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03/29/09 09:24 - 39ºF - ID#48232

Possible New Job

So i have the possibility of a new job prospect which while it is not my dream job by any stretch would be a step up from what i am doing now. The really bad part though is that i am totally screwing over my current work if i start when my new job will possibly start. I hate to say it but i really basically run that place and they could not replace me in the next two years! I mean weeks, but prolly even in 2 years they could not replace me. I originally thought the new job was gonna be 330 til midnight so i could work my old job some mornings but now that is not the case and it is 10-630 which leaves me no time for my old job really. So i don't have the new job for sure yet but I think i probably will get it. We'll see. the ohter bad thing is we have a trip planned to (e:libertad)'s mom in florida in july and they have a no days off for 3 months policy so I have to talk to them about that b/c like I already have my ticket and dave has his vaca then and stuff and it would be almost at the end fo the 3 month period. So we'll see, wish me luck.
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03/26/09 04:17 - 52ºF - ID#48210

Not At Marcellas

Why aren't there performances at Marcella's like tihs with back up dancers and what not..that would be fun. Though Marcellas' performances do occasionally involve a full sub being flung aroudn with lettuce everywhere which is fun too........Here's a little something from my 2 favorite RuPaul drag race contestants..

she even has a music video

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03/19/09 05:10 - 41ºF - ID#48126

My Favorite Product -

So me and my mom are doing an extensive home versio nof Clean House minus the Nicey host and home make over and television celebritiness of it. We are both pack rats and decided we have to rid ourselves of a lot of stuff. It clicked for my mom after she realized we had so much stuff of my grandmas still at her house and she passed away 3 years ago. So needless to say it has been crazy going through and gettin rid of stuff, literally i would say we have about at leat 1,000 greeting cards to get rid of (some charities take them and reuse the front part, i am not sure they realize how many they are going to get, i think it will be a lifteie supply)! My mom just threw out our baby crib (the width of the bars are illegal now cuz they are too far apart and dangerous). I finally parted with my collectio nof paper bracelets they put on your wrist to prove you are 21 (each with the event and date listed on the back) and so on and so forth but we came across this gem of a product...

we bought it for my aunt and uncle as a gag one year and it has been passed around my family every since. So you think what is so funny about a doughnut express?.....


Well what is so funny is that NOWHERE ON THE BOX OR DIRECTIONS does it include using the doughnut express. the instructions very nicely give e you directions on how to make a donught by like makuing dough and rolling it out and cutting it and stuffing it and stuff. NO PART inside or out involves the doughnut express. It is so hilairous to me! I love it!!! Like it tells you how to make things wihtout using their product. No step involves batter dropping or any express doughnut machine! I love it, i don't think i can part with this one...


I am having a garage sale in the summer at (e:libertad)'s house to get rid of a lot of this stuff, there will be plenty of gems like the Highschool Musical Mystery Date game unopened, a safari hat, a motorized tie rack, abou 12 differetn radios that look like cellphones, and that's just the beginning!!!!

I'll leave you with this

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03/16/09 10:28 - 44ºF - ID#48080

RuPaul's Drag Race- Sashay Away

So I love the new reality show RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo. It is like sorta America's Next Top Modelish but with Drag Queens and lesser prizes! Putting drag queens in a reality show is a great idea and i love that at the end of each episode the lowest two girls have to "LIP SYNCH FOR THEIR LIFE!" , it is quite entertaining. I think they could have maybe found some little more interesting people but it is still really good. They all have very different styles and it also like you don't necessarily know who will get voted off each week. Sometimes it is surprising!

You know its good because it is one of only very few shows that both me and (e:libertad) like. We generally like different kinds of shows but we both love this one which is nice. Unfortunately it is on on Mondays, and so he and his roommate Steve get to watch it on Mondays when it airs and i have to watch it on dvr later in the week cuz i work all day mondays. I am so jealous of them watching it! It stinks that we don't get to watch it together since we both like it. I hate waiting all week , knowing they already know what happened and i don't. But if any of you get Logo you should check it out or rent it on dvd when it comes out....i think it is almost the finale

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03/04/09 10:33 - 21ºF - ID#47950

e:Paul's Circumcision

Just thought I would try and get a little of the attention over here with my title. My mom was juts going thorugh old bills and stuff and found paul's circumcision bill....guess how much it cost in 1977...........

wait for it.....

FIVE DOLLARS! yeah that's it , five dollars! How insane, i cna't even get like a wendy's meal for five dollars let alone a circumcision!
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