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12/27/08 06:09 - 57ºF - ID#47198

The Gay? Book I am reading

So I bought this book on clearance at Borders a couple months ago ( i buy all books that i read for like $1 on clearance, so really i only read the best), anywho that's not the point. It is called Little Chapel on the River by Gwendolyn Bounds. The back says it is a story about a journalist in NYC who has to move after 9/11 when her apt building is damaged and accidentally ends up in a tiny hamlet called Garrison outside NYC and the book is the story of the people as told though the bartender of the local bar. Anyway it is pretty good but that is not the point either. In the entire description of the book nowhere does it say that the author/main character (it is a real story) is a LESBIAN! So even after reading the first section where it talks about the author's girlfriend i was like "wow i didn't realize Gwendolyn could be a boy's name" assuming it must be a man if they have a girlfriend and it does not say she is a lesbian. The reason I find this so remarkable is that I don't believe I have ever seen a book before that doesn't specifically say like "lesbian author in NYC" or "gay writer Joe Shmo", like always that is in the description. I thought it was pretty cool that it wasn't even mentioned on the book, like it just is part of her life but doesn't really necessarily need to be mentioned because it is not the focus of the book anymore than you would say "straight author in NYC". I don't know I found it cool that it didn't even mention it. It is so shcoking though that i actually was at first more convinced that Gwendolyn must be a man's name.
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12/25/08 01:14 - 35ºF - ID#47176

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas everyone! I love christmas as you all know. Had a good time at my auntstonight for our big christmas celebration. It was great cuz we have lots of little kids around now who love Santa and get so excited when he comes. They are at the perfect age for it, it is so cute!!!! I also am loving having a christmas/holiday season without (e:libertad) being a secret. It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable to not be like sneaking around and trying to sneak in a phone call on a holiday while noone is around or making up trips to the store so i can give him a quck call, and then having to pretend the gifts I got I bought for myself or are from someone else. Unfortunately (e:libertad) is in Florida for the holidays visiting his mom so we still don't get to spend thme together. We are gonna celebrate sometime after he gets back when we can hopefully finally get some time to ourselves and have a nice relaxing christmas celebration for just the two of us. I can't wait!

I want to post some pictures of my christmas tree and some of my favorite ornaments but I am tired now and think i will do that tomorrow! Gotta get to bed so santa can come!!! Merry christmas!!!
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12/22/08 12:05 - 11ºF - ID#47132

Working on my Christmas Cards

So as some of you know for the last few years I have been making christmas cards and they usually feature lots of glitter and fun. This year i have been putting it off and putting it off and i finally got around to it tonight. It is so funny cuz i have been thinking about them and all the stuff i need for weeks but have not bought it and so decided to run to Target tonight (and get my car stuck in the parking lot, luckily this nice man whose car was also stuck next to me helped push me out and thne i drove away to like a place farther off where i could park withnout my car gettin gstuck again and then went back to help him and he was like totally thought i was a big jerk who drove away and was glad i came back but then he didn't tihnk i would be storng enought to push his car ( which i prolly wasn't and so he had me drive it while he pushed (and he had not cleared any of the windows so i oculd not see a thing and just plowed in reverse not knwoing if there were cars behind me (whose to blame if i hit someone, me or him) but he needed more people to push with him cuz his was really stuck and then i almost ran tme all over whne i forgot to switch from reverse to drive)))) but luckily everyone survived and we both got out. Oh i forgot why i started this story so i went to target to get a oclor ribbon for our pritner cuz of course it ran out soon as i started doding chrimstas cards and we didn't have an extra one which is freakish cuz my mom is really a stock up kinda person ( like we have like 5 extra black ones but no color ones). Anywho so while there i panicked that iw ould have no glitter or markers or glue so i bought it all and none of it was on sale and then i got home and found i had really everything i needed besides the print cartridge so i wasted a lot of money and almost killed 4 people all for a oclor ribbon. But it was worth it cuz now i am working on my cards and i hope they are fabulous. I reduced the number of poeple i am sending them to so that 1) i finsih them in time and don't get overwhlemed and 2) the freakin blank cards i like to use went up like double in prcie, so i only bought one pack. Considering i Only get like 4 chrismtas cards a year from people, i don't feel bad only sending out like 20 homemade ones.

I have to work all day tomroow which sucks cuz i am not ready for chrimstas and am runinng out of time. Hopeuflly some of you won't have to work as i hear they have a travel stoppage in buffalo right now, as i work in a pharmacy and i live like one block away i never get to not go to work for weather. Even during october storm, i was there, we were like the only pharmacy with power in the area and i could get there so i was there, I would really love a day off, grr!
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12/10/08 12:23 - 49ºF - ID#47013

To Be King

I was reading this interview with Meryll Streep and she was talking about her acting and what guides her is something she learned on the first day of drama class in college, i thought it was interesting both for like acting but even like for life, here it is summarized in what i remember about it. It was like the teacher asked "how do you play the role to show you are the king" and people said things like "use a strong deep voice, have great posture, use certain facial expressions" but the teacher said they are all wrong, the way to portray that you are king is for eveyrone else to stop what they are doing and go silent when you enter the room. THAT IS SO TRUE! That is totally in movies and tv and stuff how you know when someone important has entered, eveyrone else in the scene stops what they are doing and goes silent. To show your power everyone else really has to be complacent and stay out of your way and give in to it. That is so true in life too kinda. LIke poeple only have power because in a way other people have to let them and that is the only way you can gauge someones power is by how other people readct to them!
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12/05/08 01:58 - 27ºF - ID#46966

Can't Sleep

I was really in a bad mood and tired after work and it got progressively worse and so i was pretty ready to go to bed early at like 10:30 but then i couldn't sleep and now I still can't. I was just reading through all my old journals, wowser I used to write a lot back in 2003 and 2004 and stuff. I used to seriously write every single thing that happened each day. It was kinda insane. I also forgot how many people have passed through, but alas I am watching golden girls now and it is the one where it is Dorothy's birthday and they go to the chuckie cheese like place. MY FAVORITE EPISODE EVER so it is great that i stayed up I guess..

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12/02/08 12:39 - 33ºF - ID#46914

Ugly Green Monster

Is that what they call jealousy? It is something like that? green eyed monster? i can't remember. Anyway, I am becoming such a jealous person. I was never really that way I don't think, i was always just so content in my own world and just had a very like "eh to each there own, didn't really bother with other people, or getting jealous about things kind of attitude" But lately I am so jealous of so many things, it is out of control.And when I really reason it out , i think and realize that other things are no better and I really shouldn't be jealous. Like sometimes I just cannot stop being jealous. If I really think about it I have it pretty good but sometimes I find I can't even be happy for people cuz I am so jealous. This is really not like me at all I don't think.Why shouldn't I be able to be happy for someone getting something that really doesn't take anything away from me. I just don' know. Hopefully this is gonna be a quick passing phase.
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