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10/26/08 02:25 - 58ºF - ID#46347

Is American Eagle monitoring my thought?

So this was so random. Me and (e:libertad) were at the mall yesterday and we were in American Eagle and I was thinking I don't really buy that much there anymore , i should prolly just cancel my credit card. I used to shop there all the time and I do get stuff every once in a whlie but not that much so it prolly isn't worth having the card anymore. This morning i was really debating about it cuz they say like good and bad things about canceling credit cards. It only has like a 500 dollar limit and i thought maybe i should just keep it cuz then you get a few extra deals but really i almost shop there never. So after debating this, I sign onto AOL and have an e-mail from American Eagle entitled Are YOu Breaking Up with Us? And it was like an e-mail ad about how they haven't had me purchase sutff in a whlie and gave me coupons to use and they want me back. How radnom? They must be stalking my thoughts!
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10/24/08 11:30 - 44ºF - ID#46299

Grow Old With You

I love this song that Adam Sandler sings in the Wedding Singer
Here's looking at ya (e:libertad)...

I wanna make you smile
whenever you are sad
carry you around when your arthritis is bad
all i wanna do is grow old with you

i'll give you medicine when your tummy aches
build you a fire if the furnace breaks
oh it could be so nice growing old with you

i'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when yo uare cold
need you, feed you, even let you hold the remote cnotrol

so let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
oh i'll be the man who grows old with you
i wanna grow old with you
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10/22/08 12:29 - 36ºF - ID#46245

Lenny and Puppers and Florida Oh My

Here are some pics from Florida, mostly of the dogs. I didn't take too many pics. I will post more about the trip later or maybe i wil lnever like i promised to post the rest of my cleveland trip but never got around to it. Here they are......

Eating a bagel in Buffalo before out 7 AM FLIGHT!

About to board our flight in Buffalo by the by I did not throw up on the way there

Oustide Dave's mom's house

This cool table in his mom's living room that I loved.

The pool. I WANT A POOL SO BAD. notice how it is caged in. All pools there are cages to keep out wild animals!

The bar by the pool, I DEF WANT ONE OF THESE TOO!!!

Dave in the kitchen

Dave, his mom and his grandma at the beach near their house. Being around his granmda made me miss my grandma so much. There is such a special thing about grandma's that noone else can fulfill in you. It made me sad.

Dave and his mom outside the tiki garden.

Me and Dave

Me and his mom!

AND HERE COME THE DOGS, i took way more photos of them , this is just a few. If you know me you know how carazy it is that i was so in love with these dogs , particularly lenny!!!! i really do miss them already....


Puppers- notice the doggie diaper his mom makes for him

Puppers again

Both Cuties!

They would be so fat if i owned them cuz i could never say no to anything they wanted.

Dave in the Buffalo Airport waiting for luggage

A minute later when I told him he had to pretend he was happy he was with me and not be miserable.

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10/21/08 12:58 - 40ºF - ID#46228

Sit, Back, Relax, It's Florida

I had an amazing time in Flordia. I felt bad for dave's family though becasue as you have read in his post, his mom's cousin passed away whlie we were there. I felt terrible!I will write more about the trip once i find my camera cord so i can post osme pics with it! One word though: i am in love with lenny, ok that was five words, nope it was six wrods i tihnk, either, I am in love with a dog named lenny and those who know me know I hate dogs!
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10/18/08 10:02 - 37ºF - ID#46174

A Tribute To A Ho

There is the girl named Ho
She is really quite super classy...
She likes to have good times...
and shake her sexy assy.....
I wish she was here in b-lo...
so the party and drinks would always flow...
but since shes not , i'll just wish...
a happy belated b-day to my HO......

Welcome to the 25 club ( i think you are 25 now right?)!!!!!

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10/15/08 11:27 - 58ºF - ID#46134

The Secret of the Neon Tango

First of all that would make a good movie title. Second of all , my entire life has been spent pondering the neon tango dancers above the Sahara Grill, that were about Uncle JOes, that were above Just Pizza and prolly the 900 other businesses that have been in that location on elmwood and bidwell. I was always in awe of their neon dancing glory but noone ever knew how thye got there, who paid for them, who pays for them now? were they a piece of art, were they once an ad for a dance school? Who pays the elctric? Who put them up? No one ever knows

AND THEN tonight on channel 2 news they say coming up next the secret of those neon tango dancer on elmwood and I liteerally screamed and jumped for joy!!!!!!!!! I peed my pants while i waited for the commercial break to end and the secrets to all be revealed!!! So the story starts and THEY SAY NOTHING, al,l they say is that part of it was borken and the elmwood society fiexed it! That ansers nothing! that is not secrets revealed. I loathe you channel 2 but alas i don't have the choice of watching channel 4 right now! It was like i though i was about to have all the answers and now I'm left with just more questions!!!!!!!
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10/15/08 11:02 - 58ºF - ID#46133

Off To Florida in Six Hours

I am off to Florida with (e:libertad) in six hours. we are staying with him mom for five days near clear water! I cannot wait. I love beaches and pools and sun and sunglasses! and i especially love not back next week!!! i am so afraid i did not pack enough stuff. I have apretty huge suitcase but i didn't fill it to the max so I prolly don't have enough stuff. I tend to overpack (see previous posts about any trip ever). Like three pairs of swim turnks for three days is not excessive right? I mean i cut back cuz i originally packed five! Alright see ya all later as long as I don't die on the plane either from either vomiting too much or terrorists. I just ate clam chowder soup that was prolly a bad idea cuz it seems gross to throw it up...bleh.......
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10/10/08 11:31 - 56ºF - ID#46041

My Way To Long New Kids Post

SO I am gonna write about my Cleveland weekend old school style, (check out my journals from like 2003 /2004 athat were like millions of words long, prolly only (e:mk) will make it through the whole ting but I like to have it all for when i go back and read them)

So it all started when (e:mk) and (e:jill) got a boy turning 25 the best gift ever, namely tickets to go see , what is likely the most talented musical act of the last 100 years, the New Kids on the Block ( i refuse to refer to them as NKOTB even though that would be much easier to type but i didn't love that phase of them) in Clevelan. So it was like two days befor eand we hadn't' booked a hotel and so i did that thing on hotwire wher eyou don't know which hotel you are booking but just the area and so it is cheaper. SO i got a hotel for liek 60 bucks but i didn't know the name. I was usper nervous. It turned out to be a HOliday Inn and it looked like it was in a super ogod locatio nbut it didn't really have a website which was really nerve wracking. What hotel doesn't have a website?

So anywho the dya comes that we are leaving (Fridya) and I have all these plans to liek go and get a book about Cleveland at the AAA and eat a tasty lunch at Panera before we leave but eve nthough I am the only one of the three of us that doesn't have to work i get nothing done and end up not having time to go to AAA or eat. OH i almost forgot, so this girl at work Vickie promised me a New Kids hat and big pin to wear so I didn't even look through my stuff to see if i had any and i got to pick it up at work on the way to go pick up (e:mk) and SHE FORGOT IT . and so i had no gear. ugh i was angry, angry like whoa. Cuz if i had time i could have wennt though and found my own stuff cuz we all know i don't throw anything out but instead i had no gear and i could have bougth new gear but id on't want new gear, i want old classic gear like you know the good stuff. So then i get to (e:Mk) 's and then we are off to pick up (e:jill) WE go to stop at the ATM and (e:mk) realizes she has lost her debit card. SO not a good sign for the beggingin of the trip so we start to drive back to her house but her husband looks around and doesn't fidn it so we don't bother cuz we are on a time budget. Oh i tihnk i forgot to mentio nthat (e:jill) didn't realize she would have to get oyut of work before 6 to make it to a 8 oclock ocncert in cleveland so she is like sorta sneaking out at four and we have to pick her up like two stores down from the one she works at in the plaza. So we have some time to kill before 4 o'clock cuz even thouigh i was runing too late to get stuff done, i was little early because i didn't get anything doen. So me and (e:mk) went to Wendy's and pcked up some chow. Me and (e:mk) have a weird affinity for wendy's and especially the one near BJ's (the store) in tonawanda that used to have a salad bar.but that isn't the one we went to we went to the one next to Jill's work. So then we go to (e:Jilil)'s plaza and wait and we see her coming. She gets in the car and tells us she might be fired. Her work is kinda crazy and weird and psycho and so they were like too nice about letting her leave and so she was pretty sure she was fired. But it turns out in the end she wasn't so that was good. So the directions from her work to the Q arena in cleveland are seriulsy like go left , drive 200 miles, make a right. It seriuously was three steps , it was crazy easy even for myself. OK i did ask (e:Mk) like every fifty feet what I shooujld be doing cuz i get nervous but the answer was always just keep going straight and don't take the exit.

I had packed some seriuos hot tunes, like Pop HIts of the 90s , The Crossroads soundtrack (that movie is the one tha tmade me and jill firends , it was the first time we hung out alone together and look how well it went from there!@) , some N'sync and of course the New Kids Greatest Hits. So we were savign the New Kids cd til we were closer to get us pumped. Oh it was so weird like the whole way there there was this car that had two bikes on top that looked like a turtle, i mean not really but to us it seemed like a turtle. Turtle , turtle, turtle ( thats a little Master of Disguise plug there). So it was so weird we liek wouldn't see the car for miles AND THEN IT would be behind us and then like miles later we would see it in front of us and stuff , like the whole way it was like that. OH AND DON"T EVEN get me started on the crazy crack whore moneky who was doig nthat whole driving slowly in the fast lane thing but then if i tried to go around her she would speed up, i hated that stupid ho even if she did have a handicap plate. I tihnk that she was prolly faking it cuz she was so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anywho we get to cleveland and find the arena super fast and then decide we have to time to go to the hotel cuz we got there in a little under 3 hours so we had time. We go and i was so nervous the hotel would not be there , oh by the by my TomTom gets messed up in cleveland and starts like spinning in circles and aciting like i'm driving all carzy which i prolly was driving a little crazy but like not in that way. So i am so nervous the hotel isn't going to be there oh cuz i google earthed it or whatever before we left and there was not really a building there. Anywho, we get there and it is there so that is good. It is 16 dollars to park in theri thing and you use your card to get in and out of the parking ramp. Well i for some reason could not figure out how to get my card in for the life of me but i evntully did but the car that blokcs you from going inwas broken anyway so i oculd have juts drove in.

We get to our room and it was actually pretty nie, oh they asked us if we wanted smoking or non which was wierd. Who does that still?

So we frehsen and (e:mk) puts on her new kids gear (whihc i had none of grr) and we head down to the Quicken Loan Cetner. It was in walking distance whihc was nice and on the way there we realized we should prolly be at least a little tipsy and so we stop at a bar near it and just do a few shots each real quick )which OMG those shots were expensive. but it was an emergency so what could we do. So we get to the arena and I am one of like 30 guys at the whole place . OH AND I FORGOT they siad no cameras so i didn't bring mine cuz i didn't want tem to take it away but then they didn't ever chekc or anytihng so i totally could have brought it grrr! But the memories will always be a live in my mind. So first some person named like COdy Adonis opened and he was ok but no one hceered really til he said are you exciteda bout New Kids. Then Natasha Bedinglfied which was cool cuz me and rachelle kinda have Pociket full of sunshine as our song so it was cool to see it live. SO THEN THE EXCITEMENT STARTS TO BUILD and a few shots and beers later and my excitement is boiling over..................................

AND THEN THERE THEY ARE JOEY, DANNY, DONNIE, JONATHAN, and JORDAN. THEY WERE AMAZING FROM BEGINNING TO END! Like i loved their old stuff and their new stuff and everything. I don't even know what to say about it except they were amazing. they did all the good songs. Oh i know what to say , poor JOnathan (my favorito by far) didn't get any play but i tink maybe he iddn't want any becuase like i know he left the band to raise horses and sells real estate in boston. but like on the big screen they would close up and show each person and then jonathan would get 1/2 second on screen. Danny didn't get a lot of play either but still 10 times as much as Jonathan and Danny is scary anywyas so he shouldn't get tons of play> They each did like something solo, JOrdan and Joey did songs from their solo careers, Donnie did Cover Girl by himself, and Dann;y did a break dance routine, but Jonathan did nothing. OMG at this one part they came down and did some songs on this little stage in th emiddle of the floor so the people on the floor could be right there next to them and touch them and everything. I was jeal of those people. I have never screamed so much in my life as I did at this concert, just constant two hours of screaming. I twas insnael. Like it just made me so happy and good and feel good and just like oh it just perfedctness. It was everythtnig I dreamed it would be. and then some. and then some more. Oh so you thought itw as over and they hadn't done all the songs I expected but they came back out and played Step By Step WHICH WAS AAMAZING . And then it ended......NO IT DIDN'T .....THEY CAME BACK OUT AND DID A ROOF RAISING RENDITION OF HANGIN TOUGH!!!! We just sat in our seats afterwards for a whlie relaxing and takin git all in. It was seriusly draining emotionally, ophysically, vocally, draining in every was the best night of my life ever possibly.....the weekend continued after this but i will make that another journal cuz i am tired of wriitng right now.

OH i forgot in their arena the pretzels are shaped like Q ecause it is calle dthe Q but like that basically just give you less pretzrel cuz you don't get one of the curves. I think it is a scam and should bwe on 20/20 investigations!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i forgot we were like some of the younger people there i think becasue we were like 5 when they were popular the first time,. there were lots of moms and stuff like not with theri kids but thye look like they are moms and were older than us. There were some young people and the girl behind us said she was there czu of her new stuff and she wasn't prolly born when they were out the first time but like i think it was mostly fans from the first time around> Oh and it was totally sold out and pakced !! Itwas so aw4esome!
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10/05/08 12:27 - 48ºF - ID#45936

New Kids rocked My World

So we went to see the New Kids (as in New Kids on the Blcok) Concert in Cleveland (we being (e:jill), (e:mk) and myself) and i must say it was the best time of my entire life. It made me feeel so happy and good and eveyrthing and like fiver years old again. the crowd was intense and insane and screaming the whole time (us included, including jill screaming Donnie I'll give you my uterus). It was like just soooo good. They put on prolly the best show any group could ever put on. I seriously loved every second of it!!!! i will write more about the concert and the whole ttrip later as we just got back ( we stayed overnight and did stuff in cleveland today) and i am tired. Unfort I have no pics from the ocncert cuz they would not allow cameras in and my phone is crappy at taking pcitures in the dark. But it is all in my mind foreva.............New KIds I will love you forever!
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10/02/08 04:49 - 52ºF - ID#45900

Hangin Tough

In less than 24 hours i will be on my way to Cleveland to see New Kids on the BLOCK!!! I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...