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01/22/09 04:21 - 27ºF - ID#47491

Happy Birthday Big Bro!

Happy 32 Birthday! May you always be the puppet master of your world....

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01/11/09 01:34 - 22ºF - ID#47367

Young At Heart- BEST THING EVER!

So (e:maureen) was raving about the documentary Young at Heart about this community center senior citizen chorus in Boston where the average age is 80 years old and they sing rock songs. She loved the documentary and had seen them in person. She built it up so much that i thought for sure it oculd not be as good as she said but it was! AND BETTER! It seriuosly is so happy and sad and inspiring and entertaining. it is like everything a documentary could be. The scene in the jail is so heartwarming. It was voted the number one scene in a movie for 2008 by newsweek!!!seriously watch it!

I have to admit, I love old poeple in general so I am a little bias but i seriously do not believe anyone could not like this movie! My parents just watched it and loved it too! IT is so good!I recommend it to everyone. It is in th enew releases at blockbuster and i'm sure it is on netflix and everything too, it just came out this year!!! here is the trailer

I don't want to put any more clips cuz i want you to see the whole tihng, it is so much better as a whole!! i mean you can watch clips on youtube but the whole thing together is so much better and in context!
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01/03/09 01:08 - 22ºF - ID#47258

My Final Christmas

Those of you who know me know my family has sorta a lot of family things over the holidays and then when you add in my holidays with various friends and (e:libertad) it ends up to be a lot of christmas celebrations! Well tomorrow is the official end of the season for me. Me and (e:mk) are going to the Eastern Hlils Mall like we do eveyrwhere to exchange gifts, eat some bad chinese food prolly and scope out sales and sauciness. It is really a great tradition, that mall is like the basis of ever5ything me and (e:mk) stand for. It is empty and 80's style and now it got a makeover but is still really not graet and i love that about it. YOu can always get good deals cuz stuff gets to clearance cuz noone shops there. All in all a great christmas season!!! p.s. thanks (e:matt) for letting me borrow your white chrimstas tree to make the perfect late christams for me and (e:libertad)!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. I learned in a n awesome book that (e:libertad) gave me that Lord Byron saved the pubic hair from each person he slept with in an envelope with their name and the ocllectio njust dissappered in like the last decade! good to know
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