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07/21/12 11:40 - ID#56632 pmobl

party turn

the bartender just pioured like half a vordtle of captn in mine and rachelles drinks. let the party begin !

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07/19/12 10:53 - ID#56628

Magic Mike

(e:jill), (e:mk) and I went to see Magic Mike tonight. It really had some horrible horrible acting, especially his love interest who had the most annoying life and just was annoying. Not that anyone was a great actor in it but it still was entertaining and funny even when it didn't mean to be necessarily.

ANywho, it made me think I really need to get in shape. Not that I will ever be in shape like Chaning Tatum or Matt McConoughey or any of them but still I could try to be a little in shape. Speaking of which though, to be in the shape theya re in do you pretty much have to work out all day every day. There bodies were insane. Like how is it even possible to look like that?
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07/15/12 06:26 - ID#56616 pmobl

things I need

so I'm cleaning out the cubby hole in my dresser and there is a notebook I wrote notes and random stuff in and rough copies of letters I was going to send my friends.

anywho, there is a list from I'm guessing 2005 though I don't have anything dated but the stuff around it seems from then and it goes

Things I need :
either signatures or syringes I can't read the writing in this line and am not sure why I would need either


I wrote it like a list like I just had to run to wegmans and pick up a life and dates. I was so weird .

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