount of photos. I am currently in the process of trying to organize them into albums and what not and then I want to print out photos that i have on the computer from the last few years and make albums for those.

I still havne't even really gotten to the problem but here is part of it. Collecting all these photos over the years and now have literally prolly hudnreds of photos of events I wasn't at or people I don't know. I have like 200 pictures of (e:beast) and her date Mike Maloney from junior and senior prom cuz like i took some and then i have all of teres's and other peoples. Then i also have a buttload of pictures from (e:mk)'s college years and like her ex boyfriends formal dances. I also have Diana's scrapbook that she made about the football player she was stalking/in love with and possibly 1,000 pics of Cara O'COnnor who was somoene MK was friends with in elementary school> I started this addiction/collection long ago when I got an album of photos from my friend Andrea from like her softball team and sleepovers where I knew some of the people bu tthey weren't mostly things I was at but I just couldn't handle her throwing it out.

So in trying to organize it, I am finally really starting to part with some of it. It really got oeverwhelming. Family dinners with families I don't know...gone. Vacations I didn't go on...mostly gone. Ex Boyfriends of my friends...mostly gone. Ok not mostly I still kept a lot of crap, but for instance if I had 25 pictures of Teres and some guy she went on one date with, i narrowed it down to 2 or 3. THough I did keep the whole scrapbook diana cuz really that is something that needs to be taken as a whole. I tried to organize all the photos in time order in an album but highschool was ten years ago and not even knowing what some of the events were made it extra hard so I just threw them all in a book, with the exception of a separate book for senior year that is super organzied and decorated and proly up there with one of the gayest things i've ever done..and that is quite a list!

Anywho, the point is, if you are getting rid of photos , just give them to me instead....WAIT NO THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT I MEANT THROW THEM OUT I DON"T NEED MORE RANDOM PHOTOS (but p.s secretly i want more rnadom photos! NO I DON"T) but i suppose if you just like dropped them off at my door I would have to take them right?
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