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05/31/12 05:05 - ID#56504

my ear

So I had a precancerous mole more deeply removed from my ear this morning. I was a little nervous that they were going to accidentally cut off my whole ear or there would be a big hole in it but it seems like that did not happen. THough I cannot know for sure because I am not allowed to take the bandaid off for 24 hours. Maybe there is really nothing under the bandaid and they were too afraid to tell me. THe whole procedure took not even 15 minutes though it sure did seem like a lot of cutting for a little ear. Hopefully it won't be too scarred or anything.

I went to Dr. Wirth for the surgery instead of my normal dermatologist Dr. COnroy because she said she doesn't do removals on faces because he does that more so there isn't as much scarring. Hopefully she is right. He was super nice. Like he talked over the whole thing with me and made me very calm about it (not that it was a big deal or the first mole I had removed but it still was really nice). He and his whole staff seemed really nice and if I didn't love Dr. COnroy so much and had been with her for so long I think I might have tried to switch offices but I love Dr. COnroy too and never want to leave her either.

I guess I won't really know if he did a good job of not butchering my ear until the stitches come out next week so we'll see, I'll post an update then but for now I feel pretty good aobut it. I am afraid it is going to hurt a lot after the local Anastasia wares off. When they just removed a not deep , little part it hurt a lot so hopefully it won't be too bad. I feel like there is just no wiggle room for ears so like the pain seems more or something, like the ones on my stomach and elbow had like no pain but we'll see.

That's all for now, here is a postop bandage pic...

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05/24/12 11:49 - ID#56480

Did I do the right thing?

So today I got my car washed and then went to get gas at the Delta Sonic on Main Street. Well I pulled up to the pump and it just said remove nozzle and select grade. I couldn't believe you didn't have to prepay. And so I selected my grade and then the screen said $30 prepaid ready but I hadn't paid. So there was a worker working on the next pump over and so I said to him what was going on and he was like "oh that must have been put on the wrong pump" and then I had to wait a few minutes for them to take it off and I paid for myown gas. So really I could have had $30 of free gas, noone would have ever known. But I thought what if some poor bloke's money got put on the wrong pump and then he/she lost out on the $30.

But then I thought what if liek the person before me was trying to pay it forward and now stupid Delta Sonic just took that money and noone got the free gas the person wanted someone to have.

I don't know, what would youdo? Maybe I should have just taken the gas but I think it would be waying on my conscience if I did.

THey did give me a coupon for a free super kiss car wash for being honest. So I guess that was nice but that is no $30 and frankly I hardly ever wash my car because going through those things make me sooo nervous . And that was even before the CSI where the midget contortionist was hiding in the backseat and then killed a lday while her car was going through the car wash. That just sealed the scared deal. And plus I had just already had it washed today! Well I don't know, I guess it's good knowing I did the right thing, but somehow I think $30 free dollars worth of gas might have felt better?
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05/20/12 05:26 - ID#56474 pmobl

buffalo's tour guide

The city should pay me for all the directions and advice I give to people wandering through the main street wasteland on my weekend walks downtown. It's at least a few people on every walk. There really is nowhere else for them to go for info since almost nothing is open.

Unfortunately I couldn't convince a Japanese tourist to go somewhere besides tho fridays for chicken wings. She heard those were the best ones and she was walking so I didn't really know where else she would get/ could get to

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05/19/12 03:27 - ID#56468

Salt and Pepper

I know I had gotten a gray hair or two but the other day at Lord and Taylor in the fitting room for some reason the lights really made the grays shine! Ugh I am not ready for that. Then today I went to the barber and seeing all the hairs fall on the smock there are lots of lighter ones mixed in now. I am not ready to be salt and pepper and especially not ready to be all salt! My mom went gray really young and so did my grandfather but my dad is not even all gray now and he is almost 70.

I guess as says I got it from my mama. So not ready for this , I'm not even 29 yet!

Plus the barber asked if I was keeping my beard or if he should keep my sideburns and I said I was not keeping it for some reason but actually I am so now there is a gap between my sideburns and where my facial hair starts! Classy!

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05/04/12 10:46 - ID#56425 pmobl

middle school tshirt ?

I am going thru my clothes trying to get rid of some and I realized I have had this tshirt since middle big was it on me then? because it fits perfectly now.

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05/03/12 08:58 - ID#56419

Tater Tots

Went to Colter Bay last night with (e:flacidness) and (e:libertad) and I ordered a chicken bacon bbq sandwich and guess what! THEY HAD TATER TOTS AS A SIDE! I feel like I never have tater tots offered in restaurants and let me tell you they do not skimp on the tots, you get like a million, I was in pure bliss.
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04/24/12 12:29 - ID#56377

Corporate Challenge

So I just signed up for the corporate challenge which is a 3.5 mile walk/run. I really would like to be able to run the whole thing but honestly I can currently run about 25 feet before getting winded. That leaves me with only 1 month to really get in shape for this thing! oh and I'm lazy so that kinda makes it harder....I can always walk , I registered as a runner with some walking breaks but I'd really like to run it! Plus they are hardcore, it says like if I try to cheat and take a shortcut , not only am I disqualified but so is my whole company forever. That seemed a little harsh but really who tries to cheat at these things?
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04/12/12 09:57 - ID#56348

Cantina Loco: Falling Down Yumminess

Well Dave and I finally made it to Cantina Loco last night and it was super delishy! I'm not like a super Mexican food fan, like I like it but could live without it probably but do like it sometimes so I wasn't sure if I would have the same love as everyone else. ALso, Cilantro tastes like soap to me and ruins everything it is in which seemed like a lot of things on the menu but they seemed to be able to leave it out of things if you ask. At least the nachos they did. We started with the nachos locos or something like that minus the cilantro and they were soo tasty. Super yum! WEll actually we started with a pitcher of margaritas which will lead to what happened towards the end of the night. So we had margaritas and nachos and then we each got the Korean taco which was soooo good. I seriously could eat 10 million of those! It was like 1 of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my life. Then Dave also got like a steak taco I believe which he said was good and I got the special which was a mushroom and spinach enchilada. That I didn't love. It was ok but I really should have went with something else. I didn't hate it I just didn't love it like I did everything else we ate.

And of course to make the night even better we saw (e:flacidness), he wasn't our waiter but he stopped by and even got us shots of tequila in the end which were actually kinda good. I am not a big fan of tequila shots usually but these were pretty good. I think I have been kind of afraid of them ever since (e:paul) live in his apartment on Linwood and the people in the front of the house were having a party and I did a tequila shot and basically threw up automatcilally, like ran out the door threw up off their porch the second after I took it immediately. BUt alas this one did not produce that effect. But after the pitcher of margaritas and the shot I was kinda typsy I suppose you could say.

SOOO We walk out the door and I didn't realize there was a step and I fell to the ground and my ankle hurt so bad. It still hurts today but not as bad so I'm thinking it will be fine but last night it hurt so much, well not too much that I couldn't go to Fugazi for a little more haning out and another drink but still a real lot! I came home after that and iced it and it feels ok this morning but when I walk it kinda hurts. Luckily, I don't tihnk anyone saw me fall to the ground. I mean the outside of the restaurant is all windows so it is possible but I don't know , I don't think they did for some reason so that's good.

All in all a painful in the end but good trip. I will definitely go back and recommend you do too!
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04/06/12 11:28 - ID#56325

Holla for a Dolla

You know what I realized yesterday at work that amazes me. Fundraiser candy bars from like Niagara Chocolates and Fowlers still only cost $1. They cost $1 when I was out hawking them on the streets in like 1989 and they still cost $1 today. HOw could that be? Are the groups making less per candy bar? Maybe the candy bars are smaller but they seem about the same to me. IT just seems crazy. LIke a snicker bars or three musketeers at the store has went from like .40 when I was a kid to 1.00 or more now at stores so how could the good old delicious Caramel or Peanut Butter or Crisped Rice bars being sold to fund everything from class trips to new hospital wings still be $1. I just find this incredibly crazy and interesting...but I like it!!


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Category: art

03/25/12 02:00 - ID#56282

my baby

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