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08/25/06 12:33 - 66ºF - ID#28879

My World Is Rocked and Bday suckiness

As some of you may have heard Eckerd was bought out by RiteAid. I have always hated RiteAid, this furthers that belief. My store will likely close I would imagine as there are 3 RiteAids within a mile of my store. This whole training thing I am doing may be canceled considering it seems silly to train everyone on a new system when we may be shut down. We'll see. Besides the fact that I work there I just love my store since I was a kid. It is just a ridiculous old like crappy building but I love it cuz it is different than all the other ones. I hope it makes the cut but I doubt it.

In birthday news, I hope it starts to get better.
First, I can't makethe terry/me birthday party on Saturday. I have a wedding to go to. Hopefully I will still do something for my bday next week but I am saddened by the lack of huge party in celebration of me. Hope you all still have fun but not to omuch fun where you dno't want to party again in a week or something.

Secondly, all i have wanted since the taste of buffalo are the fried cheese stuffed olives from Orazios so that is where my fam was gonna go for my bday. Well we called AND THEY DON'T HAVE them regularly and will not have them next week. So now I don't know where to go to dinner. I seiruosly had looked forward to those for months.

Thirdly, I was supposed to have my birthday off of work. WEl lnow they changed it and I have to teach my first training class that day (8am-6ish) because the guy from coroporate is coming that day so we have to have one that day.

I hope my birthday doesn't suck as much as it is being set up to be.

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09/05/05 12:45 - 60ºF - ID#28878

Birthday Part II

Ok, so I guess I didn't realize how drunk I was at my birthday. After talking to (e:jill) and (e:amanda) , they caught me up on everything that happened. I guess a lot of licking faces, grabbing yosepha's chest, honking jill's butt, making loud comments about people, and making calls I don't remember calling, (see (e:chris)'s journal for an example). That's just a little bit. Who knew I drank so much., I seruiolldy don' tremember any of that. I am excited/worried to get my pictures developed.

On a side note, failing at knocking on that door still...sorta perfect opportunity day.....
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09/02/05 09:58 - 68ºF - ID#28877

Haven't Updated In A Few Days

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who showed up for my birthday celebrations. SOrry that I prolly passed out a little early on. It is my birthday special to do that. I can't control it, too many captain and cokes lined up in a row on the bar equals one drunken (e:mike) throwing up on Franklin. We got pulled over by the po po on the way home hin Kenmore, lukcily (e:maureen) had like no drinks so she was fine. I guess they were looking for some hoodlums going through people's backyards by Jill's house which was where we had just left!

Can't wait to watch my Laguna Beach DVD from (e:maureen) which is also supposed to get hme into the VIP club on MTV yet it will not work! I WANT LAGUNA BEACH RING TONES! WHY WON"T THEY LET ME IN THE CLUB!!!! I HAVE THE CODE! LET ME IN! ALso can't wait to dirnk out of the fancy glasses , chalises even i would say, from (e:paulmattterry) and (e:jill). Though the paint and glue on Jill's might kill me, but that is the price you pay for fancy drinkware fashion!

(e:amanda) , sorry i feel like i barely saw you at my bday. But thatnks for coming and i need to meet Nick again when i ma more with it. I feel like i left a bad impression. We need to do super veggies at the Juicery soon! I miss them oh so much!

Sidenote, has anyone seen crazy gas prices? I paid 3.59 a gallon today and had to wait in line for like 25 minutes at Noco by my house. My normal gas station had closed because they ran out of gas. Insanity! Time for more walking. Healthy me at least that will make!!!

Ok that's al for now -chadi
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08/31/05 08:08 - 71ºF - ID#28876

Gracias todos los personas


La Luna (on chippewa) at 11ish

Be there or be square!
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08/30/05 12:38 - 70ºF - ID#28875

Birthday Celebrations in 2 Days

Today was my family bday party which really is my parents, brother, terry, matt, jill and maureen. But it was nice and tasty dinner cookout. It was the first cookout my family had all year and it was very tasty. It was weird not getting any gifts though except one because i want all my gifts on my real birhtday, but after the cake it just seemed anti-climactic wiht no gifts. BUT

THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2005 - PARTY FOR MY 22nd BIRTHDAY AT LA LUNA. I figure we will head over to La Luna around 11ish, maybe some pregaming at the PMT's. Everyone should come!!! It will be joyous fun!!! (e:paul), (e:terry), (e:matt), (e:jill), (e:amanda), (e:maureen), (e:lilho), (e:tina), (e:flacindess) and many others will be there. Stop by and have a few drinks to celebrate my entry into real adulthood (that's waht begins at 22 right?) Hope to see you there.!

P.S. to (e:lilho), (e:maureen), and (e:jill) , you know what I want for my bday mostest of all and i hope i see theem walk throu8gh the door of La Luna on Wednesday! Somoene please make it happen!
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08/28/05 08:44 - 76ºF - ID#28874

Happy Bday TERRY

Almost too late but I just made it, though i was one of the first to wish it at midnight.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (e:TERRY)!!! HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE YOU OLDIE!!!
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08/26/05 05:53 - 85ºF - ID#28873

Artvoice Awards

Did everyone see that in the current issue of Artvoice, Estrip has made it in the top three nominees for best online blog! Congrats Estrip! I am not sure if they pick a top one from that or what the next step is? Does anyone know?
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08/25/05 12:17 - 63ºF - ID#28872

Early Birthday Surprise

What more could I ask for? I am walking down aisle 8 at work to put something back and what do i catch out of the corner of my eye but an (e:jill) coming down the aisle!!! THAT'S RIGHT MY JILLY IS HOME AGAIN!!! SHE decided to come home a few weeks early from Scottland and didn't tell me! I was super suprised but saddened by the fact that I still had to work like 3 more hours after that. 3 Hours of shaking excitment!!! WELCOME HOME JILLY!! That's the bestest birthday gift a guy could ask for and my birthday still isn't for a week. What a great improvement to my working 9 days in a row and only having the tenth day fof cuz i need to get a cavity filled!!!
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08/21/05 11:59 - 68ºF - ID#28871

Peely MCPeels

My oh so attractive and painful lobster red back has now turned into a maze of peeling skin. It is so itchy and gross. On a better note (e:amanda) is back in town and ready to go out and party so hopefully some hardcore fun this week, or at least cheap beer at the Deuce!
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08/18/05 12:22 - 67ºF - ID#28870

Sooo Itchy

My sunburn back is now one big itchy mess!!! I seriously have never felt so crazy in my life. I don't know what to do to make it stop. I have been using lotion and lidocaine and aloe and blowing a fan on it and put my back in the freezer and ice and water and everything. I get a few minutes of relief yhere and hthere and then back to the complete itch. (e:maureen) seems to be liek half a day ahead of me in her sunburn stage and her itching isn't as bad anyjmore. SO hopefully only 12 mor ehours of this!! AHHH Any suggestions?
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