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09/30/04 01:00 - ID#28755

My Walking Shoes are Killing Me

So yesterday while waiting for (e:beast) to call about meeting out for coffee, I decided to take a walk around elmwood, I went from Bidwell to Allen and then down Allen to like Virginia and then back. Well when I got to around Allen the back of my foot really started to hurt but at this point I still had to get all the way back to Bidwell where my car was and couldn't really just stop. By the time I got back to Bidwell, I was limping trying to prevent the back of my foot from rubbing agains the shoe and the entire back of my foot was all torn up and bloody. Not a great introduction to my new shoes and now my foot hurts in any shoes. Then (e:beast) called and decided she didn't want to go out. So all in all a letdown useless night...
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09/28/04 11:06 - ID#28754

Ok so I was wrong

Ok i was partially wrong. After talking to Terry I realized I was only kinda right. Well 80 degrees is not twice as hot as 40 degrees but not because of the reason I said. I coudln't really remember the reason or Dr. Wigley didn't really explain it well but either way the fact is right the reasoning is not. Look at the obviously smarters Terry's journal to see why...[inlink]terry,323[/inlink]
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09/28/04 09:02 - ID#28753

This fact rocked my world

In my research methods class today which usually lacks in enlightening or entertaining me a fact totally rocked my world. Do you realize 80 degrees is not twice as hot as 40 degrees. Now maybe you all already knew this and maybe in some way I did too but I had never realized. I am sure I have said it before. And if you don't believe think about it this way. 80 degrees and 40 degrees are the same degree distance apart as 40 degrees and 0 degree yet you wouldn't say 40 degrees is twice as hot as 0 degrees. I don't know, this is rocking my entire day....
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09/24/04 07:20 - ID#28752

My Dependence on my Car

So I like to drive everywhere and so whenever me and my friends go out I almost always drive, unless I am planning on a night of drunken debauchery. I really like to be in control of the situation knowing that I can leave at any time but also I get car/motion sickness a lot but not really if I am driving so I like to be in control of that. But alas, my headlight was out htis week and so at night for the last week I let other people drive (thanks Jiill) and then last night my car was at the mechanic and so I needed a ride to the PMTs (thanks Chris) and then my dad to get me to school and Amanda to get me to the mechanic(thanks). All this dependence made me crazy but in all this I guess it was ok, I guess I survived, minus forgetting to pick up pizza and not being able to drive Chamille home (sorry!!!!!) and had no major bouts of motion sickness (is it all in my head?) or need to leave but feeling trapped anywhere. So maybe I am ready to let other people drive again. Or at least that is what I thought until I got my car back today. Alhtough it was only gone for a mere half a day and a few nights, seeing it again made me feel so much more secure. Like there were millions of possibilties and I could do what I want when I want. Maybe i have control issues or dependency issues or maybe I just love my car. I LOVE YA YOU CRAZY DELTA 88 OLDS.
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09/17/04 03:07 - ID#28751

Ghettrification is Almost Complete

So you may have all heard there was a drive-by in Kenmore. Ok, I coiuld take that CVS was replaced by a Dollar General, I could handle the huge influx of tanning salons, I could even deal with the large amount of people wearing wife beaters, I would even have gone so far to let W. Hazeltine and Tremaine be given over to ghetto but now it is offical, Kenmore is becoming the ghetto. There was a drive-by on Victoria I mere four blocks from where I live and about 10 houses from where I work. Insanity. And where were the police? How did they not catch them? They have what ten police cars partoling only one small square mile, they were most likely too busy pulling someone over for going 31 mph or yelling at a group of kids sitting on the lawn outside their own house. I guess those kids in Canada a few years ago were right when we told them we were from Kenmore and they were like "that's liek the ghetto isn't it?". But alas, don't worry, Kenmore has a solution. They have created new designer sidewalks on Delaware Avenue. Now that's the answer we've all been looking for.
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09/15/04 12:20 - ID#28750

Lost in my Music World

Wow my cd collection is growing fast thanks to Matt who is computerizing his cd collection and getting rid of the actual cds. As anyone who knows me knows, I love to collect cds, and now my variety has been superly increased. Everything from Joan Jett to Jekyl and Hyde to Sonique and ATC. Hours of listening fun!!! THANKS MATT!
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09/11/04 06:23 - ID#28749

Diana Is 21!

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09/08/04 12:44 - ID#28748

Thesis Madness

So I had my first official thesis meeting. What a crock this is. I am not interested in writing a 40 page paper just to have my diploma say with honors from Canisius. But alas I must do it. At least I have an offical advisor now, Thanks Dr. Christian! ANd I am going to write something to do with big shopping especially Walmart and its effects on communities and how people interact. Anyone wanna write it for me? lol....ok so if you are looking for me the library is where I will be for the rest of my life....or i will procrastinate and do it all in the last week.
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09/07/04 01:29 - ID#28747

The Wizard of the Gold Ounce

Did anyone know that the Wizard of Oz was written as like a populist argument about the gold standard in the United States.Dorothy was the American people, Oz stood for an ounce of gold, Dorothy's slippers were origianlly sivler and walking on the yellow brick road represented the bimettacllic standard but MGM changed them to red cuz they were more flashy on the screen.
The Good WIthches of the NOrth and South represent New England and the South which were populist strongholds while the Wicked Wtich of the East was the Eastern banking and industries. The scarecrow was western farmers, the tinman was eastern workers who were so dehumanized they didn't even have a heart, the cowardly likon was Wiliam Jenings Bryantand the Emeral City was Washington DC. THe Wizard was President Mckinley.
Insanity...I always just thoguht it was a movie for kids.
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09/05/04 03:22 - ID#28746

Summertime Fun

I want a mansion on the beach. Last night we went to a party at a beach house mansion. It had a tennis court and gym and everything. It was quite amazing. The party was a lot of fun and slowly fell into naked water revelry. Who knew you could learn the entire history of Native Americans from someone with no pants on, or that I would give someone a piggy back ride while they were just wearing a thong. I'm not normally inot being naked but it was fun, although I did throw up from being in the water too much. I am so ridiculously weak stomached. It wasn't even that wavy and i got like motion sickness from being in the water and running around. BOnfires are so nice. Surprisingly we found our way there and home pretty without trouble. THat's all for now...
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