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02/28/04 05:11 - ID#28608

Buddhism Meeting

So last night me and Teres went with Dave to a Buddhist meeting. He told us about it when we talked to him one time at Coffee & (he works there) and we wanted to see it. It was pretty neat. I felt bad cuz we were late because I thought the meeting was at 7:30 and so got out of work at 7 but the meeting was really at 7, and I couldn't ask to get out earlier cuz i was allowed to get to work like 2hours late and leave like an hour early so I couldn't ask for more, so we were late. But luckily Dave went with us so it wasn't totally embarassing being strangers walking in late. It was at a person's house but there were a lot of people there (maybe 35 actually i havve no clue) and we got there at the end of their prayers and then they have like a discussion thing where a few people talk about different parts of the book they study which I think was called something like the lama sutra? I'm not sure exactly. It was interesting and everyone was really nice but I 'm not sure it is my thing. They then introduced all the new people to the group which there were quite a few, and Dave introduced me as Mark but I didn't know if I should say something so I didn't but then he was like oh i meant Mike, which was good cuz I wasn't sure if I should have just pretended my name was Mark from then on (ala the Hilary fiasco with Jill and Greg) Teres is going to go again but I am not sure I am. I feel like such a faker cuz everyone else seems so into it, but we'll see. I'm glad I went once at least. Then at Dave's apartment he had the book The Lottery which is like my favorite made for tv movie ever about htis town where they stone like one person a year for good luck even like the children stone their mom if it is her turn. It is crazy but I had never seen that it was a book/short story before so that was weird.

I'm really ready to get an apartment and can't wait to get one now. Pretty soon hopefully, hopefully this summer if it all works out. I guess I could get one by myself if I had to, we'll see.
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02/26/04 03:28 - ID#28607

Clearance Girdles

Ok, I should explain myself in case you read Jill's journal. So we were shopping at Target and what do I see on an end cap but a package that says Lose 10 lbs. instantly. Of course I pick it up right away and had not yet realized what it was when jill comes flying at me screaming NOOOO MIKE NOOOOOO. I realize then it is a girdle and Jill refueses to let me consider it. Ok I realize I don't need a girdle but shouldn't I buy one just in case? Can it hurt to have one? No honestly I didn't know what it was when I picked it up and would not have thought of buying a girdle but now the idea seems not so crazy....j/k i think
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02/26/04 03:24 - ID#28606

Procrastinate, Who Me?

Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Liberal, Conservative, Nationalism. All interesting topics yes but to read all of them in one day and write responses is just overwhlemingly boring. I"m sure my responses have gotten progressively stupider and I have said things such as "Durkheim seems right when he says (insert a paragraph from the reading)" OH yeah that will defeinetly show her that I understood the reading and am comprehending it. Well It is now 2:22 am and I have been working on sociology reading and responses that I was supposed to be doing throughout the semester on and off all day. I will not put this off for the next group of readings.

Now its time to do a two to three page summary of my movie for script writing. And then back to Weber and the iron cage. Woohoo

Alas tomorrow night will be sweet release in that I have no work due then until at least Tuesday!!!
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02/25/04 04:39 - ID#28605

Pyramids and Buddhists

Did you know the Egyptians built the biggest pyramid first and then they progressively got smaller and not the other way around. That is good advice in life I think, just try to do as much as possible right away don't perfect in each level on the way to create something better. Hmm that wasn't too clear but I think you can get the main idea.

I want to go to this Buddhist thing on Friday with Teres but I can't get anyone to work for me... should I call in for only the second time in my four years at Eckred? Maybe I should, but it just seems mean since they all would know I am not really sick since I have been asking everyone to work for me on Friday. Hmm, we'll see.
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02/24/04 07:18 - ID#28604

French Fries and others

So tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and I always give up something for Lent. I am giving up french fries this year and really in essence that will lead to an end of all fast food drive thru for me because why I have triple bacon cheeseburger super sized if you can't have a lb. of fries on the side. This crazy bit of healthiness may just be what i need. I also vow to do two things that are good but I can't say waht those are because it would be too much pressure if people knew them and then I probably wouldn't keep up with it.

While your out showing skin for beads I'll be at work/studying/doing the mounds of homework I have put off all semester culminating in getting up at like 6:30 tomorrow morning which is the only time the mechanic said he could isnpect my car and my inspection runs out at the end of February. Oh the fun is too much!!
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02/21/04 07:18 - ID#28603

Uh Oh

So according to Jen, me and Jill may have called her mom last night at some point and just were singing....who knows....there also is this case of the mysterious dissappearing email to Jesse.....and I can't wait to see the pictures.
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02/21/04 03:48 - ID#28602

Drunky Drunk

Hi, this is Jill, we are really really wasted.....silly monkeys, where is everyone......Mike justt flasheed out my window and touched me with his vodka hand. It's gross......we played strip "booty shot" to Gigli.......we are nudey patooty. It's gross......but Mike has madd chest hair.....seriously I am choking on it from here....and we are far apard. We can't watch the movie from where we are.....we dropped pretzels down our pants to see if we will notice in the morning.....silly pantsw...tricks are for kids..../.@!!! how true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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02/19/04 02:01 - ID#28601

You guys are going to move out?

So last night after a long day at school I went to Jills at like a little after 11 PM but her line was busy so I had to crawl through the snow and go up to her window in her computer room and bang on it, hoping that I had the right room and that it wasn't her parent's bedroom. Luckily I picked the right spot and after about 10 minutes she came to the window and let me in (no not through the window but that would have been cooler). We then searched for apartments online and found none and when I called my dad and was like me and Jill were searching for apartments he said and I paraphrase here "What? You move out? Jill is going to move out of her house? No way!" and then he proceded to question our dedication to the process and wondered why we were wasting our time since we were not really ever going to move out of our homes. I don't know what is worse about that situation, that my parents cannot believe I would ever move out or the fact that I had to call my parents and explain where I was in the first place. Hmmm......really it is time for some independent living. Yet according to the classifieds it is too much to ask for an apartment around elmwood with 2 bedrooms for 500 dolares. But eh I think more will open at the end of the school year. We'll see...

Another funny thing happened Jill was telling her sister about Ted and the first thing that her sister said was Ted Danson? as if she thought Jill was making it up. So funny.... oh Jill might kill me for putting that in here...but what is my purpose in life if not to spread the details of other people's lives.
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02/18/04 03:30 - ID#28600

Mall Addiction?

So I definetely am a mall addict. Yesterday since I had the day off of work and school I decided to go to Rochester just because that was the closest place that had a mall I had never been too. I found my way quite easily and it was a nice mall and it had an H & M which was great and I bought two shirts which were ok. The men's department was seriously about the size of my car. It was really small but I still spent like 45 minutes in it and tried like everything on because I had to buy something because who knows when I'll be at an H & M again. The worker said tons of people come from Buffalo just for the H & M. Why does Rochester have two of them, Syracuse has two of them and we have 0? We are bigger than both those places. I guess it is one of those mysteries of the world that can't be explained. I found my way there and back with virtually no problem.

I think a person on the highway on the way home propositioned me while we were driving 80 mph but that is a story for another time and place.
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02/17/04 01:13 - ID#28599

Dad's Randomness

So randomly at dinner the other night my dad was like "Mike do we have instant messages on our computer?" and I was like "yeah!" and he was like "I want you to get off there, I don't want any instant messages on our computer" and I was liek "um it's part of aol" , and he was like "I don't care I don't want it", he eventually agreed it was ok but would never explain why he wanted it gone so bad. Nohting like random's what i'm living everyday.
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