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11/21/04 02:15 - ID#28776

pictures from Jim's Party

It was a fun night had by all, scatteg ories juniors is not just for kids by the way...
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11/15/04 12:44 - ID#28775

Thesis Work

Ok , so i skipped all my classes on Friday to work on my thesis all day but instead watched six hours of Golden Girls and the Nanny and played tennis with Jill. Tennis was a lot of fun, we we're inspired to exercise by the movie Wimbledon. We are basically tennis pros and would have kept playing despite our bleeding overworked under in shape lungs except a group of about 8 year old skateboarders basically kicked us off the courts so they could skateboard into piles of leaves. By the by Mang Park already took down the nets for the winter so it is a little tough to play if you are a serious player which obviously me and Jill are. Then we tried to go to Mimes at the Alrbirght Knox but missed it because we were late and in the wrong part of the building. So Friday was not gonna happen for thesis work but I was determined to get up early and do it on Saturday....

Saturday came and went so fast in a blur of eating, church, going to see the INcredibles (quite good but not really a kids movie I don't think, I especially loved Edna), Spot and McMonkees and so that day got wasted faster than i could blink..but Sunday that would be the day....but

I had to get up at 930 to take my dad to the airport and then got lost on the way home. THen decided to rent The Experiment which I will prolly write about later, and then I wa really going to start my thesis at 3 but Mrs. Doubtfire was on and I can never..and I MEAN NEVER...pass up Mrs. Doubtfire so that was another two hours down the tubes....fell asleep on the couch....finally got up and started my thesis work at about 6 and worked really hard for about an hour and a half before stopping to wathc ridiculous tv I can't even remember and order Chines food...then my mom was home from Florida and we chatted and now the night is over...another weekend of no work getting done....well i did get five pages of my thesis done in the hour and a half that i worked but that was not nearly enough.......... will soon be able to see me under the bridge as the homeless college dropout....
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11/10/04 12:56 - ID#28774

Laguna Beach

Ok previously I may have mentioned my dislike/unconnection with the MTV reality show Laguna Beach but today it came on after Real World and I decided to watch it. AND IT WAS THEIR PROM EPISODE!!! Oh my how did it make me miss my high school days, everyone knows I loved highschool more than anything but lately I have grown up/not thought about it as much/moved on in some ways but then seeing that today just made me miss it and all my friends. In the end they all were in at a preprom party and then at prom and then all in the limo together taking pictures and talking about how things would change. Well now I definetely need to watch my slideshow again and remisisice.

You know what? I guess I am really lucky about the friends I had in highschool that they still mean so much to me and that I still keep in touch at least to some extent with all my best friends from highschool. Over break I think it is time for another dinner party....nothing too crazy this two hour foods from all our favorite crazy decorations...(ok maybe all of that as I like to go overboard or at least plan on going overboard and fail miserably and am never ready on time). OK so maybe just a simple dinner for 9.....Jill, Teres, MK, Diana, Jesse, Maureen, Jen, Yosepha,'all better be there....we'll pick a date soon so everyone can come...over christmas break sometime!!!
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11/08/04 01:21 - ID#28773

Christmas on Elmwood

The other day at the mall Old Navy already had constant Christmas music. That's a little too soon but with the decorations on Elmwood, I'm ok with that. I like it!They look nice and there isn't anything particularly Christmas or Christian about them. Ligths have no religious denomination and the shaped are like snowflakes and the such, much more winter than christmas. Maybe it is such the indoctrination that winter=christmas basically that seeing a snowflake decoration makes us think christmas decoration. It snows for Hanukah and Kwanza and everything else too. The Christians don't have a monopoly on the snow...yet.
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11/05/04 01:12 - ID#28772

Happy Birthday Cash Register

Today was the 100th birthday of one of my favorite inventions ever....the cash register. As a youngster when others wanted bikes, and GI Joes, and power wheels, all I wanted was a cash register. I started off with the FisherPrice ones that had the moving conveyor belt and fake big huge coin money and microphone and gradually worked my way up to a real one from my frined's grandma's flower shop. She gave it to me when she got new ones for the store. I eventually also got a newer, cooler one from Service Merchandise (which is now closed)! I miss it cuz that was the store that had all the cash registers out for you to play with though I doubt many other kids loved it as much as I did. I remember trying to save the 150 dollars or whatever it cost to buy at the time and it took me months to get to like the 85 dollar mark and finally my parents put in the rest for some holiday. Even now that I work at a store and am constandly on a register I still sometimes when I am home go down in the basement, plug in that adding machine and go crazy. I love you cash register! Thanks for the memories.!!!
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11/03/04 07:34 - ID#28771

Is it time to secede?

Why can't the Northeast just secede from the Union. We seem to be the only people making sense anymore. I'd say maybe Washington State could join us but they're so far away. So definetely so much of the country seems so backwards I can't believe we are connected. What do you we really need out of the South anyway? Let's just separate, maybe join Canada? I believe we (not NY but a state in the country) now have a senator that is on record as saying gays and single unwed mothers, along with some other groups are not even fit to be teachers, WHAT???

Five more years and I can be an Italian citizen. They may have crazy governments that change weekly but still seem to be more sensible then my fellow citizens.
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11/02/04 12:10 - ID#28770


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11/01/04 12:23 - ID#28769

Chamille send off

So it's official, Chamile ((e:southernyankee) ) has left the b-lo. I saw her drive off in her big ole UHaul that we spent hours filling with her entire life's worth of stuff. And boy do my arms ache. I am just not that strong. Too much heavy lifting more me. Seriously I can barely type. For a glitter of a moment it made me think I need to stop being such a packrack and stop saving so much crap cuz it will be a pain to move one day. BUt that idea has faded and I realize I will never stop saving everything and maybe packing it all up will actually be fun one day.

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