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03/27/11 01:17 - ID#53925 pmobl

big lots

so at big lots yesterday I got shark bite fruit snacks. toy story shaped cheezits and the olsen twins movie double double toil and trouble. why could my basket of stuff always be confused with that of an 8 year old girl.

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03/20/11 12:48 - ID#53876 pmobl


honey badger don't care

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03/19/11 02:00 - ID#53868 pmobl

My Stitches

So about a week ago I had to have some pre-cancerous skin on my elbow removed. I guess my dark dark childhood summers and the sunburns of my post-accutane 20's had taken a toll on my skin. Anywho I had a mole removed and then they had to go deeper and wider and so I needed some stithces. The lady on the phone originally made it seem like I wouldn't be able to use my elbow afterwards (cuz that's where the mole was ) but really it ended up being not that big an area , just a few stitches and just above my elbow mostly, so just no heavy lifting or hard arm exercising for me for 2 weeks (which is my normal life anyway). Anywho that is not even the point of the story...

So I love my dermatologist and have been going to her for prolly like 10 years for all my many skin issues and so I trust her completely. But we are in the room to have it removed and she had injected and numbed the area and asked the nurse for some scalpel or something and the nurse didn't bring that size or the next smaller size so she had to to go get the right equipment. It was no big deal she just hadn't brought the bigger size cuz they thought it was a smaller area..

BUT BUT BUT the doctor then says to me "You know Murphy's Law, if something can go wrong it will go wrong" UM PLEASE don't say that seconds before you are about to cut into me. That is not reassuring. I don't care how minor the procedure don't while yielding a large cutting instrument about to enter my arm be like so casually "oh things always go wrong!" I WAS TERRIFIED...but it worked out and my arm is fine but still come on now doc.

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03/17/11 12:02 - ID#53853 pmobl


I saw a real live skunk for the first time in my life in the parking lot tonight at work. I wanted to take a picture but was afraid of getting sprayed. it was really cute though !

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03/03/11 11:00 - ID#53758

GloZell doesn't like it

So Glozelle does not agree with me that the Ke$ha video I previously posted was amazingly entertaining.

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03/03/11 10:56 - ID#53757

Keith Richards?

A little blurb in the Buffalo News about Keith Richards daughter being arrested for minor drug charges and grafitti in Manhattan ends in .......The leathered, craggy guitarist has two other seems really mean and unnecessary to the story...though entirely true
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03/01/11 05:56 - ID#53755

Seed Bombs

My friend Eileen makes these seed bombs and sells them on her etsy website. They are awesome. They are little hearts or grenades and you can plant them and a wild flower mix will grow. But the great part is they are pretty hardy and you could like just throw them at empty lots and stuff and likely flowers will start to grow that's the whole bomb part of it. I feel like the hearts make great like wedding favors or something like that (cuz who really needs more jordan almonds) and the grenade shaped ones are more like for a hardcore flower spreading warrior. You should check them out, I find them to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself and I think I just did!

Here is a link to her site and a pic of some of the seed bombs I have

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03/01/11 10:51 - ID#53752

This Place About to BLOW

Ok this is prolly my new favorite music video of all time for right now. Watch it all the way thru cuz it only gets better and is so amazing. Sure it either signals the final death of James Van Der Beek's career or the first step to his revival it's hard to say which but seriously watch it. I prolly like Ke$ha more than the average person but even if you don't I think it is worth it. Because it has unicorns, rainbows, glitter and the guy from Dawson's Creek, and violence....what more could you want?

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