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09/19/09 10:56 - 54ºF - ID#49812

Roosters Can't Get Gay Married

Is this for real? What do you think? Unfortunately I think it is prolly serious!

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Location: Kenmore, NY

09/14/09 11:16 - 66ºF - ID#49776

Vote For Kearns

I can't vote in Buffalo because I don't live there. I just want to say I think you should vote for Mickey Kearns, I can't so I will put my support in here. Ok i don't have much to say about it but just do it, just trust me, its the right choice.
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09/10/09 07:43 - 67ºF - ID#49741

I love my new bike

I love having a bike, thanks (e:pmt). I have been loving biking around though I really need a helmet so i don't die and a chain so i can get off sometimes. I really should have gotten one sooner but i always thought i might never use it but I totally do and i totally love it!
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09/06/09 12:11 - 63ºF - ID#49704

Sitting Near Groton

I"m sitting here in my hotel lobby in Groton NY and me and michelle are on computers on oppossite sides of the lobby just calling each toher on the phones on our desks and creeping out everyone else in the lobby and workers...but its really is the only thing to do in Groton. After 80 dollars in cab fare we are stuck here for the night! there is a group of people in flannel sittin ghere giving us mean looks...buty they are wearing flannel so we win!
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09/01/09 10:42 - 63ºF - ID#49676

Kenmore Police 4 Life

So i guess when they wouldn't let me back into Cathode because it was supposedly at capacity even though it was my birthday I may have called the Kenmore cops to report the situation. That in itself is not crazy, what's crazy is they didn't come save the day. They always save the day! I will write more about what last night later....both with what i remember of it and what i've been told about it
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08/31/09 10:01 - 57ºF - ID#49665

It's My Party...

and I'll take shots all night if I want to. SO today I am 26...getting dangerously close to 30. After being awoken at like 8 am by construction outside (e:libertad)'s house I tried to stay in bed as long as possible anyway. Then in a little while heading out for a bike ride on my new bike from (e:pmt) , WHICH IS AWESOME AND I LOVE AND now i am gonna exercise by riding it so much and be so fit and healthy and see the world from a new view!

Then I have to go return my tux from the wedding this weekend and then off to Left Bank for dinner with (e:libertad). I can't wait. I always get the seafood pasta cuz it is so delicious but i'm sure there are other delicious things but I am always afraid they won't be as delicious. We'll see..

THEN THE IMPORTANTEST PART...CATHODE RAY TONIGHT FOR BIG ASS DRINK NIGHT. Prolly around 9:30 . be there, drink out of canning jars full of alcohol and have a raucous good time!!!
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08/29/09 10:54 - 68ºF - ID#49652

Being in a Wedding..How Adult

So today I am a groomsman in (e:amanda)'s wedding. I am so excited. It is so exciting and fun to actually be a part of a wedding. Hopefully I don't screw up.My only thing I have to do is take one step and bow so hopefully I can handle that. It feels so adult to be part of a wedding. Even though some of my other friends are married, they did it more on the low down not a big wedding thing or I was not as close with them. Last nigth was the rehearsal and the priest rules that wedding ceremony for sure. He knows what he wants and that is what he is gonna get. Anywho, I am so excited. I can't freakin wait. Congratulation (e:amanda) and Nick! Thanks you for letting me be a part of it!
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08/25/09 11:30 - 66ºF - ID#49629

Razors in my Chips

So at work I eat a lot of snacks. Like a lot. Everyday I act surprised at how hungry I am and eating snacks and eveyrone is like you are like that every day. That is not the point, the point of this story is a few days ago I was innocently enough eating some Herr's potato chips I had bought the day before when I feel something that feels harder and thicker than a chip. I look in my hand and what do I see amongst the chips but A RAZOR BLADE! I am so lucky I did not like grab it blade side up and/or just toss it in m ymouth without realizing. I was crazy lucky. I think it fell in there from the ledge where we keep razor blades above the pharmacy counter where my chips were. How scary though!

BUT IT DOESN"T END THERE FOLKS! So yesterday I go to tkae a sip of water from my mug and what is floating on the bottom.... yup you guessed it....a RAZOR BLADE!! This is getting freaky. In nine years tihs has never happened and now twice in like one week. So maybe someone is out to get me, amybe not, maybe it is all coincidence but it seems really crazy to me so now I am extra careful about chekcing everything i eat and drink .
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08/25/09 08:01 - 74ºF - ID#49628

What I Just Did...

So I just did something that could either make my life infinitely worse and more difficult or infinitely better or I guess it could change nothing. We will see what happens. It is private so no details here but I am super nervous about it right now. It really could break me if it goes horribly wrong....but I felt I had to do it or else things would just continually spiral downward in the situation. We'll see how it turns out.....wish me luck...
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08/21/09 01:36 - 79ºF - ID#49587

Aluminum Cans

For some reason for the last few days I just can't get enough pop from cans. I never drink pop out of cans, i rarely drink pop outside of restaurants/bars but lately i just want pop out of cans like whoa. I am unsatiable. Maybe it is the taste of future alzheimers from the aluminum that whets my appetite and addicts me but i seriously love it. Oh and of course using a straw to drink it! OOOH IT IS DELISH!!
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