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08/30/08 05:05 - 79ºF - ID#45512

Final Surveys Before the big 2-5

SO i am doing online surveys like whoa today just cuz it is the last day i can check the 18-24 box before I am placed in the much more adult 25+ box. My final 7 hours of not being a quarter-lifer. WE are heading ou tto Fugazi tonight prolly around 10 and then not sure whree i wanna go from there, if anyone is out and about and wants to meet us out.
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08/28/08 01:50 - 62ºF - ID#45485

Happy Birthday Terry!!

May that sinister look in your eye bag you lots of innocent ladies today and in the year to come....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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08/26/08 12:08 - 60ºF - ID#45455

Almost a quarter century

So in like 5 days I will be a quarter century and maybe quarter life (here's hoping I live to at least 100)! That is crazy, i will be out of the category 18-24 on surveys and that is just plain nutso. by the by I take a lot of surveys cuz i like to and they are fun and so tihs is something I will have to face a lot. Usually I am so like all birthday all the time for the like the weeks leading up but this year not as much I don't know why, not that I am not excited about my birthday cuz I am , I just havne't ought about it as much for some reason. I tink i am wanting to go out and celebrate and party on saturday night but i will keep you posted on any festivities.

I got my frist gift today from my friend Jen who lives in Tennessee, she is like th emost northern gal I kno wand I don't know how she does it , expeically while her busband is in Iraq. Like with all the veg-all in a can, Wal-Marts and confederate flag deocrated cars , I don't know how she survives but she does. She sent me some crazy confederate themed things like a cookbook and stickers and someboy cowboy cheese spraders. My firstest birthday thing was a card from (e:jessbob) featuring the one and only Joan Rivers as a bobble-head , pretty awesome if i do say so myself!!!
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08/21/08 10:00 - 59ºF - ID#45391

That Could Have Been Me...

why couldn't I be the local blogger breaking the Hoyt affair scandal. estrip could have been famous........
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08/16/08 07:50 - 73ºF - ID#45344 also

So (e:paul)'s journal got me hooked on , i love this one



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08/12/08 07:32 - 71ºF - ID#45315

According to the mail...I'm Old

So I get mail today from an insurance company that says across it "DO YOU WISH YOU WERE YOUNG AGAIN? YOU STILL HAVE A SECOND CHANCE" goes on to say "for a long time we wanted to do something really important for a too-long neglected group of Americans. Especially the ones in yoru ages group. The solid, decent, dependable Americns" it was all about how if i didn't get insurance when I was young I still have a hope. I'm thinking they think I'm older or at least I'm hoping they think that. I mean i don't want to be quarter-century anymore than the next person and I hate hate hate that I am now in like the 25-32 category on surveys instead of 18-24 but is it really time for my to be wishing I was young again? Ugh it makes me feel even worse about being old in 19 days.
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08/10/08 04:38 - 60ºF - ID#45297

The logo on the front page

The logo on the front page , the black one with the letters in bubbles, the RIP at the end of elmwoodstrip sticks out. I totlaly thought it was like someone died or something, like RIP elmwood , i don't know , just a random thougt,.
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08/06/08 11:59 - 71ºF - ID#45260

Making Old Ladies Go Wow

So there is this lady who is one of my favorite customers even though she is crazy and buys i would say like 8 36 packs of beer a week. Anywho she loves me and only lets me cash her out and to get beer you have to type in a date of birth and so I know her date of brith and it was today. So I decided to call her and wish her a happy birthday! She was sooo excited and then she came into the store later to get some stuff and was telling the other people in line how great i was and that i did that. She is is funny! I love how somehting so simple can make someone feel so good, it is truly great!!! Part of why i love my job is these people, they make it worth it!
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08/04/08 10:32 - 73ºF - ID#45242

The Big Meeting

So (e:libertad) met the 'rents this weekend on Sunday. It went very well if i do say so myself. He was very charming and brought over chocolates and they seemed to all get along well. My mom felt bad thought cuz she only had one meat and as many of you know from (e:paul)'s journals there is usually a 2 meat minimum at my family dinners. She had a busy weekend though and it was sorta not a lot of pre planning. It still was good though. It was relaly nice to have them all meet and get along. It just felt like "phew this is good, reeeals good!"
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