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07/31/06 11:49 - 79ºF - ID#29020

TV Guide Tidbits

Wow! usually TV Guide does provied too much entertainment but this week it is amazing. Here are a few tidbits:

1. David Hasselhoff is mad at his tv show America's Got Talent because and I quote "I want to be the act, not judge the act" He also hates Brandy becuase she always tries to fight him and dislikes the other judge becasue "He overstepped his territory once and tried to make a joke about my singing". Is there really a joke to make? Is the singing not a joke enough in itself ( particularly when he is on the Berlin Wall in a light up tuxedo)

2. There is a new show where singers such as Cyndi Lauper and Michael Bolton are paired with celebrities and sing ant the public votes off a celebrity each week.


3. Madonna's special on NBC will include her hanging from a "discoballed crucifix" singing "Live to Tell" because as NBC says it "was a cornerstone of the show"

that's all for now folks

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07/30/06 12:52 - 78ºF - ID#29019

Walmart Exits Germany

As many of you know I did my senior thesis on how Walmart is ruining the world and the idea of community. Anywho, I did a section on Germany because it was the one place where Walmart had unionized employees because it was part of the deal or something when they bought the other company in Germany. Now as of yesterday they sold all their stores in Germany....coincidence I think not! I'll be honest there were many other problems in Germany too like people there don't like friendly customer service or people bagging your things for you and other chains already had reallylow prices but still I think the union thing played the biggest part. Living wages....why should they have to pay that? haha. Everywhere there has been a union, Walmart has closed!
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07/28/06 08:06 - 76ºF - ID#29018

Simply Delish

I went to Betty on Virginia a few weeks back for dinner and didn't love it. But now i went for lunch today and it was amazing. I had the house salad with roasted vegetables and asiago cheese and it was sooo good. Their lunch menu is much more extensive than their dinner menu as well. Anywho, I definetely recommend it for lunch!! Simply delish!
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07/23/06 01:13 - 75ºF - ID#29017

How did this relic survive?

No my title does not refer to Joan Rivers. I was driving home from church and drove by Mang Park (the local like park in Kenmore). The first thing I noticed was that the wood exercise ara is gone. It was like balance beams and bars and stuff. It had pictures with how to do all these different exercises. Why would tihs part be taken down? Well I guess in actuality it was rather dangerous as it was just really high bars that kids tried to swing and hang upside down on. Plus it was all made of wood and full of splinters.

Anywho what I am really wondering is how did the tube slide survive. It is this orange completley closed in tube slide. So like if you get in you cannot see the bottom. This leads to numerous people being at the bottom of the slide when someone flies out and smacks right into them. Or people climbing up the inside and then someone goes down and they all fall. In this age of everything has to be safe and impossible to get injured on I have no idea how this made it. They have removed everything else from the playground that was there in my day, how did this survive? Remember the rolling pin slide where your fingers and sticky skin alwyas got caught in between the roles? That's gone but someone this thing survived. It sticks out like a sore thumb with the new plasticy safe looking equipment cuz it is made of metal and rusty looking.

here is a picture of a similar slide


and here is a kid about to be plowed down by the person coming down the slide without realizing


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07/20/06 07:26 - 77ºF - ID#29016

Long time No Post

So my name has traveled way down the Read the Latest list. Probably the farthest down it has ever been. It is mainly because my dad got a new casino game and is on the computer all the time and I am too tired to wait up til he is done. Life is pretty good lately. I saw the Strangers with Candy Movie. Me and (e:jill) loved it. It was really funny. If you liked the show you will definetely like it. I definetely think though that it is one of those things that you either hate or love. I think it would be hard to be like "eh , its ok" about it.

Me and (e:jill) are hopefully going to look at some apartments this weekend. I really realized I need to move out now because my dad is giving up OTB. That is where he goes all day Friday. I have off on Fridays and so that is my day to myself usually. Even though I usually go out and am not home, its just nice to know I can just sit around and not have anyone bothering me or being like "why aren't you dressed, its 4 o'clock". But now he will be home....i need to move out...asap!

Hmm what else...? I guess not much else has happened lately. I just wanted to be back on "the list"!
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07/15/06 12:50 - 79ºF - ID#29015

and so it goes....

just when it seems like it is getting a little better....things have to get worse
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07/14/06 11:07 - 79ºF - ID#29014

Black is the new black Part II

So if you read my other post about green no longer being the new black but now black is the new black this is a little addendum. Like two weeks ago when we went out to like Brick Bar I believe, everyone was wearing green and I remember at least two situations where we went out and realized like me, paul, terry were all wearing green. Then like a few days ago we went to Brick Bar and I noticed everyone was wearing black. Its people don't even realize how much Cosmo and fashion magazines control their life....
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07/12/06 12:06 - 75ºF - ID#29013

Pulled Back In

So I was getting fed up with Eckerd, readying myself to find a new job ...... and now they gave me back the training thing I wanted. My district manager called and said he heard that I really wanted to do it, and he really was just trying to prevent me from having to do all that extra work but if I want it the job is mine. So I took it. So I tihnk I am excited. But now I am just recommited to Eckerd which really provides me with no future. But at least I think this training thing will be good on a resume.

I am so angry all the time the last few days. Like constantly all day I am tense and angry but not at anyone in particular, just situations and it is driving me crazy. I can't sleep well, I am miserable at work and I just can't enjoy things cuz its so weighing on my mind. I wish it was something where I could just be mad at someone, like yell at them ,or not even that but just be mad at them and then get over it. I get over things really easily usually after I get really mad usually wihtout the other person even having to know I was mad. But without anyone to get mad at , I am just in this constant angry stage I can't get over....grr....
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07/09/06 11:44 - 72ºF - ID#29012

Down and Out was a stressful day. I think I am just not in the best of places lately. It all started when the other day on the way to the Taste of Buffalo we passed the Business First offices and me and (e:maureen) remember how we were in it at one time. We were like fabulous highschool seniors with a great future. (e:maureen) now owns a condo in Boston and is working on her phD from Harvard. I live with my parents and have the same job I have had since I was 16. I make less than pretty much anyone, even people like starting at like a fast food joint. I used to think I loved my job but I don't and yet I still am doing nothing about it because I am lazy and afraid of failure. I talk about going back to school or doing something but I never do.

On the social front I have parents who tell me they get afraid I am an alcoholic and people who tell me I party too much and never can just stay in while then at the same time other people complain that I am not party enough. Noone is really ever happy. What am I to do?

It just is a lot of things are bothering me lately and then today's situation didn't help. None of this is all that serious but I guess just while watching Shakespeare it gave me time to think about all this and be upset about it.

Its weird cuz just a few days ago I felt like everything was going soo good for once. It's not like I'm mad at anyone, just myself. And now my vacation is over and it is back to work tomorrow...
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07/08/06 11:05 - 72ºF - ID#29011

Black is the new black

So after reading cosmo on the beach the other day I found out green is no longer the new black but now black is the new black. So of course I ran home and raided my closet to get rid of all the green and burn in it and then rub myself in the black ashes it created.

After that I also decided to just go through my clothes and get rid of some. I think I got rid of like 7 tshirts, 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shorts. I even parted with 2 black tshirts (even though black is the new black) because I realized I had like i don't know, 6 or so just plain black tshirts. Its because I didn't have a black tshirt i liked for a while so then I bought everyone I saw that I liked. I know, I tihnk I need help. Anyway,that means I got rid of like 10 things, I don't remember the last time I was able to part with a double digits amount of clothing. I really have a problem. I know they say if you haven't hought aobut a piece of clothing in like 3 months you should get rid of it, but then I try it on and realize I love it all over again. But really my room is out of control with just piles of clothes that don't fit in my drawers or closet anywhere. So if anyone wants some too tight old navy jeans or way to wide cordurouy pants let me know before they are shipped off to amvets.
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