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07/30/13 05:39 - ID#57950 pmobl


I'm you're private dancer, dancer for money, do what you want me to do

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07/29/13 10:37 - ID#57947

Ticket Fairies

So on my way to work today I was listening to Kiss 98.5 and they were saying if you see the ticket fairy somewhere in WNY this morning and you asked him he would give you tickets to Lil Wayne. I have never ever in my life seen the person/car/thing you are supposed to see to win but seriously soon as they were saying it there I was on the corner of Delaware and Delevan and there at the corner was aman in a tutu with a ticket fairy sign. THAT WAS MY CHANCE, noone else seemed to notice or care and I could have got out of my car and got those tickets BUT........ I was running late for work and today was my first day in my new job so I decided I couldn't waste the time and be late for was really hard to drive on past that ticket fairy and then to add insult to energy , once I got to work and was telling the people in my new department they all said they would not have cared and I shouldh ave went for the tickets! Now I feel even more mad that I didn't stop! The moral of the story is ...when you see a fairy ask it to make your dreams come true and forget about the everyday work doldrums!
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