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12/31/11 10:54 - ID#55822

New Years Eve Y'All

Hope to see you all tonight at the PMT's New Years Eve Party. I need to find something sparkly to wear. I just feel the need for a sparkly new years eve ensemble! We'll see.
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12/14/11 12:00 - ID#55731

Frustrating Day turns to Christmas

Today was such a frustrating day for no like specific reason just overall I felt annoyed at tons of stuff all day long, I was in a real bad mood by the time I left work but then I came home to a delicious dinner and Christmas tree decorating and who isn't happy after decorating a Christmas tree? I love it! Though we need way more ornaments, though I prolly have more than the average person it seems like not enough compared to what I'm used to at my parents house.
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12/07/11 01:00 - ID#55662

mini vaca

I have the next 5 days off of work! After working so much lately it is going to feel so good. But what will I do with myself? I made a list of things I want to do /get done and it is over a page long so I got plenty to do from organing my photos into albums to decorating to getting a tree to price comparing to christmas cards to cleaning out the closet. Plus hopefully some good times like going out to lunches and out at night and not having to worry about working! YAY! But really it is so nice to just have all these days and have no real set plan> I could just do nothing for 5 days if I wanted and it feels so good!
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