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03/30/08 10:20 - 47ºF - ID#43833

The 5 Buchanans

Does anyone remember this show? It was a great show with this old woman who had 4 daughter in laws and their crazy antics. The old woman was so mean and funny. I found some clips on youtube today. It wasn't as funny as i remembered but seriously i loved that show and forgot about it until today when i randomly remembered it.
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03/30/08 12:21 - 26ºF - ID#43826

Linwood House Tour: What a Scam...

So the Linwood Home Tour is $22. I think that seems a tad outrageous. I did the Linwood Tour like two years ago and it was really kinda crappy. It was like 12 houses and part of it was the stupid Mayfair apartment building which was really an ad for the apartment building cuz you go in and see an empty apartment. RIDICULOUS!!! It was really seeming outrageous. The houses were not exactly like even the best ones they were just houses that were on the tour because they wanted to be.

It just seems totally ridiculous. So my question is...where does the $22 go, is it some worthwhile charity, maybe for kids? maybe to help a homeless shelter? maybe to feed the hungry? or help rehabilitate older Victorian homes in poorer areas? OR is is for the rich people to get richer and spruce up their already rich and fancy neighborhood? Why should I pay for them to make their lives even fancier and separate themselves from the rest of the neighborhood? Maybe they can take the money and build a moat!
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03/27/08 05:40 - 42ºF - ID#43808

Risking My Life For Movies: Regal Style

So the Regal on elmwood has gotten sketchier and sketchier over the years. Like i don't love going to a movie theater where there are like 30 police at all times checking everyone's tickets. While i see why that should make you feel better it makes me way more terrified like something bad is about to happen at all times! So we went to see Shutter the other day( a pretty good and very scary movie in my book, though Willy WOnka is also a really scary movie in my book and Alice In Wonderland television version, but i digress). Anyway, in the back of the theater there are this group of teenagers just like yelling things out and being obnoxious as all get out. (and like trust me I may talk a bit at movies sometimes but they were clearly doing this to be annoying) Other people started to get angry and saying things and this riled the kids up more. The tauntings got somewhat racially charged just making it all the more ready for an explosiion. Of course I am already as tense as can be because of the movie and now with all the fighting among the crowd and the police presence outside and the past history of riots at Regal , I was sure there was a gonna be a knifing at any moment and I would be caught in the crossfire. Then this huge man in the front stood up and said something like "YOU WANNA SAY THAT TO MY FACE" to the kids who had something like his girlfriend was ugly. Then the police came in and escorted the kids out and the audience cheered. I don't understand why people would go just to be annoying and get kicked out, it is like 10 dollars a ticket , just so you can get kicked out?!?

Oh i forogt the biggest travesty of all, i could have prolly survived it otherwise but I HAD NO POPCORN CUZ IT WAS GOOD FRIDAY AND I COULDN'T SNACK BETWEEN MEALS! That is the biggest travesty of all really!>!>!>

you know what they say a movie without popcorn is like a pipe without crack....
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03/18/08 08:46 - 40ºF - ID#43724

Ill Punch Your Heart Out Haha

This is my favoritest clip from Golden Girls of all time. Too bad Sophia isn't in it! I seriuosly laugh hysterically for hours everytime I see this episode!!! I love dorothy's face during the parade!

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03/17/08 10:46 - 31ºF - ID#43711


Today one of my bestest of friends , (e:jill) turns 25! Quarter life folks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLIAN JIGGS!!

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03/13/08 06:39 - 37ºF - ID#43654

2 Years on The Toilet

OMG there was a story today in the Buffalo News about a woman who has spent the last two years on a toilet and her boyfriend who was bringing her food and water finally called the police. I guess she refuesed to get up for two year and now her legs have atrophied and her skin has literally grown around the toilet seat! UNBELIEVABLE ...HERE IS THE this isn't the national enquirer this is the real news here...

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03/04/08 05:38 - 27ºF - ID#43553

Losing Touch With the Estrip

So our computer smells like really burning plastic and so you can only use it for like 5 minutes at a time. So as a by product I only use it like a little every other day ish. And so i never read estrip and i feel so out of it, i can't keep up. It is weird how much free time you find you have though when you dn't check facebook, estrip and myspace endlessly every day...
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03/01/08 10:57 - 28ºF - ID#43518

Walking into An Improvisational Orchestr

So last night after dinner we decided to go to Hallwalls to see the new statue show thing. It was on the cover of artvoice and it features these pink statues that look just like naked people but like 2 feet tall versions. So we go and surprisingly there is like no parking which I was surprised by and we go in and there is a lady taking money and it was $15 dollars per person whihc I thought seemed like a lot and I didn't want to see it that much. So while me and (e:libertad) debated if we should pay or not she said we could just pay for one person if we wanted cuz they just wanted an audience. And i thought ok. So we did and then we wakled the way she told us which was not towards the room with the statues and realized.....WE WERE AT A CONCERT THAT WAS AN IMPROVISATIONAL ORCHESTRA.

It was at first like um what is this? But then it was really kinda cool. Like it was an orchestra with all the instruments and a vocalist and a conductor but no music. It is like controlled improvisation or something. Like what the conductor is doing is telling the people when/how/what to play sort of I think but each person is just improvising what they are playing but in the context of everyone else. I don't know it is hard to expalin> I think the program said it was called CONDUCTION. It was really kinda cool, especially the vocalist who couldn't use words or anything becuase they would have to start and stop. I don't know it was neat but like i also after 45 minutes had enough of it but that was the intermisison so we left anyway. It got a little old after a whlie but I don't konw, if you get a chance I recommend you see a little of it sometime. It was definetley something different.

Then during intermisison the exhibit with the statues was open. it was cool, they were super lifelike but just little. It was kinda creepy to have all these little versions of naked people looking mischievous/and/or crazy around but it was neat. though it may give me nightmares for years to come.

Anywho, I love things like that where you just don't expect something and it just happens cuz you just walk into into it by mistake. I never would have even known it existed it we didn't get tere by mistake.

OMG i almost forgot at one point a person walked in and slipped on the floor and kinda fell (and yes I am one of hose people who can't help but laugh when people fall, maybe it is the fault of growing up on I Love Lucy? where falling is always funny) anywho it was wierd cuz they slipped and made all this sound but it kinda seemed like ti fit in with the music instead of seeming disruptive.

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