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09/19/09 10:56 - 54ºF - ID#49812

Roosters Can't Get Gay Married

Is this for real? What do you think? Unfortunately I think it is prolly serious!

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Location: Kenmore, NY

09/14/09 11:16 - 66ºF - ID#49776

Vote For Kearns

I can't vote in Buffalo because I don't live there. I just want to say I think you should vote for Mickey Kearns, I can't so I will put my support in here. Ok i don't have much to say about it but just do it, just trust me, its the right choice.
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Location: Kenmore, NY

09/10/09 07:43 - 67ºF - ID#49741

I love my new bike

I love having a bike, thanks (e:pmt). I have been loving biking around though I really need a helmet so i don't die and a chain so i can get off sometimes. I really should have gotten one sooner but i always thought i might never use it but I totally do and i totally love it!
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Location: Kenmore, NY

09/06/09 12:11 - 63ºF - ID#49704

Sitting Near Groton

I"m sitting here in my hotel lobby in Groton NY and me and michelle are on computers on oppossite sides of the lobby just calling each toher on the phones on our desks and creeping out everyone else in the lobby and workers...but its really is the only thing to do in Groton. After 80 dollars in cab fare we are stuck here for the night! there is a group of people in flannel sittin ghere giving us mean looks...buty they are wearing flannel so we win!
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Location: Kenmore, NY

09/01/09 10:42 - 63ºF - ID#49676

Kenmore Police 4 Life

So i guess when they wouldn't let me back into Cathode because it was supposedly at capacity even though it was my birthday I may have called the Kenmore cops to report the situation. That in itself is not crazy, what's crazy is they didn't come save the day. They always save the day! I will write more about what last night later....both with what i remember of it and what i've been told about it
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