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10/31/08 05:49 - 61ºF - ID#46452

Taped and Pinned In

I am gonna have to be duck taped and safety pinned into my very shotty craftmanship of a costume and it comes across as more creepy than fun but I like it! Procrastination worked again!
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10/31/08 10:39 - 52ºF - ID#46444

Time Crunch

OK ser, it is getting way to close to the party and I still have no idea what to wear. It is gonna be a huge let downthis year i tihnk. And i don't know what kinda drink to make either, i was trying to find halloweeny drinks but nothing strikes my fancy.......procrastination powers better start kicking in asap... haha i was making a list of tings to bring to the party and I just looked and realized i wrote down "lovely self" cuz that is what (e:hodown) said to bring , i wrote like i have to go to the store and get it.
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10/28/08 04:29 - 41ºF - ID#46389

The Perfect Job

I posted this last night but it dissapeared or something. So i tihnk i found the perfect job for me. I love working with people and helping them especially older people and it is at the offical estrip place of employment the one and only roswell park. Now i just need to get my butt in gear and get my resume done!

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10/27/08 11:10 - 43ºF - ID#46378

Costume time?

What the heck am I gonna be for halloween? I always procrastinate and then come up with something pretty awesome but this is really cutting it close, considering i work everyday til halloween. Well not friday. Me and (e:jill) had a few ideas whlie out shopping the other day but nothing concrete! What can I be? Oh by the by on the side, my boss at work her daughter who is a freshman in high school and her firends are being the people from Candy Land. I am so freakin jealous. That is waht I always wanted to be but noone would go along with it! Can't wait to see everyone dressed up!!!!!!!!!! i love halloween hardcore. Not the scary part but the fun sparkly short shorts part!
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10/26/08 02:25 - 58ºF - ID#46347

Is American Eagle monitoring my thought?

So this was so random. Me and (e:libertad) were at the mall yesterday and we were in American Eagle and I was thinking I don't really buy that much there anymore , i should prolly just cancel my credit card. I used to shop there all the time and I do get stuff every once in a whlie but not that much so it prolly isn't worth having the card anymore. This morning i was really debating about it cuz they say like good and bad things about canceling credit cards. It only has like a 500 dollar limit and i thought maybe i should just keep it cuz then you get a few extra deals but really i almost shop there never. So after debating this, I sign onto AOL and have an e-mail from American Eagle entitled Are YOu Breaking Up with Us? And it was like an e-mail ad about how they haven't had me purchase sutff in a whlie and gave me coupons to use and they want me back. How radnom? They must be stalking my thoughts!
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10/24/08 11:30 - 44ºF - ID#46299

Grow Old With You

I love this song that Adam Sandler sings in the Wedding Singer
Here's looking at ya (e:libertad)...

I wanna make you smile
whenever you are sad
carry you around when your arthritis is bad
all i wanna do is grow old with you

i'll give you medicine when your tummy aches
build you a fire if the furnace breaks
oh it could be so nice growing old with you

i'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when yo uare cold
need you, feed you, even let you hold the remote cnotrol

so let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
oh i'll be the man who grows old with you
i wanna grow old with you
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10/22/08 12:29 - 36ºF - ID#46245

Lenny and Puppers and Florida Oh My

Here are some pics from Florida, mostly of the dogs. I didn't take too many pics. I will post more about the trip later or maybe i wil lnever like i promised to post the rest of my cleveland trip but never got around to it. Here they are......

Eating a bagel in Buffalo before out 7 AM FLIGHT!

About to board our flight in Buffalo by the by I did not throw up on the way there

Oustide Dave's mom's house

This cool table in his mom's living room that I loved.

The pool. I WANT A POOL SO BAD. notice how it is caged in. All pools there are cages to keep out wild animals!

The bar by the pool, I DEF WANT ONE OF THESE TOO!!!

Dave in the kitchen

Dave, his mom and his grandma at the beach near their house. Being around his granmda made me miss my grandma so much. There is such a special thing about grandma's that noone else can fulfill in you. It made me sad.

Dave and his mom outside the tiki garden.

Me and Dave

Me and his mom!

AND HERE COME THE DOGS, i took way more photos of them , this is just a few. If you know me you know how carazy it is that i was so in love with these dogs , particularly lenny!!!! i really do miss them already....


Puppers- notice the doggie diaper his mom makes for him

Puppers again

Both Cuties!

They would be so fat if i owned them cuz i could never say no to anything they wanted.

Dave in the Buffalo Airport waiting for luggage

A minute later when I told him he had to pretend he was happy he was with me and not be miserable.

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10/21/08 12:58 - 40ºF - ID#46228

Sit, Back, Relax, It's Florida

I had an amazing time in Flordia. I felt bad for dave's family though becasue as you have read in his post, his mom's cousin passed away whlie we were there. I felt terrible!I will write more about the trip once i find my camera cord so i can post osme pics with it! One word though: i am in love with lenny, ok that was five words, nope it was six wrods i tihnk, either, I am in love with a dog named lenny and those who know me know I hate dogs!
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10/18/08 10:02 - 37ºF - ID#46174

A Tribute To A Ho

There is the girl named Ho
She is really quite super classy...
She likes to have good times...
and shake her sexy assy.....
I wish she was here in b-lo...
so the party and drinks would always flow...
but since shes not , i'll just wish...
a happy belated b-day to my HO......

Welcome to the 25 club ( i think you are 25 now right?)!!!!!

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10/15/08 11:27 - 58ºF - ID#46134

The Secret of the Neon Tango

First of all that would make a good movie title. Second of all , my entire life has been spent pondering the neon tango dancers above the Sahara Grill, that were about Uncle JOes, that were above Just Pizza and prolly the 900 other businesses that have been in that location on elmwood and bidwell. I was always in awe of their neon dancing glory but noone ever knew how thye got there, who paid for them, who pays for them now? were they a piece of art, were they once an ad for a dance school? Who pays the elctric? Who put them up? No one ever knows

AND THEN tonight on channel 2 news they say coming up next the secret of those neon tango dancer on elmwood and I liteerally screamed and jumped for joy!!!!!!!!! I peed my pants while i waited for the commercial break to end and the secrets to all be revealed!!! So the story starts and THEY SAY NOTHING, al,l they say is that part of it was borken and the elmwood society fiexed it! That ansers nothing! that is not secrets revealed. I loathe you channel 2 but alas i don't have the choice of watching channel 4 right now! It was like i though i was about to have all the answers and now I'm left with just more questions!!!!!!!
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