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10/22/11 10:33 - ID#55349

Kokomo Trollies

So after my last post I was trying to find Kokomo on Youtube and this is actually one of the first results that came up: Are you F'in kidding me, Trolls and Kokomo , this is my dream come true!!!!

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10/22/11 10:32 - ID#55348

Love Someone Tonight

Instead of driving home from work on like the 290 or 190 to thruway to 33 or scajaquada or whatever highwayish way I used to go , I've instead been just driving straight down main street from Williamsville to home. I swear it only takes a few minutes more and is a much more pleasant drive. Mind you I wouldn't do it at like 5 but when I get out at 9 or 11 and there is little traffic it just is a pleasant drive I really enjoy for some reason. I usually listed to Delilah where people call in and she plays sappy love songs. I love it, always have and it is a nice end to my day. I am so glad I started driving home this way instead, for some reason I swear it makes work seem better. AND to top it all off last night they played Kokomo by the Beach Boys which is like my all time favorite song ever! Ever! EVER!! I MEAN EVER! NEVER TO BE TOPPED BY ANY OTHER SONG! When I was young if it would come on when we were driving home I would make my parents keep driving around the block until the song was over (and they would , was I a brat? unsure).

Anywho, this post was really supposed to be about Delilah letting me down a little. She has always done commercials for products and she suppossedly uses and loves them all but this latest one seemed extra scammy. It is for some pill that cures eczema, asthma and everything else. Not a prescription but like an otc vitamin of some sort. And she talks about how this pill is a gift from god and helped out her daughter so much. I feel like that is really playing on her core listeners and they trust her so much and will be like "a pill from god, well gosh darn it I need that!". I just didn't like it Delilah...... but i still love your show and will listen forev!

It's Omega XL , here's the link

And lets end this with a little kokomo,...ok wait I was gonna post a video but am gonna make it a whole new entry
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10/09/11 03:38 - ID#55271 pmobl

my favorite spot

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10/07/11 12:29 - ID#55253

Sad Movies

Not sure how I got on this kick but Youtube takes you in strange places and somehow I got from Keke to StepMom with a stop at Prayers for Bobby in between. I don't know why I like to watch things I know will make me cry and cry and cry but I can't stop. Prayers for Bobby is super sad and super good but to me Stepmom is the ultimate saddest movie of all time. I can never make it through it in one piece even though I have seen it a bazillion times.....

This scene is emotional enough and starts the tears rolling:

And then it's all over...sobbing,snotty mess

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10/06/11 11:04 - ID#55252

So good you could break a nail in it

For Paul:

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10/01/11 06:48 - ID#55226


Flittering about on youtube I started watching clips from some of my older favorite movies. I don't' know what exactly all these movies have in common but I feel like they have something in common that is not available in movies anymore. It was The First Wives Club, Sister Act, Object of My AFfection, and My Best Friend's Wedding. They aren't all like romantic comedies or anything though that is part of what I miss I think but really they are all different but somehow seem similar to me like in some category that is not available anymore and I miss it.
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10/01/11 05:30 - ID#55225

Long Weeks Ahead

So at work we are gaining thousands of new members because New York State is getting out of the prescription drug business for Medicaid recipients and insurance companies are taking it over. Anywho this will in theory create a lot more calls so we all can work as much overtime as we want which is nice but I picked up a lot of hours this week and am now not looking forward to it so much. I am working everyday (sunday thru saturday) for a total of like 6osomthing hours. Lets see if I make it!
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09/16/11 12:10 - ID#55156

Last Soap Post

So i am done posting videos and soap opera chatter but I seriously loved Bo and Hope on Days of our Lives since I was like 5 (yes I was a soap opera watching kindergardeneer) and have always loved their song TOngith I Celebrate my Love. It has always been on of my favorite songs..... with the exception of my family and (e:mk) , Bo and Hope have probably been in my life the longest....let's watch

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09/15/11 12:43 - ID#55155


I was flitting through youtube and I forgot how much I loved the soap opera Passions. It was literally the most ridiculous thing ever with living midget dolls, witches, paternity switches, longest drawn out storylines ever, and I"ll never forget like by the third week after the show started tehy already were using tons of flash backs of the previous three weeks. I prolly saw Theresa dump fish guts on Ethan by mistake while stalking him 300 times, (i swear they flashed it back every day). Anywho there was this one scene I always loved and I came across it BUT it has the wrong music. I know for sure the song was It's not going to stop by Aimee Mann originally. I loved that song , because of and especially in this montage. WIth this other song I don't even really like it while with the original song I seriously think about it a lot even now 10 years later. Here it is in its lacklusterness and a clip kinda showing what Passions is all about. I love how they are just sitting in a coffee shop literally seriously discusssing how to save his girlfriend from the gates of hell like that opened up in their neighbors bedroom closet like its nothing that weird. The scar on his head is from the demons in hell he fought the day before.

and the not so favorite anymore montage, picture it with the original song and it was AMAZING!

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09/11/11 04:03 - ID#55142


I forgot how much I love this song. I don't know why but I really love it. It came on my slacker radio on my walk today and just put a pep in my step. I am not a huge fan of Sex and the City or Sarah Jessica Parker's face but the song is just fun.

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