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01/31/11 08:20 - 14.ºF - ID#53525 pmobl

Phone Number Hoarder

So along with many other things, it turns out I hoard phone numbers. I was transferring numbers to my new phone and whoa! Who are half these people, I don't know, yet I keep transferring them from phone to phone just in case someday I remember who they are and need their number. Half of them probably aren't even people's numbers anymore. I seriously have like all of my friends ex boyfriends/ people they were even talking to a little bit's phone numbers plus like all these random people and even a number for Musical you know there are many many musical emergencies in my life. Then there are the standard ones titled like Creepo , Creeps, Crazy Mendez, who I don't even know which creepo or creeps that refers too. And then the random local "celebrity" (both real or just in the minds of my friends) or whatnot whose number I somehow got ahold of. And then there are the people who I despise whose numbers I got in case I have had a revenge crisis. It would almost be fun to call all the numbers and see who they are and if they are still there. I also love how I also keep people's names listed not by like first and last but by first and how I know them. For example, Dave is still Dave (Coffee &) in my phone and always will be! I really wanted to cut out some numbers this time but I just could not bring myself to do it, even if I had no idea whose numbers they were!

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01/25/11 12:39 - 26.ºF - ID#53492

Droid Incredible

So I just ordered my Droid Incredible, I guess I am joining the world of smartphones. It was really tough deciding if I should or not, like if it is worth it or not for me to have the internet on my phone? Is it worth $30 a month (minus 20% RiteAid employee discount). Then I decided that is one eaten out lunch a week. I think that is totally worth having the internet on my phone. We'll see. The only thing is I am not known for taking the best care of my phones so I will have to improve on that, no more driving off with it on the roof of my car! It does have the one feature I was requiring in a new phone which is a flash on the camera. It is crazy , my first phone like 10 years ago had a good flash on the camera and now it is way harder to find one I think. Anywho, I hope it all ends up being a good idea and worth the money. Like i never relaly felt wow my life would be better with a smartphone but I kinda feel like I will use it. I hope so!
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01/22/11 12:31 - 13.ºF - ID#53473 pmobl

Happy Birthday PauL!

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 34 yet now 34 seems so much closer to my age then when we were like 20 and 27! I feel like both 27 and 34 are pretty darn close to 30 and I don't like it! Hope you have a fantastic bday! I usually post a pic from back in the day when mom would dress us in matching outfits but I am stuck at work all day! SO I'll post this instead...

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