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05/26/06 12:27 - 70ºF - ID#28993

Fun Summer Thursdays Are Back

So yesterday was the first Thursday at the Square and of course after all the fun had last year, me and (e:amanda) couldn't wait to go. (E:jill) and amanda's boyfriend nick went with us. It was a lot of fun. I love it because you run into so many people you wouldn't normally see. I ran into so many people I went to Canisius with and it was nice to see and chat with them.

Then we headed to McMonkeez hoping they had the 3 for 1 deal still. Well they did and the line was super long to get in so we just cut everyone and got right in and noone said anythying or seemed to notice. It was so weird cuz everyone was yelling at other people who treied to cut and made them go to the back of the line but noone seeemed to notice that we did. One thing was way too many people had sunglasses on inside at night. IT wasn't even that sunny out. And we all know I love sunglasses but this seemed a little excessive. Like everyone had them.

After a few drinks there we headed over to Cozumel to meet up with Jim and Jeff and another Jeff. It was getting a little chilly but luckily we go a spot right between two heaters on the patio so it was warm.

I am so excited that Thursdays are back. THey were so fun last summer and I hope they are even better this year. As mine and (e:amanda)'s slogan went last summer "If one of us didn't balck out, it wasn't a good nihgt!"

P.S. Stepmom is the saddest movie ever! and i mean EVER! Mom's hosuld never die in movies!
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05/24/06 11:11 - 60ºF - ID#28992

1 Year Anniversary

It's been 1 year since Nonna passed away. I can't believe it has been a whole year. So much has happened and I can't believe she hasn't been there for it. It seems crazy!!! I tried to visit her at the cemetery today but her mausoleum was closed when I got there because the person who was supposed to relieve me at work was late. It stunk! Cemeteries should always be open. So it was a really sad day but it got better at night with some cheering up help from others. Thanks! Love ya Nonna!
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05/22/06 10:44 - 46ºF - ID#28991

Patricia Arquette.... a terrible actress. Yet somehow I am so drawn to her tv show Medium. It is one of the only shows I basically make a point of watching every week. She is so bad at emotion/talking/crying/laughing/looking good yet somehow it works on the show. I LOVE IT! And i guess lets of other people do cuz the ratings are good and she won an Emmy....maybe she is some kind of witch doctor that has cast a spell on America...cuz really she can't act...she might be the worst Arquette...and this family includes David and Alexis or whatever the transvestite Arquette from Surreal LIfe's name is.
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05/21/06 06:21 - 47ºF - ID#28990

Davinci Code and Soap Opera

So last night we went to see The Davinci Code and it was ok. Like it was good but TOm Hanks wasn't perfect for the part and it wasn't super good. But it was good. I didn't read the book though I plan on it but I think like some parts may seem better in the book. Like the whole ending thing, like to actually see the ending seems kinda funny/stupid but reading it would seem better I would think. I don't want to give anything away so that is all I will say.

Ok so lots of people want to be in my soap opera which is super awesome. I am currently turning it into offical script format for taping. I think I am gonna keep each episode short, like 15 minutes. This way like I can actually get some whole episodes done but also so that maybe we can post the episodes on (e:strip)? (e:paul), would that be possible? I will talk to you about it in person.
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05/20/06 12:51 - 54ºF - ID#28989

Need to be Judged?

So last night I get a call from (e:mk) that she needs another judge for a highschool battle of the bands at Lancaster Highschool. Let me tell you, I dropped everything for the chance. It was like a dream come true. I felt like a celebrity all set up at my table with the score sheets and being served drinks and knowing these bands fate (well five hours of recording time in a proffessional studio) rested in my hands. Years from now if they become famous I could be on a VH1 special, being like yeah I judged them in their first battle of the bands which was really the beggining of their bright future. Without me they probably would have never made it.

So we went and except the fact that it was so freakin cold in the auditorium/cafeteria it was fun. We got to judge the bands on things such as tightness (at first, I thought, um what? do we personally test that out?, i guess it is a musical thing). overall sound, entertainment and other things. And then we could make comments, such as "I like your shirt but your music is stinky". or "wow your songs seemed to drag on but the crowd seemed to like them". Its hard for me to sometimes judge something as good if it isn't my style (aka just screming at the top of your lungs like a dying cat). Like if I don't like the music, it is hard for me to say it is good, but I did, I was very impartial.

I think the best part was all the free food. We got pizza, wegmans subs, chips, chococlate chip cookies and so much other good stuff.

Needless to say my favorite band won, so like whoa I know what I am doing. So now I kinda want to make a career out of judging talent/battle of the band concerts, anyone in need of a judge?
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05/17/06 09:57 - 54ºF - ID#28988

It's Been A While

Oh my work has been kinda crazy. So busy. WE got more workers at a time and it is still crazy. I am so sick of people yelling at me at their top of their lungs but then apologizing like an hour later. How about you just don't yell in the first place.

Anyway, this post is actually about how I want to tape my soap opera this summer. I know I have said this before but I really want to do it this time. Anyone interested? I just need to update the script and make it a little more exciting I think. Well if anyone is interested, message me or e-mail me. I need all kinds of roles, both big and small so let me know what you're interested in. (e:southernyankee) and (e:twisted), how about you come in to B-lo to be in an (e:strip) soap opera?
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05/14/06 01:19 - 61ºF - ID#28987


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. Are there any mothers on (e:strip)? (e:judy) is one but any others? Well HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE. I hope it is filled with fun times with family.

Special Happy Mother's Day to Nonna, I miss you!
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05/11/06 09:35 - 60ºF - ID#28986

JJ's and Page7

So I have went to JJ's for only a few hockey games in the playoffs and always I go during the end of the third quarter. And THE SABRES ALWAYS WIN!!!! Tonight I am not going to JJ's, and tonight with only a few minutes left, they are losing, uh oh? Am I to blame?

Sidenote: (e:hodown)'s post made me nostalgic for the days of Page7 and all the gossip mongering.
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05/09/06 11:41 - 63ºF - ID#28985

No Cruising For Me Please

So my mom got free passes to see Poseidon at work the other day and so we went last night. First of all we had to sit in the second row at Regal which is way too close to the screen, especially for a movie like this where stuff is happening all over the screen. Secondly, a box of skittles that cost me $2 ( and is normally $3.75) had the amount of skittles of like a 50 cent bag. It was really insane.


Anywho the movie was very enjoyalbe. I never saw the original but this one was very entertaining I thought. Like cheesy and stuff but still really good and entertaining for the time it was on. OMG one scene with Richard Dryfuss and some other actor was crazy intense. I hope I am never in that situation. Well I kinda hope I am not in any of those situations.

Water that is on fire is scary. Fire is scary, drowning is scary, drowning in water that is on fire and burning you...too scary to imagine.

So anyway, that leads me to, I always had wanted to go on a cruise and evyerone I know who has went on one has loved them, and Diana was planning a "we have all been friends for 10 years cruise next year" but this movie terrifies me of it. Seriuosly you are out in the middle of nowhere if something happens. Yet all the food and drinks you can consume...that sounds mighty tasty....maybe it is worth the fire/drowning/sharks etc. ....

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05/07/06 09:52 - ID#28984


So this weekend was fun except Friday night Confetti was supposed to come out. It looks like an amazing movie, like comedy about these couples who enter a magazine contest to pay for their wedding. I don't know, it looks hilaroius and (e:jill) thought she saw that it comes out May 5. So I get so excited, May 5 comes along, it isn't listed in artvoice, it isn't listed in the Gusto, but it must be up.... we start to panic. I go online and serach within 65 miles of my zip code deciding that is how far I am willing to travel to see it. But noooo it isn't....i begin to isn't up yet i we saw American Haunting instead which was funny....too bad that it was supposed to be scary. IT was pretty bad but it will give us years worth of jokes I can't meniton here...
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