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05/28/14 07:16 - ID#59026 pmobl

qvc on the water

I came down to canalside on my walk and qvc is here doing something. people are going cray cray for this . it is still the preshow with some lady amd they are already cheering and going crazy. the host lady keeps saying wacky tabacky behind the bus. and they just ate beef on wreck live onstage and people acted like they were eating flaming swords. the taping starts at 8 and I think I won't make it to then. I still have to walk home and I am cold

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05/16/14 09:57 - ID#58989 pmobl


we won so much meat ! we were the best meat rafflrs ever

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05/16/14 09:33 - ID#58988 pmobl

VIP meat raffle

we had vip status and i won lots of hot dgos

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05/10/14 04:28 - ID#58967

Total Eclipse Literal Version

I may have posted this a while ago but seriously, I find it so hilarious. Like one of the funniest things ever! WATCH IT! I have watched otherl iteral videos and I don't really enjoy any of them but this one is amazing. And my real question is, WTH was this video about in the real time? Like it is an insane video even without the literal video version!

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