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07/21/12 11:40 - ID#56632 pmobl

party turn

the bartender just pioured like half a vordtle of captn in mine and rachelles drinks. let the party begin !

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07/19/12 10:53 - ID#56628

Magic Mike

(e:jill), (e:mk) and I went to see Magic Mike tonight. It really had some horrible horrible acting, especially his love interest who had the most annoying life and just was annoying. Not that anyone was a great actor in it but it still was entertaining and funny even when it didn't mean to be necessarily.

ANywho, it made me think I really need to get in shape. Not that I will ever be in shape like Chaning Tatum or Matt McConoughey or any of them but still I could try to be a little in shape. Speaking of which though, to be in the shape theya re in do you pretty much have to work out all day every day. There bodies were insane. Like how is it even possible to look like that?
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07/15/12 06:26 - ID#56616 pmobl

things I need

so I'm cleaning out the cubby hole in my dresser and there is a notebook I wrote notes and random stuff in and rough copies of letters I was going to send my friends.

anywho, there is a list from I'm guessing 2005 though I don't have anything dated but the stuff around it seems from then and it goes

Things I need :
either signatures or syringes I can't read the writing in this line and am not sure why I would need either


I wrote it like a list like I just had to run to wegmans and pick up a life and dates. I was so weird .

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06/11/12 11:39 - ID#56539

Happy Birthday Davey!

What does Suze say:



I say it too! Happy 32nd babe! I love ya!

(I know this is like 30 minutes before your b-day but I wanted it to be here in the morning!)
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06/07/12 05:20 - ID#56523

Corporate Challenge

Well the corporate challenge is tonight and I never ended up training even a little bit besides taking some walks but never even a little running so I guess it may just be walking for us. Maybe just walking right to the beer and food tents! Me and Rachelle decided we are starting tomorrow to train for next year and do it for reals this time! Well maybe not tomorrow but soon?
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06/01/12 06:47 - ID#56509 pmobl

ear 2

so after I remove the layers of bandages it doesn't look to bad or face changing


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05/31/12 05:05 - ID#56504

my ear

So I had a precancerous mole more deeply removed from my ear this morning. I was a little nervous that they were going to accidentally cut off my whole ear or there would be a big hole in it but it seems like that did not happen. THough I cannot know for sure because I am not allowed to take the bandaid off for 24 hours. Maybe there is really nothing under the bandaid and they were too afraid to tell me. THe whole procedure took not even 15 minutes though it sure did seem like a lot of cutting for a little ear. Hopefully it won't be too scarred or anything.

I went to Dr. Wirth for the surgery instead of my normal dermatologist Dr. COnroy because she said she doesn't do removals on faces because he does that more so there isn't as much scarring. Hopefully she is right. He was super nice. Like he talked over the whole thing with me and made me very calm about it (not that it was a big deal or the first mole I had removed but it still was really nice). He and his whole staff seemed really nice and if I didn't love Dr. COnroy so much and had been with her for so long I think I might have tried to switch offices but I love Dr. COnroy too and never want to leave her either.

I guess I won't really know if he did a good job of not butchering my ear until the stitches come out next week so we'll see, I'll post an update then but for now I feel pretty good aobut it. I am afraid it is going to hurt a lot after the local Anastasia wares off. When they just removed a not deep , little part it hurt a lot so hopefully it won't be too bad. I feel like there is just no wiggle room for ears so like the pain seems more or something, like the ones on my stomach and elbow had like no pain but we'll see.

That's all for now, here is a postop bandage pic...

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05/24/12 11:49 - ID#56480

Did I do the right thing?

So today I got my car washed and then went to get gas at the Delta Sonic on Main Street. Well I pulled up to the pump and it just said remove nozzle and select grade. I couldn't believe you didn't have to prepay. And so I selected my grade and then the screen said $30 prepaid ready but I hadn't paid. So there was a worker working on the next pump over and so I said to him what was going on and he was like "oh that must have been put on the wrong pump" and then I had to wait a few minutes for them to take it off and I paid for myown gas. So really I could have had $30 of free gas, noone would have ever known. But I thought what if some poor bloke's money got put on the wrong pump and then he/she lost out on the $30.

But then I thought what if liek the person before me was trying to pay it forward and now stupid Delta Sonic just took that money and noone got the free gas the person wanted someone to have.

I don't know, what would youdo? Maybe I should have just taken the gas but I think it would be waying on my conscience if I did.

THey did give me a coupon for a free super kiss car wash for being honest. So I guess that was nice but that is no $30 and frankly I hardly ever wash my car because going through those things make me sooo nervous . And that was even before the CSI where the midget contortionist was hiding in the backseat and then killed a lday while her car was going through the car wash. That just sealed the scared deal. And plus I had just already had it washed today! Well I don't know, I guess it's good knowing I did the right thing, but somehow I think $30 free dollars worth of gas might have felt better?
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05/20/12 05:26 - ID#56474 pmobl

buffalo's tour guide

The city should pay me for all the directions and advice I give to people wandering through the main street wasteland on my weekend walks downtown. It's at least a few people on every walk. There really is nowhere else for them to go for info since almost nothing is open.

Unfortunately I couldn't convince a Japanese tourist to go somewhere besides tho fridays for chicken wings. She heard those were the best ones and she was walking so I didn't really know where else she would get/ could get to

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05/19/12 03:27 - ID#56468

Salt and Pepper

I know I had gotten a gray hair or two but the other day at Lord and Taylor in the fitting room for some reason the lights really made the grays shine! Ugh I am not ready for that. Then today I went to the barber and seeing all the hairs fall on the smock there are lots of lighter ones mixed in now. I am not ready to be salt and pepper and especially not ready to be all salt! My mom went gray really young and so did my grandfather but my dad is not even all gray now and he is almost 70.

I guess as says I got it from my mama. So not ready for this , I'm not even 29 yet!

Plus the barber asked if I was keeping my beard or if he should keep my sideburns and I said I was not keeping it for some reason but actually I am so now there is a gap between my sideburns and where my facial hair starts! Classy!

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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...