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12/28/03 02:57 - ID#28566

Jack Sierk

Jack Sierk was the dad of AJ, my first friend and my best friend when I was little. He lived down the street and we were always together when we were young. His dad died this past week from a brain tumor and it really is bothering me. It seems like I don't want to say wrong, but strange that it is bothering me so much considering I hadn't seen him in at least 5 years if not more and may have went the rest of my life without seeing him much ever again. But it really had been bothering me and I wasn't able to acknowledge that I think and so it made me think I was just mad at other things. I think it is so sad because he was quite young and was always so nice and helpful and good to everyone. It was weird seeing AJ at the memorial service becuase he was like a stranger and yet so famililar. I really feel bad for him and his brother and his mom, it must be really tough for them, but from seeing all the people at the memorial serice, I"m glad that they seem to a good base and group to support them and love them. The writing on the back of the memory cards was particularly good I thought and appropriate for him and I just wanted to write it here:

Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow. Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles. I"ve only gone to rest a little while. Although my leaving causes pain and grief, my going has eased my hurt and given me relief. So dry your eyes and remember me, not as I am now, but as I used to be. Because I will remember you all and look on with a smile. Understand, in your hearts, I've only gone to rest a little while. As long as I have the love of each of you, I can live my life inthe hearts of all of you.

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12/28/03 02:49 - ID#28565


I recommend that when you are in a bad mood, let it cool before you go telling people what you think. I usually follow this advice especially since I usually do not actually feel how I thought I did at the moment and by the next day am not mad at all. But lately I seem to be not waiting it out and that is bad because I say things I don't mean. That's all for now.
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12/27/03 03:20 - ID#28564

Aparment Chatter

So in about one year I will be out on my own. Well in an apartment with MaryKate. I hope it all really happens, as we are quite the planner but not generally so good at the execution of our plans. But we did go looking at home supplies and stuff when we went shopping today and found stuff we need. For instance, the thing we realize we need most of all is an ice cream maker that makes both SOFT AND HARD ICECREAM!!! How amazing is that? Oh and we need a spice rack. Then it got even better. At my godparent's tonight, my cousin Jenny said that we can have stuff like a microwave and blender from her because she jsut got married and sot heyh have two of everything now from their separate apartments. That will be an awesome saver of money for us!
So lately, I've had this tendency to tell people that are almost complete strangers all my problems and life story, like not people on the street but people I barely know. Its strange and I used to think Teres was so starnge cuz of that and I think I have taken it to a new level of weirdness. I don't know why, it just seems appropriate someitmes when you want to vent to someone that is complmetely not invovled in anything like only a basically starnger can be. So if anyone thinks why is this kid telling me stuff and I don't really know him just tell me to shut up. Chadi!
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12/27/03 03:14 - ID#28563

Christmas Tidings

Saved By the Bell DVD, what more can a kid ask for? Well this was a good Christmas, 2 days of fun with the family, well 3 actaully because we went to my other cousin's tonight. I got a cd burner so now I can make fun soundtracks to my movies and make copies for everyone. And I got a light up Eckerd like for those Christmas villages. ALl in all a good year. Not too much snow though, Chrismtas Eve had like no snow so it was not very christmassy looking but it was ok, it made easier travel. Christmas Day had some snow which was nice but this like nice weather is making me think Global Warming is more than just a future possibility. Tomorrow we are doing secret santa with my friends, well it is not so secret since everone basically knows who everyone else has but still it sohuld be fun.
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12/26/03 12:12 - ID#28562

Not Christmas Update

My Christmas update will be coming soon, prolly tomorrow but right now I just want to say, don't tell people you can't really trust anything! Plus, foudn out some info I rathe not have known.
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12/24/03 04:00 - ID#28561

Christmas Eve Tidings

So today is Christmas Eve and I am super excited! I love Christmas and Christmas Eve is the bigger celebration for my family where we go to my Aunts and see everyone. I think it will be lots of fun. I finished my shopping today, I just had one last thing to get and now I am done well except one more thing I have to get. Can I just say that Target is the most efficiently run store in the world. Although there were about 82,000 customers each with 2 carts worth of stuff, I was only in line for about 5 or 6 minutes. And the workers were cheerful. It was great. I found the thing I was looking for hiding behind some other ones that were the wrong thing which was exciting because I had thought it was sold out. Ok well I have to go to Church now so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
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12/23/03 02:16 - ID#28560

Why I Suck Lately

So this is my self loathing entry. I just have been a little aggravated lately with life. I am getting sick of work and everything. 20 hours in two days right before Christmas when we are crazy busy is too much. ANyway that is not why I am really mad. Like do you ever have the perfect opportunity for something and then you ruin it or just don't go for it because you are just dumb. Well that's how I feel lately. Like I just let everything pass me by and the most glaring example happened the other day and it just aggravates me and why can't I be like a normal human being and not be comnpletely afraid of everything. Do you ever regret like just leaving instead of dealing with something. Grr.
Side but sort of related note. I have been thinking lately that I would not wish myself on anyone. I was thinking I would make a terrible person to date. I'm not a big complimenter, self-esteem builder, and I have tons of issues and phobias and ocd-like issues and I don't have like super hotness that would cancel those things out. I really think if I really liked someone I would have to believe they were better off wihtout a crazy like me. Well who knows, I am just in a bad mood today, prolly toomrorw I'll feel different.
But hey everyoen listen to my new soundbite, lets just say it involves some of my favorite people, Blanche, Dorothy, ROse and Sofia.
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12/21/03 08:54 - ID#28559


Just a quick update to say that my dinner party was a success. Well I think it was at least, maybe everyone is talking about how terrible it was right now but I don't think. I think it definetely went really well and the food came out good and people seemed to have a good time. While I didn't get everything I wanted to ready in time, I think there was still more than enough food and good decorations. Today was pretty good too but then it started to go bad because I do stupid things sometimes. Ok, i'll talk more about the party and today later when I have more time.
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12/20/03 02:04 - ID#28558

Dinner Pary Countdown

So the guests should be arriving for my first ever solo planned dinner party and my first christmas party ever in about 5 hours. We'll see how it goes. So far everything is going extremely well which makes me really nervous that something is going to go terribly wrong any minute. I am well on my way to finishing cooking the mian courses and some of the desserts and everything is going smooth as silk. My guest list has just been reduced to 10 due to a cancellation so now I'm not sure how I want to set up the tables. We'll see. I'm nervous that I don't have enough side dishes and/or appetizers but everyone has said they think it's enough but I just am not sure. Tomorrow I'll have either a glowing report of how well tonight went or a rant about what a disaster it was. Wish me luck. Stay tuned...
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12/13/03 04:12 - ID#28557

I Love the Old Ladies

I love the old ladies that come into Eckerd, not all of them, but a lot of them. Yesterday after not working for a like a week and a half and only having a few hours the week before, I started working again. All the old ladies, told me how much they missed me while I was gone and were wondering where I was. One asked the other workers if I had quit. It's so nice to know they care. They really make my job fun and enjoyable. It's good to feel they depend on me and trust me. I also had a friend's mom come to our pharmacy for the first time cuz of me and I think I got another expatient who once said we were snotty to come back. What would that store do without me?
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